How to Boil a Live Frog

August 25, 2001

By Tom Barrett,

HOW TO BOIL A LIVE FROG. Please do not try this at home. I want to make it clear at the outset that I do not advocate frog boiling. I am simply relating a science experiment about which we learned roughly a hundred years ago when I was in high school. I want to make this very clear, because otherwise Iíll have liberals demonstrating on my front lawn about my insensitivity to frogs. (Isnít it interesting that the same people who advocate killing babies in the womb are so concerned about animals? Kind of twisted.)

In the experiment a frog was dropped into a pot of hot (not boiling) water. It immediately jumped out, as would any sensible frog. Then it was placed in a pot of cool water sitting on a stove. This was more to its liking, so it swam about and lounged comfortably. The heat was turned on and raised very gradually. Soon it was hotter than the water in the first experiment, but the frog didnít jump out. This was because there was no dramatic difference, as there had been when it was taken from room temperature and dropped into hot water. The frog became accustomed to the increased temperature as it was raised little by little. Before long the temperature was so high that the frog was unable to jump out of the pot, and it died.

Thinking about some of the radical changes in our society over the last several decades made me remember that frog. Here are a few things that would have been unthinkable when I graduated from high school in 1966. A homosexual U.S. Congressman is caught having sex with a male Congressional page, and is allowed to stay in office. Schools suspend high school students for quietly praying together during lunch, but teach classes on witchcraft and satan worship. Little children are sexually abused by trusted day care workers. Illiterate teenagers receive High School diplomas. The President of the United States commits perjury before a Grand Jury, and beats impeachment. High school girls are ashamed to admit that they are virgins (when I was in high school they would have been ashamed to admit that they werenít!). Irresponsible adults use abortion as birth control; over half of the babies conceived in this nation are killed in their mothersí wombs.

These changes didnít take place overnight. Just like the frog, our nation has been assaulted gradually, so that we didnít realize what was happening to us. It wasnít easy to turn a mostly moral nation into an amoral morass. But the liberals, secular humanists, God-haters and perverts who have systematically engineered this cultural revolution had strong allies in their campaign. Over the years they have targeted and gained control of four of the most powerful influences on American thought: the public schools, the judges and justices on the benches of our appeals courts, the entertainment industry, and the media. Here are just a few examples.

I often tune in to C-Spanís live coverage of the Senate and the House of Representatives. Recently I saw a bunch of Hollywood stars and two hundred young diabetics testify before a Senate sub-committee. They were supposedly there to request additional funding for juvenile diabetes research. Instead they used the television exposure to lobby for embryonic research. I saw deliberate, repeated use of the term "embryonic stem cell research." No mention was made of the fact there there are many other sources of stem cells for research that do not involve killing an embryo, that literally tons of stem-cell-rich human fat from liposuction are discarded every week. They are desperate to link the use of the word "embryonic" to the phrase "stem cells" so that no one will realize that you can have stem cell research without using embryos. They know that most Americans are in favor of stem cell research, and that if they can tie these two concepts together, they can get America to approve of killing human embryos.

Mary Tyler Moore disgraced herself by repeating the lie that all human embryos will be destroyed. No mention was made of the fact that millions of infertile couples could adopt those embryos, and that human embryo adoption has already resulted in many healthy babies being born. They put ten-year-old children in front of the microphones to parrot scripts written by PR hacks. One little girl talked about "...legislators playing politics to stop the embryonic stem cell research that could save children like me." Come on; does that sound like a ten-year-old speaking from her heart? They seem to have no compunction about using ill children to push their agenda.

The heat is being turned up in the area of morality. School children are told by their teachers, "We know youíre going to fornicate, so here are some free condoms." TV sitcoms show happy homosexual and lesbian couples living "normal" lives. Anyone who has studied the statistics knows that heterosexual couples stay together far longer on average than same-sex couples. A national radio ad has a dentist advising listeners to "Ask your lover if you grind your teeth at night." Not your spouse; your "lover." Not too long ago most radio stations would have refused such an ad; now few people take notice.

Itís getting very difficult to find any family-safe programming on television or at the movies. It used to be the filthy words, sex and violence were reserved for the R-rated programs. Now PG programs are like the former Rís, and the Rís are frankly pornographic. Even some G-rated programs contain sexual innuendos. Many times we have tuned in to or rented a movie that we thought was safe, only to have to cover our four-year-oldís eyes and hurriedly turn off the tube.

So, am I just a dinosaur, or is our society like the frog? Am I hopelessly old-fashioned, or am I right when I say that we are in serious danger of becoming a completely perverted, amoral nation? Only you can decide whether you will idly stand by and watch as the heat gets turned up, or whether you will take action.

What action? Please donít say, "What can I do? Iím just one person." There are many things each of us can do to stop this slide. Start with talking to other people. Donít be afraid of controversy. Last year before the election two men from my church were on a job with another man who described himself as a Christian. When he said he planned to vote for Gore, they asked him if he was aware that Gore was in favor of abortion on demand, and was an advocate of homosexual marriage. The man was shocked. He said he had no idea that was where his candidate stood, and that as a Christian he could not vote for him after finding out Goreís views on these moral issues. These men made a difference by being willing to speak the truth in love.

Talk. Discuss. Vote. Write letters. Get involved! Evil can only prevail when good people fail to act.


IíD BE LOST WITHOUT OUR EDITORIAL BOARD. These seven volunteers review each issue before it is published, and their corrections, comments and suggestions are incorporated in the final version. In response to this issue, Editor Michael Carr made me laugh with his comment, "And may we dinosaurs continue to roam the earth."

Editor Ed Mitchell sent back some very insightful comments. I couldnít send this issue out without including them: "When alchemists were in their heyday, frogs were considered to be excellent catalysts, and were used for all kinds of experiments. In his search for gold, one alchemist took a tub of urine (because of its gold color) added a frog (as a catalyst) and boiled the pot. The point is that all this "embryonic stem cell research" is simply modern day alchemistís medieval philosophy, using newer tools. The frog still dies, only in this case it is a human embryo. True scientists try to expand manís knowledge and condition by understanding the mind of God through researching his creation. As you said, fat cells, bone marrow and umbilical cord blood are full of stem cells, and they are discarded every day. Federal funding and private research should be involved for the good of mankind. The assault on the human embryo is consistent with Satanís big lie and the liberals parrot it constantly. If evolution is true, then human life (or any life for that matter) is of concern only to the family or state as long as it is a productive life. Thus a donkey has more value than a baby because a donkey can do work." (NOTE: Most of these "researchers" are medical doctors. They have forgotten their Hippocratic oath, which says, in part, "First, do no harm.")



"Thank you for spreading the truth. I have forwarded your article (which a friend forwarded to me), to everyone on my e-mail list. I would like to give you my e-mail address- throwing caution to the wind that you will not supply it to e-marketers- in the hopes that you will provide me with more of your insightful commentary and research. Good luck in the fight, and know that many, many Americans are strongly aligned with you. Todd Rundstrom, Missouri."
(We NEVER allow anyone to use our email list.)

"Tom, How refreshing to hear that there is a proposed amendment to clearly state what constitutes marriage. I am concerned greatly as to the spiritual and moral decay of our society. Our children will be confused beyond measure, if they arenít given the absolute truth (the Bible). Itís a revolution of epic proportions! Continue the fight! God bless, Pastor Carlton L. Gant, Florida."

"I would like to know how I can get on your mailing list. Friends forward your comments to me. I would like to receive your comments directly. Thank you. Bill Jenkins."
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Bravo, Tom! Well said. Out of all of the alarms you have been sounding, I think this one is the most important and needs to be trumpeted the loudest. At least loud enough to drown out the opposition to fathers coming from such organizations as N.O.W. Mark Wilson, North Carolina."


"EXCELLENT! Thank you so much for taking the time with these stats, the research, the thoughtful insights. Blessings your way, in His Name. Phil Freeman"


"I appreciate your article on Social Security- but what does privatization mean for those of us who are already retired? Sounds like weíve been íbilkedí like the íAirplaneí game? Any chance we could come out better? Doug Jones, Virginia."
(My answer: "Doug, unfortunately all you can do is save as much as you can, and pray that the liberals donít spend all the money before you get yours.)

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  Tom Barrett has been an ordained minister for 28 years. He has written for local and national publications for most of his life, and has authored several non-fiction books. He has been interviewed on many TV and radio programs, and speaks at seminars nationwide. Tom is the editor and publisher of Conservative Truth, an email newsletter read by tens of thousands weekly which focuses on moral and political issues from a Biblical viewpoint.

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