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Dr. Tom Barrett  
This coming Thursday, Jun 23, 2016, citizens of Great Britain (GB) will vote of whether or not to remain part of the European Union (EU). As my title suggests, I believe it would be wise for Britain to leave. But since huge corporations and the entrenched political elites have raised three times as much money as the people who want their country back. So I predict that the rich will win with huge media campaigns that will convince a majority to vote to remain in the European Union.
The national movement for Britain to exit the EU has become known as the “Brexit” – the first two letters of Britain combined with the word exit. British Prime Minister David Cameron, like most professional politicians, is against the Brexit. But he was elected on a promise to allow the British people to have a say in the decision. Thus the referendum.
Special Commentary
Gary Porter  
Impeachment of the IRS Commissioner 1st Amendment – Free Speech and Right of Conscience; 2nd Amendment – Never Let a Shooting Go To Waste; 4th Amendment – Search and Seizure: Civil Asset Forfeiture  More...
Robin Rowan, Editor-in-Chief  
The Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton are erasing history. With the eager assistance of the media they selling thier version of truth that is not reality. According to a former DHS official, the San Bernardino shooters' Mosque and the Orlando massacre shooter’s Mosque would have been exposed in a case he developed. The case was shut down, the investigation blocked, by the Clinton State Department and DHS because they felt it would offend the Muslim community. 
That's only the latest of a series of covering up the truth of the progress of our enemy.  More...
Jeffrey Ludwig  
Attacks by militant Islamists on Americans go all the way back to the administrations of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.  Those attacks on American ships and sailors off the coast of what is today Libya were finally stopped by the Marines led by Stephen Decatur.  The “lone wolf” attacks of recent years are just what one would expect in the wake of the U.S. government’s failures to respond effectively to state-sponsored terrorist attacks over the past 30+ years.  More...
Roger Aronoff  
The evidence against Mrs. Clinton is clear. If Director Comey finds no evidence of criminal activity by Mrs. Clinton, he will lose his reputation as a straight shooter. Either way, at this point, it will be viewed as a political act. If the Attorney General and President Obama stymie an investigation through political interference, Director Comey could, and should, go public. There might even be a revolt within the FBI. Whether or not that happens, Hillary Clinton’s fate is now quite clearly in Director Comey’s hands.  More...
Cliff Kincaid  
Why is the FBI missing the extremists in our midst? Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the organization consulted by the Department of Justice for information on extremists is in bed with them. More...
Don Boys, PhD  
All Americans, not in a coma, know we are at war while major public officials stand around sucking their thumbs and weeping copious tears. Whether we declare war or not, I assert that we are in a modern Hundred Years’ War with Islam that is changing America (and all free nations) into unrecognizable entities. So we are losing the war simply by not acknowledging the war. More...
Brian W. Peterson  
In light of the fact that the Orlando terrorist attack was perpetrated at a place where God is reviled, how should we view the attack? For what it is:  a terrorist attack carried out at the behest of a foreign Muslim terrorist organization. This terrorist killed Americans. While our Divider in Chief and other leftists and liberals, for political gain, callously want to make the attack about the sexual behavior of the victims, and guns, the fact is that this was an attack on the United States of America.

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