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Happy 244th Birthday to the United States Marine Corps
Dr. Tom Barrett
In case you were wondering why the banks and schools are closed today, it is in honor Veteran’s Day. I’m sorry I have to mention that, but many Americans simply are not aware of the fact. FOX News honored Veteran’s this whole weekend, but I didn’t see any mention of this important day when I surfed CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS. To be fair, they may have made a brief mention of Veterans at some point that day, but they certainly didn’t take the time to honor them the way FOX did. 

I guess it’s just not fashionable in our current toxic, politically correct atmosphere to appreciate the sacrifices of our Veterans and their families. During Obama's eight years in the White House, he did much to damage our military, both with his disrespectful words and by keeping his campaign promise to cut our military in half. I have been so happy these last three years as I watched President Trump use his bully pulpit to help set a new tone of respect and appreciation for both our active duty military personnel, and the Veterans of the various branches. You can tell that he really respects and loves our military men and women. Read more...
Dr. Tom Barrett
With their thousands of small and large attacks on our president and his supporters, the Democrats have divided our nation even more than did the Civil War. They have afforded the president far less due process and fairness than were given to the accused witches at the infamous Salem Witch Trials. Perhaps this is why Mr. Trump refers to the non-stop three-year persecution against him as “With Hunts.”

Adam Mill, an attorney who has studied the Salem Witch Trials in-depth, writes in The Federalist, “It’s fascinating that Pelosi cloaks herself in the “rule of law” when she cannot muster minimum principles of due process that attended the witch trials of Salem almost 100 years before the U.S. Constitution. Since the witch trials, our founders codified many of these principles in the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution (a public trial, public witness testimony, the right to know the crimes one is accused of, the right to confront and cross-examine witnesses, etc.). Read more...
Democrats were desperate to keep hearings secret. Now they want them to be public.
Dr. Tom Barrett
It's very strange. Hearing after hearing in the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives has been secret. Even Republican Congressmen were excluded if they weren't members of the Intelligence Committee. They went so far as to hold them in an electronically secure room in the basement of the House that is only supposed to be used for top-secret briefings.

Then suddenly last week they announced that they were going to open the hearings up to the public - TV cameras and all - this Wednesday. Why? Hmmm... Read more...
Special Featured Commentary
Jake MacAulay
"A nation ceases to be republican only when the will of the majority ceases to be the law." - Thomas Jefferson

Tragically, many in America have no knowledge of what law Jefferson is referring to. Are they Republican laws, Democrat laws, Fascist, Antifa, Black, White, Socialist, the Supreme Court’s, or Trump’s Laws?   Read more...
Special Commentary
Rev. Michael Bresciani
“God loved His world that He created so much that He gave His only begotten Son Jesus, so that whoever believes in Him should never perish, but instead have eternal and everlasting life." (John 3: 16)  Read more...
Don Boys, PhD
My question in the title is not rhetorical but real, and I will demand some answers from my critics or expose their cowardice and/or inability to provide an answer. The leftist Salon website boldly, bluntly, and oozing bigotry declared, “White pride is always racism, always.” As usual, Salon was wrong but then they are used to that. Members of Congress, who should be responsible people, now use racism charges willy-nilly about their critics, especially when trying to defend unpatriotic, unworkable, and undesirable positions.  Read more...
A new kid on the block: Christians against Christian Nationalism; troublesome, but harmless
Bob Pascarella
As the face and demographic makeup of America continues to go through a transformation, and peoples throughout the world seek refuge and better lives in America, cultural and political forces have also gone through a change, radical and irrational. Multiculturalism, unrestrained diversity, has imposed on the nation restrictions and in many cases unfair practices.

These changes did not come about overnight and without consequences. Aside from what we can determine are the usual disagreements and biases among people of different ethnicities, traditions, and religions, the current majority Caucasian race, which is slowly diminishing in number, has become the victim of criticism, intolerance, and bigotry, and accused of courting “White Supremacy” and racism.  Read more...
Jeff Crouere
For the 2020 campaign, Bloomberg made a very public decision several months ago that he would not become a presidential candidate. However, the dynamics of the race have led him to change his mind. Bloomberg is reportedly very concerned with the possibility that ultra-progressive U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) will win the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, but not be able to defeat President Donald Trump in the 2020 general election. According to Democratic pollster Jef Pollack, Bloomberg’s move “reflects a feeling that the field cannot beat Donald Trump.”  Read more...
Ed Delph
It happened on a hot sticky summer day, in 1904 at St. Louis World’s Fair. People, walking for hours, were hot and tired. They were yearning for a refreshing treat to cool them off. What was their preferred choice to cool off? Ice cream. That’s why a multitude of ice cream fanatics were lined up at the ice cream booth of Arnold Fornachou. However, there was a problem. Arnold’s ice cream was so popular he quickly ran out of the paper bowls he was using. Arnold had a problem. People started leaving in droves, searching for another source of refreshment. Was he going to do?  Read more...
Jeff Crouere
Leading Democratic presidential candidate U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has officially unveiled her “Medicare for All” plan. This program is based on fantasy financing. According to Warren, it will cost $52 trillion over ten years, but a middle-class tax increase will not be needed.  Read more...
What is really behind the Left's witch-hunt?
Ric Wasley
The left screams and rants about Trump every day.

“Just get rid of him and everything will be wonderful again and we can get back to ‘civility'!” they rant.

Really - "Civility?" Just like under George Bush? But didn’t they hate him too? Wasn’t he the villain of the Left and the MSM?

“No," they say, “Like under the halcyon days of Obama.”

Ah…so that’s the real issue. 
Enter Comrade Adam Schiff
Bob McCray
House of Representative member Adam Schiff (D-CA) has been elevated to the level of judge, jury, and executioner over the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has left Schiff and his Intelligence Committee in control of the inquiry, instead of moving the proceeding to the Judiciary Committee as required.  Read more...
Video of the Week
Watch the creation of a Democrat in less than 2 minutes. Unbelievable!
Dr. Tom Barrett