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They Still Can't Believe they Lost
Dr. Tom Barrett
Can a committee sue a sovereign nation? It’s doubtful any sane judge will even agree to hear the fake lawsuit brought by the Democrat National Committee (DNC) against Russia and the Trump campaign. Any judge (except possibly a rabidly Leftist Democrat judge) will take one look at the suit and dismiss it as a frivolous lawsuit and a political stunt that will go nowhere, and will waste the Court’s time. Even a Leftist judge would likely refuse to let the case go forward because it would ruin his or her credibility.

Since this ridiculous case was filed in Manhattan Federal Court last Friday, April 20, 2018, almost everyone – including some prominent Democrats – has opined that the case is a farce. No one thinks it has a prayer of succeeding. So why did the political operatives of the DNC make this foolish decision Read more...
Dr. Tom Barrett

On April 20, 1980, Fidel Castro surprised the world by announcing that he would allow Cubans to leave if someone came to pick them up at the Harbor of Mariel. Cuban exiles in the United States rushed to hire boats in Miami and Key West and rescue their relatives. Altogether 1,700 small boats made the dangerous trip through the Florida Straits. The very next day after Castro’s announcement, the first of some 125,000 Cubans fled the island dictatorship, headed to the United States.

The boatlift was triggered by unemployment and lack of housing caused by the Communist economic system. On Easter Sunday, April 6 10,000 Cubans crowded into the grounds of the Peruvian embassy and requested asylum. Other embassies, including those of Spain and Costa Rica, also gave asylum to smaller numbers. This became a national embarrassment for the dictator, and two weeks later he made his announcement.

What he didn’t announce was his plan to empty his prisons and mental institutions and send Cuba's criminals and mentally ill to the U.S. Floridians who had hired boats were forced at gunpoint to take these people. The Cuban military overloaded some of the boats so much that they sank, drowning those trying to escape oppression.

Dr. Tom Barrett
The constant bleating about "Russia, Russia, Russia" from the Democrats and their Liberal media flunkies amuses me. They think the supposed "collusion" between the Trump campaign and Russia will be a hot-button issue that will give them control of Congress in the mid-term elections. They're so out of touch that they don't understand that 90% of America (including most Democrats) just don't care about it.

Regular Americans (not the political junkies) care about (1) illegal immigration, (2) school safety, (3) education, (4) taxes, plus eleven other subjects more than they care about "Russia, Russia, Russia." On similar polls, Russia didn't even make the top 20. And in a December 2017 Gallup poll less than 0.5 percent listed the “Situation with Russia” as their biggest issue, despite constant efforts by Democrats and the Liberal media to highlight it.

Did Russia interfere in the 2016 election? Yes. Did they do so to help Trump? Of course not. In fact, most of their interference occurred before Tump became the GOP nominee.  Read more...
Special Commentary
We need a better way to do the 10th Amendment!
Vern Wuensche
President Trump’s response to queries is often: “We will see what happens” - a business approach he has used successfully for many years.
Our founders believed in this approach also. Their Constitution allowed states each with different laws to serve as a “laboratories of democracy.” After a state saw what happened in another state it could copy what worked.  Read more...
Don Boys, PhD
Before leaving for Florida, I broke a bone in my foot thereby requiring my wife to do everything: packing suitcases, loading the van, driving every mile, unloading at every motel, plus taking care of all my needs. On the trip, I was asked many times how my accident happened and I had to inform them that it was a stupid, careless blunder on my part. I looked diligently for a way to blame progressives or at least nominal Democrats but without success. I always make a valiant effort to blame leftists for everything I can: sun spots, leprosy, dandruff, El Niño, and plague. But not this time. I was at fault.  Read more...
Jake MacAulay
Our nation’s first president, George Washington, under the newly formed Constitution in 1789, found himself in an uncomfortable position.  As the nation’s first Chief Executive and Commander-in-Chief he knew the delicate ground between strength and tyranny. Fearing any comparison to the monarchal government from which America had just been liberated, Washington took care to avoid any physical or symbolic references to European monarchs. When the Senate proposed that he be called by the official title “His Highness the President of the United States of America and the Protector of Their Liberties,” an abashed Washington opted for the more modest address of “Mr. President.”  
Brent Smith
One of greater problems that plague our federal government is that of cross-delegation. What do I mean by this? I describe this phenomenon as such, owing to the fact that three branches of government are no longer “separate but equal.” As we see by the take-over of government by the federal judiciary, they are clearly the most powerful of the three. The other two branches, the legislative and executive, take to bended knee before them, and as blind mutes, comply with any and every decree. This was clearly not intended by the founders.  Read more...
Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood, is a radical with a dangerous agenda.
Bob Pascarella
In excerpts from her newly released book Make Trouble, Cecile Richards, the President of Planned Parenthood, tells of her progressive roots in Red-state Texas and life from childhood years to the present, and her support for Democrats and anyone who believes in a woman’s right to choose abortion over life.  Read more...
Ric Wasley
As most of the civil and civilized world was remembering the amazing life of Barbara Bush, wife to one president and mother of another, Randa Jarrar, an English professor at California State University-Fresno (who the Libs gush about, “enriching our culture with diversity”) was trashing the recently deceased, kind and honest first lady by defaming her with that left-wing, catch-all slur - "a racist.”  Read more...
How Does the Left Define "Morally Fit"?
Peter Lemiska
As the investigation into the Trump/Russian collusion becomes more farcical, the Left is shifting its attention to President Trump's character, arguing that he is unfit for office. But the standards they've set for their own political icons shows them to be disingenuous and hypocritical. Like it or not, the American electorate has learned to look past the human frailties in our political candidates and to choose the candidate whose vision for the country coincides with theirs.  Read more...