A Degree In Perversion

March 3, 2002

by Tom Barrett, Editor@ConservativeTruth.org

For over thirty years I have been sounding the alarm over the so-called "sex education" courses our children have been forced to endure in public schools. Many laughed at me and called me an alarmist. Today we can see the results of the destruction of moral values and desensitizing our children to obscenity. A California university is offering a degree in perversion.

You heard me right. The University of California at Berkeley now offers a minor in "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies." Students can major in Politics and minor in Perversion. (See the link in the Resources section below.) Required courses for the minor include "Interpreting the Queer Past: Methods and Problems in the History of Sexuality," and "Alternative Sexual Identities and Communities in Contemporary American Society."

When I discussed this with a friend, he said, "If someone asked me where I thought such a program would be offered, my first guess would have been Berkeley." I agreed, but added, "The problem is that many sick programs start there, but they donít stop there." Many colleges and universities have offered such courses for years, but to my knowledge this is the first time one has actually offered a degree like this. It wonít be long before other institutions of higher stupidity copy Berkeleyís degree program.

The Arabs have a saying, "Donít let your camel get his nose into your tent." Americans say, "Itís hard to get someone out once they have their foot in your door." The Bible says (in Ephesians 4:27), "Donít give the Devil an opportunity." Liberals gained control of our public school system little by little. They infiltrated the Parent-Teacherís Associations (PTA). They took over the National Teacherís Union (NEA). And they worked hard to place their agents in important positions in school administrations and on local school boards.

I have often made the statement that conservatives must fight hard to get their message out, because the liberals control many of our most important and powerful institutions. These include the judiciary, the major news media, the entertainment industry, and our public schools. This is like going into battle with rifles and a few hand grenades when the enemy has tanks, rocket launchers and mortars. Little problems like that donít really worry me, because we have the moral high ground. Truth can never be defeated by evil. We will win the battle for the hearts and minds of our neighbors because we are right. But it is really irritating to watch the enemy infiltrate these important institutions and twist peopleís minds to their way of thinking.

It goes way beyond irritating when they inflict their filth on the impressionable minds of our children. The phrase "righteous wrath" comes to mind. My little girl will never be subjected to their brain-washing because she will never attend a public school. But it both angers and saddens me to think of the millions of innocent children who are forced daily to listen to sexual indoctrination. They are told that homosexuality is "normal," and anyone who says otherwise (even God!) is a homophobe and a bad person. They are indoctrinated with the horrible notion that killing babies in the womb is an acceptable form of birth control. And our children are told over and over again that there is no right or wrong, there are no moral absolutes. "If you think itís OK, do it," is the message of sex "education."

Public school sex education classes have paved the way for the college courses at places like Berkeley. It took a generation, but our children have become so desensitized by the propaganda they have been taught in school that they are not shocked by classes such as the course in Male Sexuality. It is described by the university as one íintended to provide a safe environment in which men may learn about their own bodies and male sexuality.í As columnist Gregory Hand said in his article "Berkeleyís Sex Games," (see link in the Resources section below), "Most men learn such things in the privacy of their bedrooms as teenagers." This course included discussing sexual fantasies in class, a class party which was actually an orgy, and a field trip to a homosexual strip club where students got to watch one of their instructors perform sex acts on stage. Not to be outdone, the womenís version of this course included a trip to a strip club and "lectures" by a female porn star.

We must re-take our society from those who pervert everything that is good and wholesome. We will be ridiculed, laughed at, perhaps spat on. But we must have the guts to stand up and say, "Thatís enough! Stop right there! Weíre not going to stand by and watch our society go down the sewer." It is going to take courage. And a lot of prayer.

Berkeleyís course requirements for the minor in Perversion. (http://ls.berkeley.edu/ugis/lgbt/page1.html)
Gregory Hand column, "Berkeleyís Sex Games." (http://www.gregoryhand.com/2002archive/022002.html)

CONSERVATIVE TRUTH WAS FEATURED IN A NATIONAL NEWSPAPER. Surprisingly, it was the Washington Post. On February 7, Staff Writer Ellen McCarthy wrote an article titled "Pundits Put Their Stuff on the Web With Labor of Love." She introduced the piece by writing, "Washington is a mecca for the opinionated. Pundits, think-tankers and politicos can make a decent living spouting off on their favorite topics. But those who prefer to pontificate from the comfort of their homes -- or just arenít getting many calls from CNN these days -- have turned to the Web to publish their views. For most of those political webbies the sites are more hobby than career. A few accept donations or sell Internet ads, but most are primarily self-funded. They are works of love or maybe zealotry, but they are work nonetheless.

  • "Many locally produced Web sites offer random commentary from their creators whenever the mood strikes, but a few have turned it up a notch, churning out content with some regularity and attracting an expanded audience. The following are a few Washington-based Web pundits trying to give granddaddy Matt Drudge a run for his money."

She went on to describe five websites, three conservative and two liberal. This is what she had to say about Conservative Truthís website:

  • "More online newsletter than interactive site, Conservative Truth (www.conservativetruth.org) is updated weekly with essays from Washington think tanks, the siteís producers and conservatives from throughout the country. The siteís mission statement says the page wants to be the "antidote to the liberal media," and each article backs up that claim.
  • "This site is not for the moderate Republican or middle-of-the-road conservative. The opinions are strong and the writing is straightforward, directed at the common (but very conservative) population. While largely a serious site, Conservative Truth also plays a bit with cartoons and limericks, in line with the cause. Billed as a second feature of the site, the offbeat, reader-submitted jokes often upstage the main fare."


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  Tom Barrett has been an ordained minister for 28 years. He has written for local and national publications for most of his life, and has authored several non-fiction books. He has been interviewed on many TV and radio programs, and speaks at seminars nationwide. Tom is the editor and publisher of Conservative Truth, an email newsletter read by tens of thousands weekly which focuses on moral and political issues from a Biblical viewpoint.

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