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Paul Hayden

Special Commentary
Bob Pascarella

Have you had enough yet? In recent writings, I have discussed activities of the Biden Department of Justice, specifically the FBI, and how clandestine operations in local state offices led to investigations of the Catholic Church and pro-life organizations. These activities eventually led to hearings before the Judiciary Committee in the House of Representatives.  

Cliff Kincaid

“Let’s be clear about Vladimir Putin,” says conservative columnist Kurt Schlichter. “He’s a murderous scumbag ex-KGB colonel. He’s not a good guy. He’s not a hero. He’s a Russian nationalist and a massive thief.”  But then, this columnist for the website Townhall says that poor Tucker Carlson was “set up” by Putin when the Russian dictator gave him an interview. His claim is that “Vladimir Putin set up Tucker Carlson by murdering Alexis Navalny just days after Tucker's controversial visit to Moscow and interview.”  

The Eighth Amendment and the Seventh Chapter May Not Be So Accommodating
Rev. Michael Bresciani

If ever there was a likely political figure to seek revenge, it is surely former President Donald Trump. And yet, he recently exclaimed that he will not seek revenge against those many Democratic AGs and lawyers who are recklessly trying to end his businesses and his private life.  

Ed Delph

When life gets too intense, we need to understand our limitations. A farmer can't make it rain or give growth. We need to understand we can rely on God to act most wisely and mercifully at the right time. True patience is a calm endurance based on the sure knowledge that God is in control.  

Jeff Crouere

In previous generations, Americans aspired to achieve a better standard of living than their parents. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, the American dream consisted of “good jobs, a nice house, two children, and plenty of money.” Sadly, the American dream has turned into a nightmare as our country suffers through the economic policies of President Joe Biden. He labels this economic misery, “Bidenomics,” and mistakenly believes it will help him win another presidential term.  

Obama will control the next Democrat Candidate
Bob McCray


It has been painfully obvious that President Joe Biden is a prop and a puppet controlled by others behind the scenes. The most prominent is former President Obama, who, unlike previous presidents who left Washington D.C. after they left office, set up an office in Washington D.C., much like a government in exile. Most of the staff in the Biden Administration are holdovers from the Obama Administration.  


Paul Hayden

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