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Archives of Brian W. Peterson


A Disease of the Mind - Mar 06, 2017
Scrubbing and Cleaning - Jan 02, 2017
Life is a Cycle - Oct 31, 2016
Life is Perspective - Oct 17, 2016
Tyranny From the Bench - Aug 01, 2016
One Fine Mess - Jul 04, 2016
Following the Rainbow - Jun 20, 2016
Sacrifice for Equality - May 30, 2016
The Bureaucrats Attack - Feb 22, 2016
Endless Mediocrity - Feb 15, 2016
Mizzou vs. ISIS - Nov 23, 2015
The Rule of Lawless - Jul 27, 2015
To Vote or Not To Vote - Apr 06, 2015
Shoot to Wound - Mar 16, 2015
Maher the Mouth - Jan 26, 2015
The Empty Suit - Aug 13, 2007


Brian W. Peterson has been a columnist for a mid-size California newspaper, is a veteran of political campaigns, and was a member of the publicly elected Republican Central Committee of Los Angeles County. His psychological thriller Dead Dreams and sci-fi adventure Children of the Sun are currently available through Amazon.com. You can follow Brian on Twitter @cybrpete.

Send the author an Email at cybrpete@mokancomm.net


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