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The Democrats' War on Masculinity

May 22, 2023

Democrats hate men.

No, let me amend that. They are fine with anyone of any gender who wants to identify as, or change the traditional definition of what it has always meant to be a man…it’s just masculinity that they despise. And the current crop of anti-American fascists is diligently working to degrade all forms of masculinity into criminal status. Hence their Blue State-sponsored buzzwords…"toxic masculinity.”

Too hard on the Dem “Wokesters" you say? Well, just imagine if someone were to use the designation of “Toxic Feminism.”

I rest my case.

But why then do the Democrats hate men and masculinity so much? Why do they consider the very traits in men that society lauded as masculine virtue for the last 10,000 years as suddenly “toxic” under the new totalitarianism of Joe Biden and his puppet master B.O's increasingly Marxist party?

It’s because traditional masculinity is centered around protecting the family and our hard-won freedoms - both of which are anathema to the Democrat party. Even more worrisome to the denizens of the DNC is the frightening trait of masculinity that good men have always displayed in the fight for freedom against tyranny. And that is something that no totalitarian party spinning its web of lies and deceit can tolerate as they march in rigid lockstep to purge those freedoms and rights of the individual to “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

Think about those words that up until the ascendancy of the Democrat Deep State were enshrined in the hearts of two centuries of American values.

That’s why when the DNC (ala BHO) embarked on their nefarious quest to “Fundamentally Change America,” ie: destroy its freedom and values, they knew that they had to direct their lies and spite at the group of Americans that had fought and bled to keep us free - Men. And by that, I mean men of principle who stood for the rights of all citizens.

Don’t get me wrong. Unlike the Democrats, I don’t believe that courage and fighting for freedom is a solely masculine trait. Far from it. Every man who has ever been a hero has a woman to thank for it.

First, the woman who bore and cared for him. For it is she who taught him right from wrong, the values of freedom, and the importance of fighting for the rights of all men. She also taught her sons that meant having to stand and fight both tyranny and bullies.

I’ll digress for a moment for a personal example. When I was eight, I used to get chased home from school by the neighborhood bully. It really wasn’t anything personal, it was just that I was eight and he was ten and outweighed me by a good 20 pounds. And like all bullies (and Democrats), he saw me as easy pickings and thus had no reason to ever stop. Every day it was a race home from school to see if I could throw open the kitchen screen door and dive inside, safe for another day. But of course that was exactly what the bully wanted.

My mother watched this every day as she was preparing dinner at the kitchen sink. Now if she were a mother of today she would have called the principal, the police, the PTA, and numerous social agencies. But this was 1953 and parents didn’t fight their kid's battles for them.

So one day when I ran huffing up to the screen door to grab the handle to escape my tormentor she stood on the other side of the door and calmly locked it. She looked at me through the screen and said, “Today you fight him.”

The fight went sort of like… Well, if you’ve seen the Ralphie/Scud Farkas fight scene in ‘A Christmas Story’ - just about like that. I probably got a few more lumps and black eyes than Ralphie, but as is the case with most bullies since time began, I landed a few good punches and he never bothered me again.

And the schoolyard cowards who became bullies haven't stopped either. They became Democrats. 

The party that has raised bullying and intimidation to an art form and made it their national policy knows this too. They understand that they cannot allow anyone to show courage in the face of danger or stand up for freedom. They also know that historically the type of person who has fought and bled and died for freedom are masculine males and the women who stand beside them.

Thus they are in the midst of a two-pronged attack against freedom-loving men and women.

To intimidate the women, they have engaged in a decades-long social attack to ostracize and mock them from college campuses to toxically malignant propaganda screeds like "The View.” Fortunately, strong American women don’t care about that. They are determined to stand up for freedom whenever and wherever they can.

So next the Democrats line up their sleazy sights on the one group that they can never coerce into the fascist/Marxist side. Masculine men. They figure if we can’t convert them, we must destroy all vestiges of masculinity and their lives to boot.

And that’s why their Soros-stooge DA has charged the Marine Good Samaritan with murder instead of congratulating him for unselfishly putting his life and safety on the line for others. The Democrats know that they cannot allow the image of a man standing up for others to go unpunished as that flies in the face of the decades-long program to emasculate men and turn them into sniveling cowards.

And you must give the Democrats this - they may be evil but they do their homework. They have studied the societies of the 20th century that were successful in enslaving their populations. The Marxists in Russia, the NSDAP in Germany, and the Red Guards of Mao - all tore down the idea of individuals standing up for what is right - even if it means standing alone.

No, those totalitarian regimes could not allow men to stand for freedom. So they threw them in Gulags or Concentration camps or even killed them. All to destroy the individual to make way for the mindless and easily-led sheep of the collective.

Therefore the Democrats know that they must make a horrific example of every masculine man and independent woman who will stand up for freedom. After all, they know that freedom and the rights of the individual are incompatible with tyranny. 

And freedom is what totalitarians fear the most.

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