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Can The New Republican House Curb The Democrats Abuse Of Power?

November 21, 2022

Yes… by giving the Democrats a good strong taste of their own medicine. It’s not like the Republicans have never controlled the House before. They have, many times. And each time they make the same mistake as before.

In response to Democrat partisan, vindictive, and generally anti-constitutional outrageous abuses of power, when the Republicans take control their response has typically been, “Well we’re not going to govern like that. We are going to be principled and non-partisan.”


That attitude is the same one that Chamberlain used to give “Herr Hitler” the green light to lay waste to half the world. In fact, Hitler admitted to his cronies that had the Allies responded in force to any of his aggression prior to 1939 that he would have backed off. The lesson remains the same throughout history. The only way to fight tyranny and abuse is with force - or this case, political will, to show that you will not become a doormat for aggression.

Just like mama taught you on the playground, you have to stand up to bullies. Because until you do, they will just continue to escalate their bullying. And the only thing that will stop a bully is when their victim fights back. Because all bullies are cowards at heart. 

And the biggest bullies in politics today are the Democrat party and their Deep State media, education, and entertainment cabal. Just as in Europe in the 30s the only reason that the bully was able to grow so powerful was that the ’nice guys’ were too busy being ’nice’. They thought they could lead by the example of reason and fairness. They found out to their sorrow that the totalitarian definition of ‘fairness’ is that we have everything and you have nothing… that’s fair.

That’s the position of Democrats vs. Republicans today.

They are like ‘good ‘ol Charlie Brown’ vainly hoping that if he trusts Democrat Lucy just one more time she won’t pull the football away. And that ends for the Republicans just like it ends for the hapless Charlie…every time.

So this time the Republicans need to stop emulating Neville Chamberlain and Charlie Brown by realizing that the only way they are going to reign in Democrat escalating abuses of power is to give them a good strong dose of their own medicine. Show them that for every partisan outrage they can expect the same in return.

They have used impeachment as a political weapon against Republicans with no evidence.

We, on the other hand, have got plenty of evidence of real malfeasance so let's show them that they can expect the same. Except that this time it will actually be within the framework of the Constitution.

They have packed the Deep State with their partisan operatives. Let’s retire those and replace them with civil servants that are really prepared to serve the citizens instead of intimidate them. 

Instead of rubber-stamping laws meant to penalize, harass, censure and punish the middle class for the crime of wanting to live their lives in peace and security, the Republicans should show they stand for the current underdogs of "Woke” society by voting a resounding “No!" to all Democrat vindictive legislation. 

The beauty of it is that the Republicans don’t even have to stoop to the Democrat standards of lies and collusion to shut them down. All they have to do is to follow the rule of law and restore that battered document the Dems so hate…the Constitution!

Unlike the Democrat steamrolling of that document, the Republicans have the power and duty that the Constitution clearly spells out. It also enumerates the rights of the people that the Democrats have willfully subverted. All the Republicans need to do is simply go back to protecting the rights the Democrats have trampled on.

They don’t even need to be all that courageous - just stand up for the people. In other words, do the job to which they were elected - to support and uphold the Constitution. It’s really not that complicated.

But it has to happen in the House.

Not because the Republicans failed again to gain the Senate - but because even when Republicans have held the Senate they have shown that under their current lackluster leadership they have grown way too fat and happy to concern themselves with anything so mundane as fighting for the half of America that still believes in the Constitution and rights of its citizens.

To be blunt, even if they had taken the Senate nothing would have changed. They had it under Trump and never stood up to the Democrats. So we would be hopelessly naive to think that the current ‘go along to get along collegial attitude would ever change to challenge or rattle that comradery club.

The bottom line is that what should have been a blow-out sweep for Republicans given the abominable record of incompetence, greed, and corruption of the Democrat/Media/Hollywood/Deep State machine turned out to be "not a bang but a whimper.” 

Yes, this could be attributed to mail-in ballots and midnight vote counting, but it also proves what many of us warned after the 2020 election. If Republicans want to win it cannot be by razor-thin margins. It has to be by such overwhelming amounts that no amount of post-election machinations can overturn it.

What DeSantis did in Florida is a perfect example. It was so massive that no amount of midnight mail-ins was going to overturn that.

That is what Republicans need to do in every election. And to do that they need to prove to Americans that they can stand up to Democrat corruption. To do that they need to fight back using the Constitution.

It’s not that hard Republicans. Do the job we sent you there to do.

Stand up for the Constitution.

Stand up for America.

Stand up for us. 

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