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Democrats have gone from being the party of the working man to the party of the privileged

May 2, 2022

Today's smug, virtue signaling, and elitist Democrat party can be summed up in one inconvenient truth: "Wokeness is an ideology for those who are cushioned from its consequences.” (1)

That’s why, increasingly, all those who cannot afford to insulate themselves from the horrors of the Democrat regime are abandoning the party in droves. Unless you are independently wealthy and have round-the-clock private security - or are the permanent underclass or a beneficiary of lawless anarchy - Democrat America is not a very nice place to live.

During the run-up to the last election, the DNC media promised it would by this time be the new socialist worker's paradise with frisbee playing in the People's Parks, all the mean cops replaced by social workers, and the benevolent state (having confiscated the wealth of the greedy rich) providing all our needs so that we were free to sing Kumbaya while discussing cis-gender issues in our safe spaces.

It didn’t work out that way. In fact, it worked out exactly the opposite.

The rich actually got richer and the poor got much poorer. The cops went away but the social workers didn’t make the murderers, rapists, and carjackers play nice. Quite the opposite. With no cops to arrest them and ‘woke’ DA’s releasing the few that did get arrested - guess what? They became emboldened.

After all, why pay for something if you can simply go into a store and take it - with no consequences - providing you check the right boxes on the oppressed victim's list?

Of course, this leads to your local CVS or grocery store deciding (selfishly according to Democrats) that if you lose more money than you take in you have to close the shop. 

Gee… what a surprise.

But that’s ok, right? Who cares if you have nowhere to get food or medicine as long as the elites of the NYT, WP, and CNN can make themselves feel warm and fuzzy with their smug virtue signaling. That is certainly worth a little more pain in your life - right peasants?

But as it turns out - much to the consternation of their ‘betters,' the peasants don’t want more pain at the pump, the grocery store, or on the lawless streets. And despite turning up the volume of the DNC media propaganda machine the great unwashed and ‘Boomer Rubes’ are tuning them and their never-ending guilt trip, out.

Their tired and confused old sock-puppet and his bobblehead toy rulers have sunk to new lows in the polls and are most deservedly dragging the perfidious Democrat brand down with them.

But, hey - there are still 6 months to go till the Midterms. Plenty of time to change the message and turn it about - right?

That’s where the problem of being a one-trick ‘woke' pony rears its ugly head. When everything you promised is smoke and mirrors, that’s all you can deliver. And just like the non-binary, cis-gender, transitioning boy who “cried wolf” (or maybe he/she just had the wolf doxed and banned from social media), no one believes them anymore.

That’s why they are turning their backs on the Dems in local elections that used to be their strength. They are also abandoning the woke DNC propaganda outlets like CNN and Netflicks which is creating consternation amongst the DC Democrats, who depend on those sites for multi-million dollar deals once they get forced out of office. 

After all, if the Dem elite can’t play musical chairs with their in-house media, where are they supposed to get the money to insulate them from the chaos their policies have caused working, tax-paying Americans?

Don’t all those ‘little people' who pay all the bills realize that they have a duty to take care of the non-working class forever? Could it be that Americans just don’t care about the virtue signalers anymore? Or even worse…they have actively started to become resentful and disgusted with their finger-waggling admonishment and whiney preaching?

Somehow that doesn’t seem to go down too well, when everything the ruling party touches goes straight to crap. After all, when you can’t afford to fill your gas tank or put food on the table do you really care what pronouns the Democrats insist you use?

Could it be that America has finally had enough of vacuous platitudes, and meaningless virtue signaling?

The Democrat Elites just might find out in November.



(1) https://thefederalist.com/2022/04/25/democrats-culture-war-is-destroying-their-ability-to-govern-competently-enough-to-fool-voters/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=democrats-culture-war-is-destroying-their-ability-to-govern-competently-enough-to-fool-voters&utm_term=2022-04-25



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