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30,000 Aliens Disappear!

Who Says Science Fiction isn’t Real?

September 27, 2021

Everyone in in a Texas town with a population of 30,000 has inexplicably vanished over the last few days. To put that in perspective, of all the cities and towns in the United States, less than 8% have populations of 30,0000 or more.

The reported size of this city has fluctuated in news reports, with most media outlets reporting 15,000. But none other than Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security has confirmed that there have been 30,000 aliens living there. The fluctuation in the total numbers was due to members of the population moving in and out.

Amazingly, the government is now trying to destroy all evidence of the existence of this city of Bidenville. Like Area 51, the powers on high decided to obliterate all traces of Bidenville. Huge bulldozers have erased all physical evidence that the city ever existed.

But they cant destroy the photos and videos of this teeming city of 30,0000 illegal aliens. The government decreed that no news drones could capture images of this third-world slum city that sprang up overnight after Biden invited illegals from all over the world to invade the United States. Fortunately, Fix News had the courage to follow the Constitution and ignore the illegal edicts and threats from the white House. Because of their courage millions the world over saw the squalid conditions of the 30,000 Haitians and West Africans that Biden imported, then ignored.

We know how and why they came here. The burning question today is where they ae now. We know how China and Russia disappear large numbers of people. They simply murder them and bury them in mas raves. But the Harris-Biden Administration brought these people here for a reason. They need the aliens to become Democrat voters.

So why did the White House just announce that they had deported the Illegal Aliens? Just so were on the same page, an Illegal Alien is A person who is within the boundaries of a political state without that government's authorization; a national of another country who has entered or stayed without permission.

So, to be clear, an alien isn't a little green person who arrived on a spaceship sporting antenna. And it is a violation of federal law for an alien to be here without authorization. Liberals want to call them immigrants or migrants so that they can lump them together with the legal immigrants. But most legal immigrants, most of whom have spent time and money attaining that status, resent the illegals just as much as natural-born Americans do. So don't let the woke jerks shame you when you use the proper legal terminology. Anyone who crosses our border without permission from our government is an Illegal Alien.

So, again, why did the Harris-Biden White House just announce that they were deporting thousands of migrants. Because they did sort of. They flew 2,000 single males to Haiti so they could say they were doing their job. But all family units had the red carpet rolled out through our ridiculous catch and release program. Here's how it works

  1. A family unit is apprehended (meaning they searched out a border agent and voluntarily surrendered so they could start getting their free stuff). In most cases, the coyotes (human traffickers) directed them to certain border crossings so the border agents would be tied up there. Meanwhile, the traffickers, members of the brutal cartels that run Mexico, bring their sex slaves, MS13 gang members, drugs, and weapons across at an unguarded area.
  2. The family units (which can include any combination of adults if a minor is included, are processed. (The minor could be a 17-year-old MS13 gang banger with tattoos that indicate how many people he has murdered.) This involves giving them a summons like a traffic ticket to appear in court months or years down the road. 95% never show up. By the way, do you know how easy it is to become a family unit? Just borrow a kid. Most of these people have no ID, and children never do. Once the family Unit has been processed, the child is often smuggled back across the border to create another you guessed it family unit. This little game is why Biden can claim he is deporting the illegals, when only a tiny fraction is sent back.
  3. 200,000 illegals flood our nation each month through Mexico that's over 2 million each year. We have identified people form almost 50% of the nations on earth illegally crossing through Mexico including those who hate us most Chinese, Islamic terrorists, North Koreans, and many others. Most claim asylum do you think their lives are in danger if we don't admit them or our lives in danger because we do? Do you think they're coming here for a better life? No, they want to destroy ours.

The worst part is where the Democrats send these aliens. I wouldn't mind if it was to their own countries or even to Mars. But they send them to small Republican towns. For instance, the small Texas town of Del Rio was forced to host 30,000 illegals. The towns own population is only 35,000. At least in this case, City of Bidenville was confined to an area under an international bridge (which was closed to legal traffic by this illegal occupation. The Broder Patrol were overwhelmed by the huge numbers. Were it not for Texas state and local police and the Texas Rangers, sent by Governor Abbot, this situation could easily have become an ugly bloodbath.

Most towns are not so fortunate. At least 20% of the illegals crossing the Southern border are already infected with the China Virus. 30% of those who are not infected refuse to take the shot. So, while Biden issues orders that federal employees who don't take the untested, unproven experimental drug will be fired, he allows hundreds of thousands of illegals each month who pose a clear and present danger to our nation to enter with impunity.

The feds then pack these people, many of whom are contagious with the China Virus into buses and airplanes with American citizens with no warning. Many of our citizens then become ill with the China Virus dues to being in close confinement with the illegals. Someone needs to remind the buffoon issuing these orders that the first job of a president is to protect its citizens OUR citizens, not citizens of other nations here illegally.

Here's the worst party. Every day we see videos of crowds of illegals with nothing but the clothe on their back and their many children standing confused in a gas station of bus depot where the heartless Homeland Security people have dumped them like so much trash. They don't speak English, and the kind people in the small towns in the middle of the country don't speak Spanish, Chinese, or Arabic.

Even one hundred of these people can overwhelm a small town with a tiny hospital, a school barely big enough for their own kids, and a lone law enforcement f=officer. Most of these people are probably decent people, but with no ID, background checks, or medical records, they often cause extreme pressure on the town. Having dozens or hundreds of uninvited people dumped in your town is an invitation for antagonism. Since this practice has begun the number of violent crimes committed by illegals, including armed robbery, rape and murder has skyrocketed.

The government is handing out obscene amounts foo money to non-profit organizations, many of which have recently been found to be sexually abusing minors in their care). When Virus-positive illegals are placed in their care, they are given extra money to quarantine entire families in luxury hotels. But they do nothing to maintain the quarantine. Two weeks ago, 40 illegals left their mandated quarantine to go to a restaurant. Alarmed patrons called the police, who told they by city officials that that they could do nothing. Just up the road from me a charity has been given $1.3 Million to do the same thing.

The reason the Democrats are ending the illegals to small Republican towns is three-fold

They don't have the funds to sue the federal government for this illegal activity. If the feds allow them to enter in violation of the Constitution and the law, it is the feds responsibility to take care of them. As mentioned earlier, since the illegals see the Democrats as the ones who invited them to come to America and give them free everything, they will undoubtedly vote for Democrats. Harris and Biden want to weaken these small towns financially, and if possible, drive out the families who have lived there for generations, creating thousands of Bidonvilles. The Democrats claim to be the part of compassion. They invite poor people from all over the world, knowing that the 5% of the worlds who live in America legally cannot possibly take care of the 50% of the worlds population who want to live here. It is cruel to hold out that false home just to make themselves look benevolent. And it is cruel beyond belief to dump these poor people like yesterdays trash in the middle of small towns who cannot take care of them.

Guess where illegals are NEVER dumped? Washington, D.C. and other Democrat strongholds. Can you imagine the uproar if illegals were dumped in Nancy Pelosi's hometown? With their idiotic policies, they have already turned once-beautiful cities into hellholes. They don't need any help from the feds to make their cities unlivable.

If you've never contacted your representative and your two state senators, make this the first time. Tell them you will do everything in your power to make sure they lose their jobs if they don't stand up for America. Tell them you want to keep America a country. A country without borders is not a country. If Biden and Harris are too dumb to realize this, perhaps many Senators and Representatives who are about to lose their jobs can convince him.


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There is far more to it than needing voters. In all actuality they don’t need any of these people as voters. They have successfully manipulated the machines used and the voting system to their advantage. In fact they did it from of the whole world live on real time TV. These illegals being brought in are to further crash the economy and they are the armies of the Antichrist or beast system. These are the very people along with Blm, antifa and what’s left the American military that will be used to enforce the mark of the beast when it is enforced. The American military is not going to save anyone. The true patriots will either resign, retire or take the vaccine to their own demise which will render them useless. That is why the are separating military personnel by ethic race. White men will be served a jab of death. Those who refuse and leave the services will become citizens trying to survive like everyone else. There is no stopping this. The time of Jacobs trouble is about to begin. That’s also called the 7year tribulation period. Regardless if you believe in the rapture of the church or not there is only 1 thing that matters. Are you born again? Do you have a relationship with The Lord.
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