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Let's Take Back Our Language From The Left

A new series of articles on taking back the true meaning of words.

September 13, 2021

I'm sure that all of us have been both saddened and dismayed over the past decade to see how the Marxist Democrat Left has subverted, perverted, and destroyed many of our rights, traditions, history, and even culture, in their ruthless and never-ending grab for totalitarian power. 

Nowhere has this been more painfully obvious than in the subversion and destruction of the meaning and usage of everyday words and phrases in our own American dialect of the English language. Words that used to have a clear and precise dictionary definition have now been perverted and twisted to mean exactly the opposite. Phrases that were once simple and descriptive now have double meanings. And words that should have never been put together because they are convoluted and contradictory are now used daily in media, politics, and education. All to serve a corrupt Marxist ideology.

Worst of all, the Left has now succeeded in making life imitate art by turning America into the ominous and bewildering world that Orwell warned us about in "1984." A world where "new-speak" was mandatory and you could be arrested by the "thought-police" for "thought-crimes," like thinking for yourself instead of how the government told you to.

Sound familiar?

Just look at social media or TV and you can see how many each day are being subjected to "cancel-culture" for using the wrong pronoun or thinking out of turn.

That's why those of us who still believe in America and the freedoms guaranteed under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights need to do our small part by eschewing the Left's ‘doublespeak’ and call things by their true names.

Up does not mean down and evil does not mean good.

That's why I will be doing a series of articles on this topic to point out just a few of the areas where the Left has deliberately twisted and obfuscated the original meaning of a word or phrase into something which is usually the exact opposite.

Some of these words and phrases will look at the original meaning as opposed to the current “newspeak” terms.

These are words such as: Mainstream media, Liberal, Diversity, Progressive, Tolerance, Equality, Inclusion, Fact check, Racism, peaceful protest, and many, many more.

The first one of the series will start with a current term that is not only ubiquitous but shows how old meanings stick around long after they have ceased to be true. 

And perhaps nothing illustrates that better than the perversion of the term “The Mainstream Media."

Everyone with an IQ above a boiled cabbage knows the majority of the “Media” are no longer anything approaching "Mainstream." They are completely and enthusiastically in the tank for the Democrats, so let's stop dignifying them with the title of “Mainstream.”

That term originally arose to describe the major networks and large city dailies and was meant to imply that the majority of Americans got their news from these outlets because they generally did straight reporting and left opinions on the editorial page.

Now, of course, that has been reversed. Straight reporting has gone the way of the Dodo and what passes for reporting is the editorial page.

Worse still, the formerly “mainstream media” have degenerated into sycophantic PR departments for the 'Democrat's Ministry of Propaganda,' run by the rabid Left of the DNC.

Thus every story, broadcast, and “report” is not only severally partisan but often made up out of whole cloth or worked backward to fit the Progressive narrative.

What really surprised me though is why intelligent people still refer to these Leftist party hacks as, “Mainstream Media.” Their reporting isn’t and neither are those who listen to them. In fact, their bitter enemy Fox News usually has more viewers than the Leftist trolls at CNN and MSNBC combined. 

For instance, CNN is experiencing the biggest year-over-year drop in prime time, down 57% and MSNBC down 37%. In the key demo, the year-over-year declines in prime time were more dramatic, with CNN slipping a staggering 68% compared to the second quarter of 2020, and MSNBC’s decline was just slightly less, at 48%. (Forbes, June 29, 2021)

Thus under any normal word usage by those with even the most basic command of the English language, shouldn't it be Fox who represents the “Mainstream” of American thought, while the ranting Left is consigned to the looney edges of the “Fringe Media”?

Same for the print dailies. After all, who reads them outside hardcore leftists, mostly in the big cities or inside the Beltway?

Therefore, don’t we need a new name for those partisan hack pamphleteers and fawning propagandists who shamelessly bend, obfuscate, fabricate, and torture the truth to more realistically represent what they actually are today?

And since I asked the question, it’s only fair that I go first. 

How about:

  • The Left-Stream Media
  • The Lame-Stream Media
  • The DNC PR Department
  • The Ministry of Propaganda News
  • Or, (my personal favorite) Misinformation for the Uninformed

Of course, most logical Americans could come up with plenty more on their own. And that's why the number of those who actually tune into the Democrat propaganda broadcasts are fortunately small and statistically growing smaller all the time.

That's the good news. 

The bad news is that despite these small numbers, all of us who continue to refer to those partisans with press passes as the "Mainstream Media," only serve to legitimize their shameless pandering and ascribe to them a power far exceeding that which the total audience of their demented rants would actually reach.

Therefore as logical and truthful people, let us call the Democrat press what it really is. And by whatever name you choose, we can all agree on one thing - it is anything but "Mainstream." 

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