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Are the Democrats really Social Justice Warriors or just the party of "Me too"?

Democrats think they are on the side of societal evolution - they couldn’t be more wrong.

July 12, 2021

Democrats think they are on the side of societal evolution; they couldn’t be more wrong.

If you really want to understand today's Democrat voter - and for this exercise, I am going to limit 'voters' to those Democrats who are actually alive, US citizens and legally registered - the easiest way to understand them is to think back to high school.

Why high school?

Because the average Democrat suffers from severe arrested development. They have adolescent brains in adult bodies. And as we will all recall, adolescents often make immature and terrible decisions. How do you think that AOC and Joe Biden got elected?

If you think back to those self-absorbed, insecure days of teenage angst, it also gives you a clue to the mindset of today’s Democrats.

Remember that group in school who was known as the “cool kids” - the hot chicks, football stars, and class presidents? Everyone wanted to be them, and most couldn’t, so the next best thing was to be liked by the cool kids. And what is the best way to get liked? Emulate them. Do as they do, like what they like, and think what they think.

Do you remember when exasperated moms said, “So if all of the popular kids decided to jump off a bridge, would you do it too?”

The answer was of course an enthusiastic, “Yes!” Because that’s what immature minds do. They are so desperate to go along with anyone perceived as ‘cool’ or popular that will do, say, think, and vote, just like them to be accepted.

And there, my friends, you have in a nutshell the mind of the Democrat voter: An insecure adolescent, desperate to go along with whatever they think is the prevailing popular opinion

Thus, not only are they not fearless Social Justice Warriors; they are the furthest thing from it.

Think that’s too harsh? Well, ask yourself this. If every pop star, movie star, talk show host, media figure, celebrity, and leftist politician woke up tomorrow and started praising Trump and excoriating Biden - how long would it be till every Democrat citizen decided the election was flawed and demanded that Joe be ousted and Trump put in his place?

How could that be? Don’t Democrats have any core beliefs? Only one… Be a follower - a sheep. Think, believe, emote and emulate the “cool kids.”

This also means that if they had lived in the South during slavery they would have had no problem with it. After all, the rich plantation owners with their fine manners and beautiful wives had slaves, so why shouldn’t they?

It was the same in Nazi Germany. Who were all those Germans who voted for Hitler, boycotted Jewish businesses, and turned a blind eye when their neighbors were rounded up and carted off to concentration camps? The same kind of people who want to do whatever is popular at the time. They weren't Nazis; they were the Democrats of their day.

The Democrat “me too” mindset has dominated every mob motivated by jealousy, hatred, and envy since the beginning of time.

They have participated in “witch” burnings, crucifixions, and public floggings, They have cheered on the lions as they devoured Christians in the Colosseum. They have burned books in Nazi Germany and beaten teachers and parents during Mao’s cultural revolution. They gawked in feigned horror as Muslims beheaded women for not covering their faces. 

All of those weak, easily led mobs would have been Democrats today.

I don’t mean to say that all Democrats are inherently evil. They are just weak, insecure, immature, fearful, and easily swayed to the current popular opinion.

They simply lack the ability to think for themselves, so they must rely on others whom they perceive as being more important, to tell them how to think and behave.

Thus, if the majority happens to be following the cause of good, they will join in,  as we saw during WWII when everyone pulled together to rid the world of tyranny and evil.

Unfortunately, they did not do it out of altruism or love of country - they did it because everyone else did. Hollywood, sports figures, the media, and important people were patriotic, so they pretended to be patriotic.

That is the key. The average Democrat is neither good nor evil any more than the high school kids who stood around and watched weaker kids get bullied and cheered on the bully. Not because they would have bullied on their own, but merely because if anyone more dominant was doing something they would go along with it - just like they do today.

Conservatives were the ones who stood up against the bully - and often were alone in doing so - while the future Democrats might have felt shame but hung back and said nothing - because they are the stuff that cowards are made of. Remember, most cowards aren’t evil - only weak.

And so are Democrats. 

They are perpetual teenagers. Arrested adolescents who never developed the backbone and courage to think for themselves and act on personal resolve and conviction.

They are only comfortable in a mob.

But remember this. Mobs can also be thwarted in their innate cruelty and mindless destruction. All it takes is a few brave people standing firm for what is right.

Let’s making standing for truth, justice, and freedom, “cool” again.

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