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Can We Find a Sanctuary for the Constitution?

The Democrats have their sanctuary cities - can we find one for those who believe in the Constitution?

February 15, 2021

The Democrats have their sanctuary cities - can we find one for those who believe in the Constitution?


Remember all of the handwringing that the left did over the plight of all those non-Americans who didn’t feel like leaving the US merely because they’d snuck in illegally?

The Dems self-righteously called the no-go zones that harbored them, 'Sanctuary Cities’. And they insisted that federal authority had no power there.


Well, let's face it my fellow Americans, we can’t argue with success. The shrill charlatans of the Democrat Socialist Left have gotten everything they wanted - and even bonus gifts they didn’t even ask for, laid at their feet by the fawning lapdogs of the corporate media obsequies.


That said we must understand that we will never be given anything by the Dems and their media shills. And now that they control everything they will concentrate all of their spite and malice on dismantling all of the freedoms we have enjoyed for the 245 years that we were blessed to be free Americans, living under the dignity and protection of the Constitution.


So what are Americans to do in the face of a Democrat party that views Orwell's 1984 not as a cautionary tale but rather as an instruction manual?


As always we must take a leaf from our enemy's successful playbook. Like every successful general from Caesar to Patton, learn from your defeats and use the winning tactics of your opponents against them.


The Dems have perfected the Marxist tactic of infiltrating states and cities and infecting all levels of influence and infrastructure, from Governor to mayor to dog-catcher until they controlled all the machinery of power and administration. They continue passing laws, rules, and regulations that benefit only them and those who they wish to import to guarantee them more votes - like illegal aliens and those from other countries dedicated to the overthrow of democracy.


One of the tactics they used for this, but under the current administration will no longer need, was that of “Sanctuary Cities.”

When Trump was president the Dems declared that the federal government had no power in any area that they declared a sanctuary and thus could not enforce any laws. The only ones who could were the city and local governments.


Well, two can play at that game because now it is the Dems who control all aspects of the federal government, and every day ol' Joe is signing more and more executive orders that chip away at our unalienable rights enumerated in the formerly sacrosanct guarantor of our liberty - the Constitution. 


But it doesn’t have to be that way. Let's do what they have done for the past 4 years. Let’s find states and counties and towns and maybe even small cities where Americans are still the majority and do what the Dems did. Pack every office in city hall and town and state government with the half of America that still believes in freedom and the rights of the individual not to become a slave of the state.


Let’s take those governments and make them resoundingly pro-American. Then just like the Dems did, let our people who are being harassed in Blue States and who are in search of liberty know that we have created sanctuary cities, towns, and states where you can speak your mind and live unafraid in freedom and peace under the Constitution.


Let it be known that there are areas where we are not going to allow the left to spit on you, harass you in restaurants, and throw bricks through your windows. The local police and sheriffs will enforce the law equally - for everyone. And if you break it you will not be given a free pass because some Hollywood celeb posts your bail. Believe me, a guarantee of freedom and rights for all regardless of politics, religion, and race will soon have the Dems leaving those Red states and towns for greener pastures where their shrill chants, intolerance, and witch hunts will find more traction.


No, we are not going to be like Democrats and send cursing mobs out to loot, burn, and beat our opponents out of town, but I guarantee that if Democrats see that they can no longer rule by fear, intimidation, and cancel culture, backed up by their Brownshirt thugs and sanctioned by their corrupt Democrat Pols, they will leave our pro-American sanctuary cities in droves.


And the more freedom-loving Americans move in, the more freedom-hating Democrats will move out. Perhaps eventually it can lead to whole vast areas of the country where Freedom still reigns and the evil of cancel culture and totalitarian Left have no power. After all, didn’t they tell us that in a sanctuary city or state, local politics rule?


Well, let’s finally start using their own rules for our freedom and America’s benefit for a change.

Let’s all come together and make a sanctuary for freedom, liberty, and America.


We have nothing to lose but our chains.

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