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Paul Hayden

The Nightmare of a Socialist America

The Democrats' Plans for the US

January 4, 2021

Prior to Voting Day, President Trump declared, “This election is a choice between the American Dream and a Socialist nightmare.” As usual, he was right.

I believe it will be proven that the Democrats, aided by George Soros, the Clintons, and the Obamas conspired to fraudulently steal the 2020 election. Election fraud is a felony under both federal and state laws. And conspiracy to commit a felony or felonies can be prosecuted under the RICO provisions, which would put them all in prison for many years. But they are so filthy rich that they will be able to bribe or bully their way out of any consequences of their crimes.

But Trump in the White House with both a Democrat House and Senate would make it almost impossible to do the amazing things he did in his first time. He created the most robust economy in a hundred years; perhaps in the nation’s entire history. He did what every president promised, but failed to accomplish, when he moved our embassy to Jerusalem in support of Israel. He lowered taxes dramatically on middle-class Americans and cut burdensome regulations that cost the economy billions every year. He made other NATO members pay their share of the costs of the organization, which the US had been paying for them for decades. He brokered several Middle East peace deals, making our most important ally, Israel, safer.

Perhaps most important, he brought our greatest enemy, China, to heel, hitting them with huge tariffs to balance our trade, and sanctioned them for blatantly stealing US intellectual property. Of course, China hated this. Every other Administration, including the Obama-Biden White House, allowed China to roll over us. Perhaps that’s why China sent us their Virus – to help Biden, so they would no longer have to deal with a real President who couldn’t be bullied.

This is why we must make sure the Republicans Senators successfully defend their Senate seats against two of the moSt radically Liberal candidates ever put up by the Democrats. They already control the House. If the Democrats win the Senate, America as we know it will be over.

This is a brief list of some of the worst parts of the Democrats' plan to destroy America and turn it into a Socialist “workers’ paradise." A deeper treatment, including documentation of each of these key parts of their plan, can be found in my Archives: https://www.conservativetruth.org/archives.php

Because the entire Democrat leadership is composed of evil globalists, they will push the United States into a position where our nation would be willing to surrender its sovereignty and become part of a one-world, global government.
  • To that end, they will destroy our economy, put more people out of work, and bankrupt more businesses so that normally fiercely independent Americans will feel they have no choice but to accept the help (and the control that comes with it) of a strong, charismatic world leader.
  • They will continue terrorizing the nation using the China Virus – even though the survival rate of people under 70 who have no other serious medical conditions is 99.5%. This allows the government to control the populace, particularly by preventing people from meeting and discussing ways to fight the dictatorial edicts of Democrat governors. (“Peaceful” riots will continue to be encouraged, of course.) And, of course, they will do all they can to persecute churches, because allowing Christians to meet will lead to discussions of “dangerous ideas.”)
  • They will double down on falsifying China Virus deaths to make the above possible. The death rates are based on two lies. First, multiple millions of Americans have had such mild symtoms of the Virus that they weren’t reported. But large sample studies showed that millions of them had the antibodies for the Virus, meaning they contracted the disease at one point – and survived. Comparing the percentage of all Americans who had the China Virus with the deaths (even the falsified, inflated numbers that are published) would drop the mortality rate of the Virus to less than that of the common flu.
  • Continue to create more fear and anxiety by classifying deaths from dozens of other diseases and even trauma as Virus deaths, when the real cause of death was not the Virus. Anyone in America who dies of anything is tested for the Virus. Yes, they test corpses. If even a trace of the China Virus is found in a person whose actual primary cause of death is something else, it is classified as a Virus death. Also, people under Hospice care are obviously already ill with a mortal disease. But they are all classified as Virus deaths – even without testing. An interesting number keeps popping up in the weekly and monthly reports of China Virus deaths: 6%. This is the percentage of people who had only one discernable cause of death – the Virus itself. Some of the other 94% may well have had the Virus as their primary cause of death. But no matter how they attempt to disguise the truth with their mountains of statistics, anyone who actually studies the CDC’s own numbers can easily see that the majority of American deaths classified as resulting from the Virus actually died WITH the China Virus – not FROM it.
  • The China Virus has been an effective political tool for the Democrats, first in helping a hapless candidate like Biden get far more votes than he would have otherwise, and currently as a way of keeping citizens terrified and looking to government for answers. But eventually, the data will be analyzed, and we will find that the real death rate of the Virus will be no more than that of the common flu.
  • One example of how (and why) hospitals falsify their reporting is an interview with an Emergency Department physician who wrote death certificates for two male patients in one evening. He properly reported the death of the first man, who arrived dead after being in a motorcycle accident, as crushing injuries to the cranium. His other patient had a massive heart attack and died within a short time. He was furious when he checked his paperwork the next day and found that the hospital administration had changed both of their death certificates to read that they died of the Virus.   
  • Federal guidelines also allow hospitals to list “probable” or “presumed” Virus cases in the death totals, even if they are not lab-verified. The reason they do this is just as you would expect – Money. Senator Ron Jensen, a physician, has stated, "Hospital administrators might well want to see COVID-19 attached to a discharge summary or a death certificate. Why? Because if it's a straightforward, garden-variety pneumonia that a person is admitted to the hospital for – if they're Medicare – typically, the diagnosis-related group lump sum payment would be $5,000. But if it's COVID-19 pneumonia, then it's $13,000, and if that COVID-19 pneumonia patient ends up on a ventilator, it goes up to $39,000." His statement has been fact-checked by several websites, including very Liberal ones, and has been verified to be true.
  • What other evil deeds do the Democrats have up their sleeves to betray America and crush real Patriots? They plan to abolish the Constitutionally required Electoral College. If they accomplish this, just two states – California and New York – will decide every presidential election in the future. We will never again see a Christian, a Conservative, or a Republican in the White House. In addition, California and New York already receive far more of the taxes paid by US citizens than any other states. If this obscenity occurs, they will suck even more of the other 48 states’ tax dollars into their Liberal programs and the criminal enrichment of their politicians.
  • Speaking of other states, Washington, DC, is 63 square miles of the most Liberal people on the planet. Our tiniest state, Rhode Island is 9,350 square miles – 148 times as large as DC. It has two Senators and one Congressman. The Democrats want to make the City of Washington, DC – which is smaller than San Antonio – a state with two Senators and a Congressman. Why? Almost everyone who lives there is a registered Democrat, Socialist, or Communist. Only 6.15% of all registered voters are Republicans.
  • Democrats also want to make Puerto Rico a state – although after four referendums it is clear that most Puerto Ricans do not want that status. Some – mostly Communists - want to break off from the US totally. The majority like things as they are, with Puerto Rico a Commonwealth of the US. Puerto Ricans may seem to have a pretty sweet deal. They don’t pay federal income taxes on anything they earn on the island, yet they still receive federal benefits such as Social Security and Medicare. Companies doing business there are exempt from most corporate taxes. They have US citizenship without many of the responsibilities and costs. They are protected by the US Military. But the Governor and top PR officials oppose statehood. And they have major problems. Crime is rampant on the Island, with most homes having barred windows. It is also largely a welfare state – only 1 million of the 2.5 million adults are employed. So why do the Democrats want to force statehood on Puerto Rico? There are two major political parties there: The New Progressive Party and the Popular Democratic Party, each of which has 47% of the registered voters. You can guess how their representatives to the Senate and House would vote.
  • The Democrats plan to add even more special rights for all the perversions: homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, and even child molesters. (They support NAMBLA, the North American Man/Boy Love Association, a pedophilia and pederasty advocacy organization.) They also believe taxpayers should pay for sex-change operations, including the billions of dollars of drugs that these deviants must take for life.
  • They want to abolish the police, ICE, and the Border Patrol. Biden claims he didn’t really say that he approved of abolishing police – just “shifting their funding” to other organizations. Democrats often refer to police as “terrorists and thugs.” They particularly despise ICE, whose job it is to execute court-ordered deportments of MS-13 gang members (you know, those misunderstood young men who hack up their victims with machetes to save bullets); rapists and child molesters; drug and sex-traffickers, and serial murderers.
  • You can understand why the Dems would want to keep these upstanding people in the US. It goes hand-in-hand with their goal to allow all illegals to stay in our nation, and to vote in our elections (as millions did in November). The Democrat theme song is, “We are the world; we are the children.” They believe that anyone and everyone should have the right to invade our borders and immediately sign up for welfare, food stamps, and free medical care. After all, these illegals should be rewarded, because the Democrats will then be able to rely on their votes.
  • “Well, surely the Supreme Court will put a stop to this nonsense.” Really? For the first time in decades, Trump appointed real Justices and we had a  Conservative majority Court – 5 to 4, not counting the turncoat Chief Justice. Yet they refused to hear most of the cases involving the massive voter fraud that took place in November. I know that their lives were threatened, but they have great security. And they took their jobs knowing they would have to make tough, unpopular decisions. But if the Democrats win the Senate this Tuesday, that will become a moot point. They will immediately change 150 years of Court history, and change the number of Justices from 9 to 13 or more in order to ensure far-left Liberal decisions for decades to come.
  • Of course, President Trump was being an “obstructionist” when he built the border wall to keep our nation safe. After all, a nation without borders is not a nation at all. Democrats believe that, as well – at least for Arab and Muslim nations. In addition to all the pork and giveaways for their political supporters that were jammed into the latest multi-trillion-dollar spending bill, there were billions of dollars for Middle East nations to build border walls. Democrats believe it is right and proper for them to protect their borders – at our expense. But it is “immoral” for America to protect its borders. Don’t jeer. Surely you can see the logic and the “moral equity” in that.
  • While we’re talking about the Middle East, for the first time in SEVENTY-FIVE YEARS under President Trump’s leadership we became free of dependence on oil from nations that hate us. Imagine being at war and having the nation’s oil supply cut off. But for any Democrats who might be reading this, if the Democrats take control of the Senate, within two years we will be back to begging the Arabs to lower the price of oil so we won’t have gas lines again.
  • Second Amendment? What Second Amendment? With these crazies in charge, even the cops who haven’t been replaced with social workers won’t be allowed to carry weapons. Expect to hear a knock on your door from your friendly government agent who is there to confiscate your legal weapons. (They may allow you to keep your pen knife.) As soon as the news media anointed Biden, gun and ammunition sales went through the roof. It’s almost impossible to buy one of the most important Precious Metals: Lead.
  • Speaking of Precious Metals, if you’ve been smart enough to protect your family (and your ability to eat if the dollar crashes) hide it well. You think the government can’t or won’t confiscate your Gold and Silver? Then you’re not reading history. Look up Executive Order 6102, under which the government confiscated all Gold from its citizens, except for jewelry and rare coins. If you didn’t turn your Gold in, you could be sent to federal prison for 10 years, be fined $10,000 ($260,000 in today’s inflated dollars), or both. For forty years after that, it was illegal for Americans to own Gold.
  • If you home-school your kids, start preparing them for the brain-washing institutions know as public schools. There they will learn that America is evil, that Socialism is a morally superior form of government, and that sex is wonderful as long as the boy swears that he loves you and he wears a condom. They teach other nifty stuff there, but the thought of any kid being sent there saddens me so much that I don’t want to talk about it anymore.
  • Finally, government-sponsored genocide will grow from 3,000 unborn citizens every day to unimaginable, horrific numbers. Planned Parenthood, the greatest mass-murder organization in history (they make Stalin and Hitler look like saints) will be 100% taxpayer-funded, as will abortions throughout the world. The Hyde Amendment, which barred the use of federal funds to pay for abortion will be repealed. I mentioned genocide. African-Americans comprise 13.6% of our population. Yet 44% of all abortions are performed on black women. If that’s not genocide, I don’t know what is. A whole generation of black people is being exterminated – by our own government.
So there you have it. I couldn’t cover all their malevolent plans to destroy our nation, but I think you get the picture. As I see it, at this late date, we still have options. They include…

A) Prayer. “Oh no! Don’t tell me it has come to that.” It has. Unfortunately, many Christians try everything else when faced with a problem, and then when all else fails, they pray. We have to 1) Pray; 2) intercede; 3) cry out to God to save our nation; and 4) Repeat 1, 2 & 3 until God gives us the victory.

B) If you live in Georgia, don’t let anything stop you from voting. If you know anyone in Georgia, call them and make sure they plan to vote on Tuesday.

C) If you know Democrats in Georgia, call them and tell them the facts in this article. Not all Democrats are as evil as their leaders. Pray first, and then call them and speak the truth in love. I believe there are enough Democrats in Georgia who have not been brain-washed and will listen to truth, to change this from a close election to a landslide for the Conservative Candidates.

I do not overstate the case when I say that the Georgia election is even more important than the presidential election. If the Democrats have control of both chambers of Congress, within two years you won’t recognize our beautiful country.

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