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Let's Face It - Americans Now Need A Country That Is Like...Well, America!

Or at least America when it proudly stood for Liberty.

November 16, 2020

Unfortunately, we cannot now make that unequivocal statement, because as of today we are looking at a bifurcated nation. A nation split numerically right down the middle. And ominously, that split is not just cosmetic, a mild difference of opinion - it is as deep and fundamental as is the difference between Communism and Freedom.


There are now two evenly divided Americas. The first is the Traditional America that was founded on the ideals of liberty and the rights of the individual over the state.


The twisted mirror opposite is the one that now infuses the National Socialist Democrat Party to denigrate and refute everything that has made America a beacon for liberty, freedom, and the dignity of every citizen for the past 245 years.


We are now engaged in a last-ditch struggle to determine if “this nation or any nation - so conceived and so dedicated can long endure.”


And for the benefits of any National Socialist whose Marxist indoctrination left them puzzled at those words, they were those of the first Republican President Abraham Lincoln who fought a war to end slavery. 

I give this brief explanation because I know that in the perverted world of the Democrat pantheon Lincoln is now considered a racist! (Folks I didn’t say it was logical - only that it was Democrat).


So - if a country that may be run by people who consider Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and basically every other human being who was not Stalin or Castro, an old racist white man, where do the 71 million - half the country - who voted for American Liberty go to retain their love of freedom and the rights we have fought and died to protect under the Constitution?


Well, the good news is that if you look at the electoral map and you separate the counties where the National Socialist Democrats prevailed from those where Americans held firm, you will be heartened to realize that those who believe in the American Dream continue to hold 90% of the landmass of our country. While the National Socialist Democrats are pretty much limited to the chaotic and mob-ruled urban areas.


So how about if we offer the National Socialist Democrats all the urban swamp to turn into the smoking ruin of their utopian ideal and we keep everything else.


Hey - they hate non-urban America which they sneer at as “fly-over country,” which is populated by us "deplorable's and chumps." So wouldn’t they be happy with this solution?


Well, sure, until they ran out of food, water, medicine, electricity, plumbing, and every other aspect of civilization that cannot be produced by looting and rioting. Then they would demand that working Americans came in to bail them out - like always. But what if we were no longer there?


What if we had taken them at their word and taken our skill and hard work to places not tyrannized, terrorized, bullied, and censored by corrosive National Socialism and left the radical Dems to fend for themselves. How long would they last in their form of government which produced nothing but hate, envy, and chaos.?


And suppose that we had our own country made up of people who love America and freedom. People who believe in hard work, family, self-reliance, and self-determination? How would that country fare?


Which would you rather live in? Yeah, me too.


So while I think the Dems would sorely miss the half of the country that works, protects, and makes life better for everyone, what would we miss about the Democrats? Looting? Arson? Rape? Murder? Assault? Robbery? Violence? Destruction? Screaming? Chanting? Closing down roads, stores, learning? Burning books, monuments, and people? Threats, intimidation, and censorship?


In fact, given a choice - would any sane and rational person choose to live in Democrat America over patriotic America?


Well, to be fair, certainly many young and sadly brainwashed basement-dwelling snowflakes would, as they’ve never been presented with the realities of life. After all, it’s hard to gain responsibility and adulthood when you’ve been coddled like a child your entire life.


And that’s fine. We believe in freedom of choice so I suspect we’d be more than happy to wish them well squatting among the ashes of the burnt-out ruins of Democrat America and experience the realities of life under the DNC Marxism they've been rioting to get.


Do I miss my guess or would they be storming the borders of Red State America within the first 6 months pleading to be let in? Sort of the same way that the bulk of the Third World and the inhabitants of totalitarian-controlled Communist countries do now.


So how about it? Wouldn’t the quickest way to show the Left what life is really like under Democrat National Socialism be for Republican Conservative Americans to withdraw from the Blue areas on the map and consolidate the Red areas (and we’ve got lots of elbow room to do it) both politically and socially. And leave the Democrat Socialists to wallow in their own hate-fueled chaos?


Hey - maybe they’ll love it. Or maybe not so much. But either way, we, those proud Americans who believe in Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, could continue to live in peace and freedom under a strong and inviolate American Constitution.


What do we have to lose?

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I live in San Diego County, which on your map is in 'red', which Biden won 61% to Trump's 37%. Someone must be color-blind. The rest of the races were overall 'blue'. (NOT a Biden nor Democratic supporter--a man without a party.)
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