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It's Not a Conspiracy Theory if It’s True

The China Virus has Helped Joe Biden

November 2, 2020

Is Joe Biden in bed with Communist China? I can almost hear the howls! “Conspiracy Theory Alert! Conspiracy Theory Alert!” But as we all know, it’s not a “Conspiracy Theory” if it’s true. Walk with me as we examine facts that are not in dispute. Then we will use the scientific method as we draw conclusions from those facts with which any reasonable person would agree. After that you can make your own decision about whether half of America is about to cast their vote to send a man who belongs in the “Big House” to the White House.

1) Concerning the deliberate development and spread of the China Virus…
FACT: The China Virus was developed in Wuhan China.
FACT: Wuhan is the location of China’s only Level Four Bio-Warfare lab.
FACT: The Chinese Communist Party (CNP) cut off all travel from Wuhan to anywhere in China, but allowed travel from Wuhan to all other parts of the world – especially the US.
FACT: The Chinese, aided by their close allay, the World Health Organization (WHO) deliberately lied to the world in November and December of 2019 when they said that there was zero chance of spreading the disease from human to human – people got it from bats or wild animals, they said.
FACT: Five million Chinese citizens from Wuhan traveled to the U.S. and other nations where the Virus first hit – before the CNP locked the city down. (See article link below.) Coincidence? Did they escape? Or were they sent? Can anyone say, “Super-Spreaders”?
CONCLUSION: The China Virus was deliberately developed in its Bio-Warfare lab in Wuhan. Then the CNP deliberately infected the United States, Europe, and other Asian nations with this engineered virus.

2) Concerning Joe Biden’s complicity in the spread of the Virus in America…
FACT: As soon as President Trump realized that the plague was being exported from Red China, he immediately cut off all travel between the U.S. and China.
FACT: Ex-Vice-President Joe Biden screamed that the President was “racist” to have enacted the travel ban.
FACT: Months later, when Trump was proved to have saved hundreds of thousands of lives with the China travel ban, Biden insisted that Trump should have done it sooner; he claimed that if he had been President, he would have cut off travel to and from China as soon as the first U.S. case developed.
FACT: Biden and the Democrat Party he leads have conspired to create extreme lockdowns in Democrat-controlled states. There is mounting evidence that, in addition to the economic devastation the policies cause, the lockdowns have caused many thousands of deaths through suicide, domestic abuse, and the inability of patients to get desperately needed medical care. And the main reason that any young people have died has been that they have been locked into homes where their grandparents were infected.
CONCLUSION: Joe lied about this entire affair on behalf of his masters in China. When he claimed that Trump’s actions were “racist,” he provided further evidence of his continued mental decline. Poor, befuddled Joe still doesn’t realize that the Chinese people are not a race. The Chinese people come from the same genetic stock as the Koreans and the Japanese. This has been proven using DNA samples from all three groups.
3) Concerning the reason for the development of the China Virus…
FACT: China has more citizens than it can handle; particularly more elderly people than it can support.
FACT: The CNP instituted its “One Child Policy” in which each family was only allowed to have one baby to control population growth. This has since been rescinded as China has been able to get rid of much of its elderly population.
FACT: As I mentioned in my article (see link below) at the onset of the China Virus outbreak, this particular Corona Virus was clearly engineered; it did not develop spontaneously in bats or wild animals and then infect humans as China and the World Health Organization have repeatedly claimed. It has been proven definitively that this was a lie.
FACT: Other Corona Viruses, including Influenza A and Influenza B (the two most common types of flu) are most dangerous to the very old and the very young. Tens of thousands of infants and toddlers die of the flu every year, along with tens of thousands of the elderly. But it was clear that this Corona Virus was engineered to specifically target the elderly, and not infect the very young. At one point, after hundreds of thousands had died of the China Virus worldwide, not one child had died. I wrote about this anomaly early in the year, because this pointed to the probability that the China Virus had been engineered for a specific population.
FACT: Today, little has changed regarding children. It is extremely rare for a child to be infected. In the few cases where people 20 and younger have been infected, the survival rate is 99.9997%. The very few who did die all had underlying medical conditions that made them more susceptible.
FACT: The vast majority of deaths have been among the very elderly. Again, almost all of them had “co-morbidities” – serious diseases that would probably have killed them in 2020 if the Communist Chinese had never attacked us with their Virus. Over 60% of the elderly who died were in nursing homes or hospice.
FACT: Although the fear mongers gleefully report any death of a “young person” (people under 55) to make sure everyone is properly frightened, the fact is that if you are under 55 and become infected, your chances of survival are 99.9%. Not as good as young people, but still pretty darned good. 
CONCLUSION: It’s not hard to put the facts together and conclude that unimaginable evil has been done. The Chinese Communist Party directed the creation of a virus that would target elderly people in order to eliminate people who could no longer work and contribute to their economy. Then they realized they could cause grave damage to their most hated enemy, America; so they sent their Virus to the U.S. The fact that it also served to help their lackey Joe Biden was a bonus. (More on this later.)
4) Concerning the reason Democrats Have Created Unnecessary Panic…
FACT: The Liberal News Media is on the same side as Biden-Harris and Communist China. 96% of the producers and editors who decide what news you are allowed to see and what they will censor are registered Democrats or Socialists. They have refused to report on two of the most important stories that voters have a right to know about before they vote – Biden being paid millions by the Chinese, and China helping Biden because they hate our President for beating them in trade negotiations.
FACT: No one is reporting on the 90,000 who have died of the flu or its complications; nor the fact that when all the data are properly analyzed the death rate from the China Virus will be about the same as for the seasonal flu.
FACT: The Democrats are using the Virus for political gain. For instance, the Democrat Teacher’s Union in California has refused to go back to work until their demands are met. These include abolishing the police, legalizing hard drugs, and releasing all inmates from prisons – none of which have any connection to the Virus or to keeping kids safe. It is simple blackmail.
FACT: Biden has no plan to stop the spread of the Virus – it’s too valuable to him. When pressed for details of his supposed “plan” he listed all the things the President has already done. His only new ideas were a national lockdown and a national requirement for everyone to wear masks – whenever they are allowed to leave their homes. The fact that there is no scientific study that proves that lockdowns do any good – and that the nations and states that didn’t institute lockdowns have fared much better than those that did – he continues to insist that keeping Americans under virtual house arrest is the only way to go.
FACT: Biden proudly proclaims that he “knows how to deal with a pandemic.” Obama put Biden in charge of the H1N1 (Swine Flu) Virus effort. He failed miserably. Even his own Chief of Staff has recently stated, “He did everything wrong. It’s only pure luck that millions didn’t die.” Biden started with fear-mongering. It took Obama and half the Cabinet to do damage control and walk back Biden’s hasty and uninformed statements. Under Biden’s leadership, in just one year 60 Million Americans were infected (almost 20% of our population). Thankfully, only 12,469 died. But if the Swine flu had had the same death rate as the China Virus, 1.5 Million would have died. I don’t think Biden should be bragging about that. Under Biden’s “leadership” 650% more Americans were infected with the Swine Flu than those who have been infected with the China Virus under Trump’s leadership.
FACT: The Harris-Biden campaign is creating and using fear and panic to control Americans and convince them to vote Democrat. To do so they have made completely ridiculous claims. For instance, in the last debate Biden lied about the spread of the Virus and the people that he says will die. (See link below to my article “Joe Biden Put a Curse on America”.) He tried to take hope away from the people by predicting “A Dark Winter...a Dark Winter” in the most somber tones. Then he claimed that 200,000 more people would die of the China Virus in the next two months – almost as many as have died in the first ten months of this year.
FACT: His most asinine statement – and he has made dozens of really stupid statements - is that President Trump personally caused the deaths of 200,000 Americans. He gives the President no credit for the huge effort he put into working with industry to produce massive quantities of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and tens of thousands of ventilators, nor the fact that he has bullied the FDA into fast-tracking Virus therapeutics and a potential vaccine. Instead, Biden calls Trump a murderer! Not once has he put the blame where it belongs - on his buddies, the Communist Chinese. That would endanger his millions in payoffs from them. He must believe the Chinese fiction that the U.S. created the Virus and had the CIA smuggle it into their BioWarfare laboratory. If so, he is either a fool, or he has really lost the last of his marbles.
CONCLUSION: If the Chinese had attacked us with the Virus a year ago, it would have created no more fear than the common flu. (See my article “Three Urgent Questions for America,” linked below.) In an average year 30 Million people get the flu in the U.S. In the worst years over 100,000 have died. But the media never talks about that. The only reason the Democrats have created unreasonable and unwarranted panic is that this is an election year. And the only reason China chose to release it now is the same; this is an election year, and they wanted to help their boy Joe.
It is ironic that Biden accuses Trump of being an agent for the Russians, when Trump has been tougher on Russia than any president since Reagan. At the same time, recent hard evidence has come to light that Biden and his family received payoffs of tens of millions of dollars from China and other enemies of the U.S. to buy his influence when he was Vice-President. They got their money’s worth. Biden has been a constant champion of China. He claims they are not in any way a threat to the United States. Instead, he says they are “trusted trading partners.”

It turns out that the FBI has had his son Hunter’s laptop for a year, and has been conducting a “criminal investigation” based on the laptop’s contents and other documentary evidence. The Bidens’ former business partner, Tony Bobulinski, has revealed hundreds of documents that have been verified as accurate by a Senate Committee. (See video link of his news conference below.) As a Navy veteran and a successful businessman he had no desire to get mixed up in this scandal. As a Democrat, he didn’t want to hurt his party. But as a man of honor, he couldn’t stand to watch Biden lie over and over when he said, “I knew nothing about my son’s foreign business dealings.”

Bobulinski produced documents and emails that prove that not only did Joe Biden know about the illegal deals; he met with some of the conspirators. But the most damning evidence that Joe Biden betrayed his nation is that he refuses to deny the evidence. If he was innocent, all he’d have to do is say that the documents were false. But since he won’t deny their veracity, the only conclusion is that they are real. I believe Biden knows that if he’s not elected, he will have to answer federal charges. If he denied that the evidence against him is valid, he would add further perjury to his list of crimes.

What’s in it for the Chinese? Why have they given Biden and the Democrats the gift of a Virus that he can use against Trump? Two things…

First, it will look bad for China if it becomes known that they bribed a sitting Vice-President of the United States. The nation has a well-deserved reputation for lying, cheating, stealing intellectual property, and breaking treaties. They are currently accumulating tons of Gold with which to back their currency. If they succeed, the Chinese Yuan would replace the U.S. Dollar (which is backed by nothing, like the money of all other nations) as the World Reserve Currency. They are trying to gain credibility for this effort, and a scandal like this would hurt them. But if they help Biden become President, there will be no investigation – and thus, no scandal.

Second, having Joe Biden lobbying for them (and misleading our government about them) was valuable to them when he was the Vice-President. Imagine how much more he could do for them as President. Of course, he can never get out from under their control. They have so much dirt on him that no amount of support from the Liberal media could scrub it off.

As I write this, we are days away from possibly electing a Manchurian candidate who wants to see America fail so it will be willing to give up its sovereignty and become part of a one world government. Our other choice is to re-elect a man who has never received a penny for his government service; a man who owes allegiance to no one; and a man who is a true Patriot who loves America with all his heart.

Apart from economic matters, on the one hand we have a man who has been denied Communion by the Catholic Church for the crime (under Church Canon law) of using his position of influence to promote a Pro-Death agenda. Trump is the most Pro-Life president in the last 50 years – including two presidents who were elected as evangelical Christians.

In Biden we have a man who supports every type of perversion represented in the long list of letters LGBTTQQIAAP (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, ally, pansexual). Yes, Trump has been divorced. But I believe I have seen him mature in his faith under the pressures of the Presidency. He is 100% pro-traditional family.

Biden is furious that we finally have a majority Conservative Supreme Court. He wants to change the 150 year system of nine Justices on the Court to thirteen or more so he can appoint Liberal Justices who will use their power to create, rather than interpret, the law. In Biden we see a man so weak that he has been co-opted by a freshman Representative – the bartender from Brooklyn – and three of her radical friends: two Muslims and a radical Socialist from Massachusetts. He supports their “Green New Deal” which would do away with all US oil production and make us dependent again on Arab oil. We would become a Socialist nation in which the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution would be gradually eroded. Freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, freedom of speech – forget about them. And if you own a gun, you go straight to jail. The Second Amendment will be gone.

Trump hates Socialism, as do I, and as most Americans who bother learning about it do, as well. Trump has worked very hard to make the U.S. energy independent for the first time in decades. He doesn’t believe the Constitution is a “living document” that is subject to change by any whim of the time. That’s why he has appointed three Constitutionalists, who have pledged their lives to protecting and preserving the Constitution.

By far the worst thing about electing Biden would be the fact that there would never again be a Christian, Conservative, or Republican in the White House. The Democrats are determined to do away with the one thing that protects America from becoming a dictatorship – the Electoral College. If they succeed, just two states will decide every election – California and New York. Every president from now on would be a Democrat or a Socialist. They could even put an out and out Communist in the Oval office. They would have that power.

This election could be close. I haven’t brought these things up to convince you to vote for Trump. I do implore you to Vote the Bible. (See the link to the article by that name below.) As Christians we don’t have the luxury of voting for which person or party we like, or which one we believe would benefit us most financially. As Christians we must vote for righteousness.

The choice is clear. The Democrat platform and the laws they support say it all. They are Pro-Death, Pro-Homosexual “marriage” and Anti-Religious freedom. The Republicans are far from perfect, but they are definitely Pro-Life, Pro-Family (as defined by the Bible) and Pro-Freedom of religion.
Vote the Bible. Vote for Righteousness. Nothing else is important.


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