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The Democrat Party: The Party of Death

October 26, 2020

The Democrat Party is the Party of Death from conception to the grave and at many points in between.

Democrats fail to believe that life begins at conception. So they choose death in the womb, complicit in killing over 61,000,000 since 1973. And although the fetus often has a beating heart many Democrat mothers still prefer the death of it.   
And further along, if the baby is born in a botched abortion, with the baby separated from the mother, the Democrat Party platform supports killing the baby.
Still further along with a baby born in a natural way the Governor of Virginia in a videotape asserts that parents should have the choice of whether the baby should live. Unsurprisingly the Democrat Party of Death supports the Governor.
Democrats profess to worry about deaths during our pandemic. But their behavior shows otherwise. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, ignoring common sense, foolishly moved COVID-19 infected patients to join the most vulnerable in nursing homes, killing many. He has never acknowledged his mistake.
Democrats insist on continued lockdowns everywhere simply for purposes of obtaining power. An increase in suicides and fatal drug overdoses has followed, continuing an already bad situation. And with their open border policy, if successful in November, many more drug dealers would have free rein here in purveying their pills of death.  
The fact of looting and killing today in cities such as Portland, Seattle, New York City, Minneapolis, St Louis, Baltimore, Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, and many more run by Democrat mayors for many years speaks for itself. They vividly show their true colors throughout America with the violence and death of people and police in the cities they run. Yet incomprehensively Democrat mayors in some of these cities have decided to defund the police. Some have also opened prison doors to allow prisoners to avoid COVID-19, and New York allows criminals to make bail the same day. Many of these released criminals kill others later on. Democrats regularly and uncaringly trade death for the power they wish to obtain. In a recent Fox TV panel, host Harris Faulkner asked Democrat Marie Harp to list one Republican-led city where there is violence and death. She could not. The Republican Party is the Party of Life.
The Democrat Party also prefers that citizens die rather than allowing them to defend themselves. Witness the recent case of the St. Louis couple defending themselves from an out of control mob smashing down an entry gate and descending on their home. Their guns were confiscated by the local Democrat-led government. Democrats' modus operandi: confiscate all guns, allowing everyone to be at the mercy of mobs - with a totalitarian government to follow. Democrats with their captive media megaphone also support Antifa who is working to overthrow our government. They view death as a tool.
Democrat Governors too are culpable. In California, Illinois, and New York killings happen day by day, week by week, and year by year, and yet these Governors do nothing. They could simply call out their National Guard and clean up these cities, street by street if necessary. I am certain if their relatives were living in dangerous areas they would do something. But of course, all of them live in protected gated communities while still hypocritically expecting protection by the police they deplore. President Obama for eight years did nothing to help his fellow Blacks in his hometown of Chicago where Blacks in the main were and are still are killing each other. Eighty-one people were killed there just in September.  
President Obama clearly showed how little he cares about the lives of all Americans with his methodical reduction of the military budget. Contrariwise, President Trump has worked hard to obtain funding for it while simultaneously reforming the Veterans Administration. Veterans there earlier had died while waiting for care under President Obama.
President Obama also moved to reduce the military’s effectiveness. A Navy Lieutenant Commander friend of mine who had worked in the Pentagon and whose father was in the Navy reveals that Obama while President forced early retirement of Generals and Admirals on down in all branches of the military who did not share his liberal views. This made us weaker throughout the world.
At the end of life, Democrats bookend their beliefs by passing laws supporting assisted suicide. They passed them making euthanasia legal in California, Colorado, Washington DC, Hawaii, Montana, Maine, New Jersey, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington. They apparently ignore that God created all lives and with these laws they are insulting Him by providing human assistance in destroying them.  
The future will only be bright if Democrats are defeated in the presidential and other elections in large numbers on November 3rd as the Democrat Party of Death has one goal: The Death of America.

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But his passion has always been politics.  As a child, he hung bell-shaped door hangers on doors in McDade for Eisenhower in 1956. And since 1972 he has worked on campaigns of every type, attending 22 Republican state conventions, usually as a delegate. At the same time, he continually studied presidential politics. He ran for President in 2008 and 2012 placing seventh and tenth in the Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire Primary. Details of the races can be seen at http://www.voteforvern.com  His current long term project is the development of a Republican Farm Team. Anyone considering running as a Republican at any point in the future for any race should begin early, develop name identification and develop relationships with funders before they decide to run.  
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