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2020 and the China Virus Have Been a Dream Come True for Democrats

The 12 Democrat Agenda Items that Can Destroy America

October 19, 2020

These are the things the Democrat leadership asks for when they pray to their false god of secular humanism:

  1. A docile, sheep-like populace that will obey the government without question.
  2. Suppression of Christianity, which is the greatest threat to their Socialist dreams.
  3. Takeover of the entire health care system.
  4. Preventing Americans from assembling and planning ways to protect our nation.
  5. Censorship of patriotic speech using the media and social media platforms they control.
  6. Population control via unlimited, taxpayer-funded abortions.
  7. Easier ways for them to commit election fraud.
  8. Forcing the United States into a one-world government.
  9. Eliminating or totally perverting our Constitution.
  10. New ways to intimidate and cause fear that will make people accept their dictatorship.
  11. Eliminating Trump (preferably by death) for the crime of beating Hillary.
  12. Government control of all aspects of American life.
ONE: Masks are just one way to exercise control over the populace. No proper scientific study has proven that they work, yet people are shamed if they don’t wear them. The "experts" use weasel words, such as saying that masks "can" or "may" slow the spread of the Virus. Scientists say that "studies hint at" a benefit of masks. But the "studies" (as one infectious disease specialist noted) have been done in labs, or worse, are anecdotal. There have been no studies that real scientists always require before determining the validity of a theory - studies that are large, randomized, double-blind and placebo-controlled. Democrats have been so effective in pushing their panic porn that we see people wearing masks while driving cars! One Democrat doctor has suggested that we should wear masks during sex. (I guess they don’t realize that decent Americans only have sex with their spouses. If you are promiscuous – which this doctor seems to assume – then you might need a mask.) During the 1918 Spanish flu everyone wore masks – yet tens of millions died. A national mask mandate, which Biden said he will order, creates more fear, but it also lets the government know who they can control, so they can attack those who cherish freedom. I'm not suggesting that if you are fearful or have underlying health conditions you should not wear a mask. But please allow thinking adults to analyze the very real risks that come with wearing masks, and decide for themselves if masks are appropriate for them. (See my article, "Unmasking the Truth About Masks.")

TWO: The Democrat Party bosses (NOT all rank and file Democrats) HATE Christianity almost as much as they hate our President. For decades they have working diligently to suppress religious freedom for Christians, while forcing our children to learn the Koran and pushing for special rights for Islamists. Shockingly, in many areas of America, Muslim courts are allowed to take the place of legal courts. Why? Islam promotes total obedience to the elite. Christianity preaches the Biblical values of freedom and liberty, concepts that are antithetical to the Democrat dream of complete control of America.

THREE: What Democrats call “Health Care” has nothing to do with health or care. It is insurance. After convincing people that the two are synonymous (how can you see a doctor without insurance?) their plan is to have universal health insurance – completely controlled by them, of course. That’s 16% of the entire GDP of the U.S. For hundreds of years, before health insurance became popular, people paid doctors like they paid anyone else – out of their pockets. Health care was cheap, and doctors were paid the same as schoolteachers. Now, due to health insurance, all doctors become millionaires and health care inflation is off the charts. Over a five year period from 2012 to 2016 medical inflation was 16% - TRIPLE the general inflation rate. (See my article, "Health Insurance is not Health Care.")

FOUR: Before the Democrats partnered with China to bring America to its knees, they could only dream of preventing Americans to exercise their constitutional right to assemble peacefully. The China Virus has given them an excuse to prevent Christians from going to church, and to prevent Republicans from attending political rallies. If you watch what’s happening, it is the Democrat-controlled cities and states where the most egregious violations of freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, and freedom of speech are taking place. Sure, we can “meet” online. But these Socialists know – just as our Founding Fathers knew – that gathering in person is a powerful need of free people. The Bible says specifically that believers should “not forsake assembling together.” So naturally the Dems rejoice when they can keep us isolated and apart from one another. (See my article, "Three Urgent Questions for America."

FIVE: Censorship of any kind is the beginning of the death of freedom. Since Democrats hate freedom (except for themselves) they love censorship. If you watch Fox News, have you ever wondered why they cover events that you never see on the Liberal-controlled media? (Fox shows actual video of riots, arson, and killing of police; “reporting” on the same event in the same city, the mainstream media shows video taken BEFORE the calls to riot, and call it a “peaceful protest.”) Now we have the traitors who head Facebook and Twitter censoring the President of the United States, and shutting down the account of the fourth largest newspaper in the U.S. (See my article, "The Truth About Black Lives Matter".) SIDEBAR: Conservatives need to set up their own social media platform that doesn’t censor anyone. And we need to do it fast. It’s hard to believe, but these huge social media companies – all run by Democrats – can actually steal an election.

SIX: Planned Parenthood was started by a truly evil woman named Margaret Sanger who believed in “eugenics.” This is the systematic elimination of “inferior” races. She believed black people were “weeds” that needed to be eliminated. (See my article “Hillary Admires the Woman Who Vowed to Exterminate “Inferior People.”) This is why most of Planned Parenthood’s abortion mills were placed in black neighborhoods. And it is why the Democrats push millions of dollars every year into their coffers, making PP one of the wealthiest medical companies in the nation. Democrats claim to be the party of “people of color.” Yet they fought against freeing slaves. (Abraham Lincoln was a Republican.) They were the authors and enforces of the discriminatory “Jim Crow” laws. Their party (and particularly Joe Biden) fought hard against integration. One of their most revered leaders, Senator Robert Byrd, was a member of the KKK. Wikipedia documents these facts: “He was a recruiter for the Klan…rising to the titles of Kleagle and Exalted Cyclops.” (Biden gave him a heartfelt eulogy when he finally died.)

SEVEN: Why do Democrats require photo ID to enter their conventions, but call it “racist” to ask people to prove their identity when they vote? They are the racists when they insist that black people and Hispanics aren’t smart enough to get in ID card. If you don’t have a driver’s license, most states will issue a free state ID. Why is the great majority of voter fraud committed in Democrat states that legislate against free, fair and verifiable elections? (See my article, “Mail-In Ballot Fraud: The Only Way Trump Can Lose.”) Democrats are famous for registering dead people and dogs to vote for their candidates, paying homeless people with booze to vote for Obama, and hiring Black Panther thugs to intimidate elderly people at the polls. Now we have millions of mail-in ballots floating around – more than the number of voters in many Democrat states. Remember three things: First, mail-in voting, with no way of verifying who sent the ballot, is NOT the same as Absentee Voting, which has numerous safeguards against fraud. Second, Democrats in the Swamp always vote against any initiative designed to make voting safer and more honest. Third, of the tens of thousands of verified cases of voter fraud, almost all were perpetrated by Democrats.

EIGHT: Most of the top leaders of the Democrat Party are notorious Globalists – both those in public office, and the shadowy figures that finance them. What is a globalist? In one word, a traitor. Globalists work to establish a One-World Government which they will control. (This is the government that the Anti-Christ will use to control the world.) Obama was just the latest example of the many Globalists who have pushed the United States to give up its sovereignty to an international body. Great Britain got a taste of this with the European Union. When they finally woke up and realized that a small group of elites in Brussels were passing 83% of the laws that governed the British Isles, they passed Brexit and took back their sovereignty. Obama threatened to stop all trade deals with them if they left the EU. But people the world over yearn to be free, and Great Britain fought back against tremendous pressure to regain its sovereignty. Let’s not go through what they did. Biden is still Obama’s lapdog. He will work to make Obama’s treasonous dream of America surrendering its sovereignty a reality. The main thing to remember about Globalists is that their main weapon is fear. If they can create fear and panic about wars or - recently - the China Virus, they can convince people that only a global government can save them. (See my article, "Liberal Says Media is Pushing Panic Porn.") Fortunately, Christians do not have to live in fear if the trust in the Lord.

NINE: Democrats hate the Constitution. It limits them from satisfying their lust for power. (See my article, “The Last Democrat.”) They hate the fact that it was written by Godly men who followed Biblical principles. They hate the provisions of the Constitution that keep power in the hands of the people instead of their own. They call it “old-fashioned” and “anachronistic.” They say it is a “living document” that should change as society changes. Really? What if society decides that murder and rape are acceptable? Should the Constitution be changed to accommodate such a travesty? No, the founding Fathers were far wiser than the Socialist Democrats who want to remake the United States in the mold of the Socialist European states. When you vote for a Democrat, you cast a vote for the perversion, and eventually the total elimination of the most successful Constitution the world has ever seen. When you vote for a Democrat presidential candidate, you vote for putting Socialists like Justice Ginsberg on the Supreme Court. She is responsible for the deaths of millions of unborn citizens in their mothers’ wombs. As far as protecting the Constitution, Ginsberg told Egyptians when she visited Cairo, "I would not look to the U.S. Constitution if I were drafting a constitution in the year 2012…I might look at the constitution of South Africa.” That’s the kind of traitor Biden would nominate. Thank God for the three nominations Trump has made to the Court.

TEN: Democrats have welcomed and even celebrated the China Virus, because it gave them new tools with which to intimidate, frighten and control U.S. citizens. We have the right to live our lives peaceably without being in fear of our own government. Yet millions of honest, hard-working Americans will tell you they are afraid of the power of government. Trump has cut government power and regulations in the last 3 ½ years, and cut taxes so they we had the freedom to use our own money as we wished. Biden has promised to RAISE taxes by $4 Trillion if he is elected, and has said that he will reinstate all the terrible federal regulations Trump eliminated. Ronald Reagan said, “Government is not the solution; government is the problem.” Biden would violently disagree. He has promised to lock the entire nation down if “his” scientists tell him to. Biden = Police State. Trump = Freedom and Liberty. (See my article, "The Operation was Successful, but the Patient Died.")

ELEVEN: Democrats have lied repeatedly when they say that Trump refuses to pledge a peaceable transition if he is not re-elected. Yet no news outlet except Fox has challenged this lie. He has said clearly and often that if he is beaten in a free and fair election, he will go live in a much nicer place than the White House. What they demand of him is that he pledges NOT to do what Al Gore did when he lost to George W. Bush – keep the nation in turmoil by suing to overturn a fair election. (See my article, “The Beginning: An Eyewitness Account of Al Gore's Attempt to Overturn the Florida Election.”) Hillary has publicly ordered Biden not to concede under any circumstance – even in the face of a land slide for Trump. But they expect Trump to concede immediately if things look bad. The difference is that Trump, unlike Biden, had a life before politics. He didn’t need to be president. He lived better, had less stress and had more money before he was elected. He is the only president in history whose net worth has decreased as a result of serving the people. On the other hand, Biden needs to be president. He literally lusts for the power he imagines he will have. He has been running for the office for 47 years. If he’s not in power, he will have nothing. The Swamp is his life. The Democrats and the Globalists hate Trump because they can’t control him. He owes nothing to anyone except to keep his oath to preserve and protect the nation that Biden would do his best to destroy.

TWELVE: It all comes down to power – raw, unadulterated, unfettered power. Everything in this article demonstrates the one thing the Democrats must have to justify their pitiful existence – power and control over the people. Yes, they love the money they steal from us. And they revel in their mansions and private jets. But more than anything else, they need POWER AND CONTROL. Without control, they are exposed as the cowardly bullies they have always been. So Democrat governors put their citizens on house arrest, killing more people by suicide, depression and domestic abuse than the China Virus. They threaten even more draconian lockdowns when patriots protest their unjust incarceration. (See "Expert Says Lockdowns are Killing More Americans than the China Virus.") Yet they allow (and “stand in solidarity with”) violent rioters, murderers, rapists and arsonists. And they never ask these “peaceful protestors” to social distance or wear masks. They arrest Christians and Jews for attending religious services. Yet they allow prostitutes, pot shops and bars to ply their trades without interruption. Apparently they are “essential workers.”

The Democrats are all about control. The Constitution is all about freedom. It gives certain “Enumerated Powers” (specific responsibilities) to each branch of the government. Then it says that ALL other powers are reserved unto the states and to the people. Under the US Constitution and State Constitutions, the president or governor has “emergency powers” to be used only when the legislature cannot act, and only for short periods of time. Yet Governor Whitmer of Michigan (who Bided seriously considered to be his running mate) has repeatedly abused her power. When the State Legislature said, “Enough! We are taking over now, as the Constitution requires,” she ignored them. She didn’t even answer; she just continued to play the dictator.

That is what the United States will look like if Biden is elected (particularly with the loathsome Kamala calling the shots). Separation of powers? Forget about it. The will of the people? Why do we need that when we have a dictator who knows what the people need more than they do? Checks and balances by Congress. The Democrats will make Congress a toothless tiger. The White House (under the direction of George Soros and the other billionaires who own Harris and Biden) will make all the laws.

Which America will you choose? Deuteronomy 30:19 reads, "Today I have given you the choice between life and death, between blessings and curses. Now I call on heaven and earth to witness the choice you make. Therefore, choose life, so that you and your children might live!"

That verse was written to God’s people imploring them to choose righteousness so that they might live. This was, of course, in a spiritual context. But it also lays out the choice in an earthy context that we face on November 3rd. If our nation chooses the Democrats, it chooses to be cursed – not by God, but by our own folly. If we choose to re-elect the only president in recent memory who has really loved our nation, we will be blessed. How can we know this? Because Trump’s work on our behalf has already blessed America immensely. And he will continue that great work.

May God bless the United States of America. And may God bless President Trump.

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Minister of Tru
These 12 points about the Marxist/Socialist Democratic Party should be required reading for all high school and college/university students. It would be great if President Trump would use some or most or most of these for his debate tomorrow night with the corrupt, pathetic empty suit former VP Joe Biden. It boggles the mind that anyone would even consider voting for a Harris/Biden ticket for the 2020 election. Leftism/Liberalism is truly a mental disorder. America is at a crossroad for the values, liberty, freedom, and prosperity we all know and cherish... a Democratic victory would severely damage and undo most, if not all, those blessings... Health, Joy, Peace and Blessings America!
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