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The Big Lie Justice Ginsburg’s Granddaughter told America

Why Have the Liberal Media and Democrats Repeated a Lie Without Fact Checking It?

September 21, 2020

PBS, as it so often does, is reporting a Big Lie as fact. They have taken an unsupported, uncorroborated statement by Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s granddaughter as truth, when there is no way to verify it. This is irresponsible journalism at its worst.

Clara Spera, Ginsburg's granddaughter and a fellow at the American Civil Liberties Union, told Politico that her grandmother supposedly made this remark shortly before her death Friday evening: “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.”

In contrast, PBS has repeatedly reported that the supposed “dying wish” was made several days prior to Ginsburg’s death. That would imply that she had thought about the statement long enough before she died to consider it carefully – which her granddaughter now says was not the case. If she did make any statement regarding politics just hours before her death, it would be emotional and not something that she had carefully considered.

Aside from all the discrepancies about when and how Ginsburg supposedly dictated her wishes, one reason I believe this statement was never made is that that is not how normal people act when they are dying. I have been a pastor for 45 years, and have been present at the deaths of many people. They share their last precious moments telling their loved ones how much they care for them. They share wisdom with their offspring that they hope will be taken to heart. But not once have I heard anyone waste their last moments on politics – particularly hateful politics, given her repeated attacks on Trump over the years. You will remember that Ginsburg had to apologize for breaking the Judicial Canon of Ethics by publicly attacking then President-Elect Trump.

The moment I heard about the supposed death-bed statement, I knew that Clara Spera had made the whole thing up. In simple words, she lied in order to capitalize on her grandmother’s death for political reasons. I realize that no one can know another’s heart and determine her true motivations. But juries are asked to determine truth and motivation every day. That’s how they decide whether a murder that has been confessed to is second-degree murder or first degree. They look at motivation. If the murder was carefully planned and executed, it was first-degree murder and deserves a much harsher sentence. If the murder was done in a moment of passion, and “without malice aforethought,” the jury will rule it second-degree murder.

So let’s pretend this is a court case, and you, my faithful readers, are the jury. I will be the prosecutor, and I will lay out facts and numerous red flags that should have made PBS and all the other media outlets examine Spera’s statement much more critically. Had they done so, we would not have the spectacle of dozens of Democrat mouthpieces, less than 24 hours after her death, repeating a Big Lie that was never spoken by Ginsburg as fact – and accusing our President of denying Ginsburg’s piteous dying wish.

First, Justice Ginsburg was a lawyer. If she had actually made such a ridiculous statement, she would have documented it – not “dictated” it to her ACLU-brainwashed granddaughter. She would have either had it written out and signed it, or had her granddaughter video her statement on her phone. No one can convince me that Clara Spera, a Millennial, did not have her cell phone with her at all times. As the father of a Millennial, I can say without fear of contradiction that these young people would rather walk down the street naked than not have their cell phones with them.

Second, the supposed statement was ridiculous. No Supreme Court Justice has ever had enough disrespect for the Court and the Constitution as to presume to influence the choice of his or her successor. Justice Ginsburg loved the Court – it was her life. Friends who knew her well say she would never try to manipulate the Court, the Executive Branch, or the Senate by making an emotional “deathbed appeal” regarding her replacement. She was much too dignified a woman to stoop so low. Apparently her granddaughter did not inherit Ginsburg’s sense of decency and propriety.

Third, if she felt so strongly about having another Liberal replace her, she could quite easily have accomplished that by simply resigning when Obama was president. We saw the type of Justices Obama appointed – the kind who could be relied upon to do the same as Ginsburg did; vote on every issue from the most Liberal stance. As the leader of the Liberal wing of the Court, there was never any question on how Justice Ginsburg would vote. So for her granddaughter to create the Big Lie and say that she suddenly felt so strongly about her replacement that it would be her “most fervent wish” that she not be replaced “until a new president is installed” is ludicrous.

Forth, Justice Ginsburg was very precise in all her opinions. She chose her words very carefully so that there could not be different interpretations of them. Her granddaughter, although she is also a lawyer, has not yet learned that lesson. In her fictional account of Ginsburg’s “dying wish” she puts these words in her grandmother’s mouth: “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.”

Most people have taken those words to mean that she did not want Trump to appoint her replacement. That would fit with one interpretation of her words. But consider this. Trump is the president, and in the very likely event that he is re-elected, he would not be a “new president.” We would have to wait another four years for that. If Ginsburg had made any dying declaration, she would have been much more precise: “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until after the next election,” or “…until the inauguration of the winner of the election.” I’m sure that at this point Clara Spera wishes she had been a more skillful liar.

Fifth, when considering the veracity of any uncorroborated statement, one must consider the motivation of the relator. Spera graduated from the most liberal law school on the planet, Harvard. Law School professors describe Harvard Law as “the last bastion of American Liberalism.” (They think that’s a good thing, so they brag about it.) A recent article in The Economist called Harvard Law “the command center of American liberalism.” If there are any Conservative professors left alive there, they keep their heads low and their mouths shut. Leftist students are applauded when making a statement in class; Conservatives students are booed and ridiculed – with the blessing of their professors.

So it should come as no surprise that after years of that kind of indoctrination Spera would think it not only acceptable, but an imperative to manufacture the Big Lie about her grandmother’s “fervent” dying wish. Spera works for the “Equal Justice Works Freedom Project,” an organization that advocates for abortion on demand, regardless of the reason. To them, any expectant mother should be allowed to kill her baby at any time – even after it is born. (They call this “post-birth abortion.” It is very real – and extremely horrible.) They believe that abortion is “health care,” and that if a woman doesn’t use birth control, her child should be given the death sentence for her crime of laziness.

Finally, she is a Fellow at the ACLU – American Civil Liberties Union. That is a pretty name for a disgusting organization. On virtually every issue, the ACLU takes the anti-Christian, anti-Bible, and anti–constitutional side. If the ACLU, by some horrible twist of fate took charge of America, it would not be long before churches would be outlawed, pedophiles would be celebrated, and we would be more Marxist than China or Russia.

This is the background, indoctrination, and brainwashing of the girl that we are supposed to rely on for a factual accounting of her grandmother’s last words.To sum up the red flags and discrepancies that should have made PBS and all the other Liberal news outlets at least question Clara Spera’s Big Lie:

1) No one can corroborate her story. Surely some of Ginsburg’s children and other grandchildren were present in her final hours.

2) Ginsburg had too much respect for the Supreme Court to try and manipulate its makeup using an emotional deathbed stunt such as her granddaughter concocted.

3) If Ginsburg had really felt that strongly about her replacement, she would have resigned when Obama was president and let him replace her.

4) Ginsburg, a meticulous, careful lawyer, would have documented her “dying wish” either in writing or on video if there had been an iota of truth in it.

5) The granddaughter who fabricated this lie had every reason to lie. Her entire world view has been shaped by the most Liberal, Socialist, Marxist views, which hold that it is fine to lie for a good purpose.

6) Either Clara Spera is an out and out liar who is willing to tarnish her grandmother’s legacy with this outrageous fiction, or she has serious emotional problems. Or perhaps, as an unknown on the political stage, she is using her grandmother’s death to get attention for herself.

Worse than Spera’s fabricated, unbelievable fiction is the willingness for the Liberal news media to uncritically accept her Big Lie with no attempt at corroboration or verification. This only happens when the editors, publishers and producers want to believe a lie so badly that they ignore all journalistic standards and their responsibility to report only truth to their audiences. This Big Lie has been repeated hundreds of times in the last 24 hours. If Spera is proven to have lied, the Liberals will never report it. And millions of Americans, as has happened so many times in the past, will go to their graves believing yet another Big Lie.

As I close, I promise that if Spera produces a videotape of her grandmother making the statement she claims that the Justice made, I will apologize to her. If such documentation exists, I challenge her to produce it. However, if she magically produces other family members or Liberal friends to corroborate her story, I will discount that. If others had been there when she concocted the Big Lie, she would have stated that from the beginning.

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