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Mail-In Ballot Fraud: The Only Way Trump Can Lose

Don't Worry About the Polls - Work to Save the Nation from Dem Voter Fraud

September 14, 2020

Imagine this horror scenario. Democrat governors have illegally mailed millions of mail-in ballots, supposedly to the homes of registered voters. But, as we learn anew every election cycle, many of those voters have moved, died, or are no longer eligible to vote for various reasons. Every time election officials try to do their lawful duty and purge the voter rolls of these people so that only properly registered voters vote in our elections, the Democrats scream “voter suppression” and file lawsuits to prevent the voter rolls from being properly maintained. Why? The Democrats depend on these votes (usually referred to as “dead voter” votes) to win elections. Dead voters have voted in every election for many decades.

Gang members hired by Democrat “Community Organizers” go from house to house stealing the ballots from the mailboxes in poor neighborhoods. The people whose ballots are stolen are afraid to say anything to the thugs, or to call the police. In most cases two ballots are sent to every home, although there may only be one registered voter at the address. Since the poor are less likely to vote, the gangsters would have no problem buying any ballots they were unable to steal for $5 or $10 – all paid for by George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and rich liberals who donate to groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

The ballots are then taken to an office where dozens of volunteers complete them using either the names of the people to whom they were sent, or names taken from tombstones. Shockingly, all the ballots thus obtained choose Joe Biden and his radical Leftists running mate, Kamala Harris, as their presidential preference. The fake ballots are then mailed from various locations so as not to be too obvious. It might look strange if a large truck pulled up to election headquarters and delivered tens of thousands of Democrat-only ballots.

Do you think it can’t happen? It happens in every election. To my knowledge there has never been a documented instance of a Republican or Libertarian being involved in voter fraud. That’s just not our way. But there have been thousands of Democrats and Socialists who have committed voter fraud, and thankfully some have gone to prison for it. Unfortunately, most of the voter fraud and dead voting occurs in Democrat states where officials refuse to prosecute these cases. The most glaring example of this is Illinois, and particularly Chicago. Democrats there brag about how many illegal votes they have cast, including votes by their pet dogs and cats.

The scenario above is not just a figment of my admittedly fertile imagination. Similar crimes have been committed for decades by Democrats. One that stands out is the Acorn organization, which received federal funding to “register citizens to vote.” They registered them, all right. They paid poor people, homeless people and mentally ill people with cash or booze to sign voter registration forms. Then they bused them to the polls, where they were told to vote for Obama. (The federal government has since withdrawn all funding from the organization, which was closely tied to the Obama-Biden campaign.

Unfortunately, this new mass mail-in voting corruption has the potential to completely rig this election and prevent President Trump from being rightfully re-elected. Soros and his cronies hate our president and will do anything they can to prevent him from serving another four years. If they succeed in placing their puppet Joe Biden in the Oval Office; win a few more Senate seats; and maintain the Socialist majority in the House, American will never again have a Conservative president.

How could they do prevent us from ever having a Patriot in the White House again? First, they will dump Biden after a few months. He will be forced to resign for “medical reasons” (which no one will question) and then the extremely radical Leftist Harris will take his seat. She will then appoint a similarly radical vice-president. The American people will have no say in who will be next in line for the presidency. The Democrat House and Senate will quickly approve her pick with a simple majority – not even the 60% super-majority required to approve a Supreme Court nominee.

In the meantime, evil liar Chuck Schumer will become the Senate Majority Leader, and the truly horrible Nancy Pelosi will maintain her position as the Speaker of the House. Together they will pass laws and change Senate and House rules to make it next to impossible for a Republican or Libertarian to run for any public office. They will eliminate the Constitution’s requirement for an Electoral College. This critical provision is our Republic’s last defense against mob rule. Once it is gone, the two most liberal states in the nation – New York and California – will decide ever future national election. Candidates will not even bother to campaign in any of the other 48 states. And of course New Nork and California will receive huge amounts of federal funding from taxes taken from the other states, ensuring that they will stay loyal to the Democrat Party.

Then the final nail will be driven into in the coffin of the Constitutional Republic our Founding Fathers gave us. (Don’t believe the Democrats when they falsely claim we are a “Democracy” – read the Constitution.) Kamala Harris will appoint the most Liberal Supreme Court Justices imaginable. These Justices will re-write our Constitution in ways that even my fertile imagination cannot conceive. America will never be America again.
The United States has a long and unfortunate history of election fraud. Here in Florida, where we have millions of part-time residents with homes in New York and other Liberal states, many of them are very open about voting in both states. Below you will find a link to a list provided by the Heritage Foundation, of election fraud cases from across the country, broken down by state, where individuals were either convicted of vote fraud, or where a judge overturned the results of an election.

The list of over 1,200 cases is far from exhaustive, but is simply a sampling that demonstrates the many different ways in which fraud is committed. There are hundreds of thousands of these cases on public record, yet Democrats still insist that there is “no voter fraud in the U.S.” Preventing, deterring, and prosecuting such fraud is essential to protecting the integrity of our voting process.

“What is so bad about mail-in voting?” you may ask. “Haven’t we done this for years?” No, we have done Absentee Voting, which is legal. What the Democrat governors have done is un-constitutional, it is illegal, and it is definitely not Absentee Voting. The Liberal media is doing its best, day after day, to convince Americans that Absentee Voting and mail-in-voting are the same. The first has multiple safe-guards to defend against fraud. The second is designed to create fraud. Think about this: With millions of these ballots floating around the nation, issued by different states, how hard would it be for the Democrats (or hostile nations) to counterfeit them?
In our country we don’t allow last-minute changes to our electoral systems just months before an election. That is why new types of voting machines are never allowed just before an election. There is no time to test and verify whether a new system works and cannot be defrauded. The Democrats have waited until the last minute to spring this on the nation, hoping to rig it in Biden’s favor, or at least drag it out for months (remember the Bush-Gore contest) in order to cast doubt on Trump’s legitimate re-election. This will give them an excuse for even more widespread riots – not just in the Democrat cities, but where you live.

In most states, this is how Absentee Voting works. If you are sure you cannot be near your local polling place on Election Day, you may qualify to vote absentee. Absentee voting is mostly conducted before Election Day by mail, though you might also be able to turn in your absentee ballot at your local government offices.
Reasons for voting absentee could be if you are away at college, if you are away for military service, if you are in a medical facility and unable to leave, or if you simply cannot be home on Election Day for other reasons. In fact, depending on your state statutes, you may be able to vote absentee without any real reason at all — a practice sometimes called no-excuse absentee voting.
One thing is sure though, you must already be registered to vote before you attempt to vote absentee.
Please be sure and visit your local city hall, county government offices, or Office of the Secretary of State’s website as soon as possible to learn what the requirements are in your state. More information can be found on both your county government’s website as well as your Secretary of State’s website.
What the Democrats have done is nothing like this legal, tried and proven process. As I described at the beginning, they have mailed millions and millions of ballots – far more than enough to overturn the lawful results of this election – to addresses where may be no registered voters. Virtually anyone can fill these out and mail them in. “But,” say the Democrats, “the signatures will be checked against the signatures on file.” Really? Forget the fact that that would take months. How about the fact that the ballot examiners are far from handwriting experts – most have virtually no training in how to properly verify a signature. 
Read the article below, “How Many Dead People Vote.” It documents case after case in which dead people have voted in as many as a dozen elections after they died. Add all the fraud committed by “Community Organizers” who tell people how they must vote in order to get a bottle of wine. And then include all the hundreds of thousands of votes stolen or bought by gangsters hired by the Democrats. The great majority of likely Trump voters say they are very enthusiastic about voting for him. But most Biden voters tell pollsters they are not enthusiastic about voting for him, and may not show up on Election Day. No problem. The fraudulent vote could very well carry the day for the Democrats.
Forget about the polls. They were so wrong in 2016 that Hillary was in her hotel room dressing for her coronation. When she found out that Trump had beaten her, she curled up in a fetal position, screaming that it was impossible – that it was her turn! She didn’t even go down to the hotel ballroom to thank and console the crowd of supporters who were expecting a victory party. No, enough Trump supporters have been beaten bloody for wearing a red ball cap about America that many will not tell anyone who they plan to vote for. But in the anonymity of the voting booth, they will pull the lever or punch the card for the man who can save our nation from the Marxist agenda of the Democrats.
One thing every Patriot can do is become a volunteer poll worker. My wife and I were both Republican observers at the Gore-Bush vote recount here in Florida, and we plan to volunteer at the polls this year.  My friend Lance Wallnau makes a very compelling case for honest Americans to be at every place where votes are cast to help prevent fraud. Just your presence can stop fraudsters from casting illegal ballots, changing ballots, and even destroying Republican ballots. All of these things have taken place when all the poll workers are Democrats and there was no one present to see their crimes. Go to his website (link below) and click on your state for information on how you can get involved.
In an honest race, Trump will win – hands down. I am concerned about the issues raised above. Some who read this may have influence in the halls of power that can help reverse the Democrat’s illegal mass mail-in voting scam. Some can help by suing the election officials, Secretaries of State and Governors who have colluded in this criminal conspiracy. But all of us can do something far more important. We can pray that justice and righteousness will prevail. We have a lot of serious praying to do in the next 48 days.


How Many Dead People Vote?
Project Veritas – Secret VIDEOS of Democrats Conspiring to Commit Voter Fraud
Lance Wallnau’s Site with Info About Becoming a Poll Worker
Proof that George Soros Gives Grants to Violent Groups
Man Who Dressed as a Woman to Vote Twice Says Cop Told Him “Don’t Worry About It” 
A Sampling of over 1,200 Cases of Recent Election Fraud from across the Nation
(NOTE: Click on the map to see the voter fraud convictions in your state.)
Legal Victories Against Voter Fraud Criminals and Organizations

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