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Hey, Middle America - It's Not Trump the Democrats Hate... It's YOU!

September 7, 2020

If you are a decent, hardworking, self-reliant, independent citizen who loves America, it is really you that the Left despises.


They have created a straw man in the person of Donald Trump that they use a surrogate for their rage and blind hatred of traditional America. But make no mistake about it - while Trump makes a convenient prop for their spite, the real target of their frustrated derangement is you!


To paraphrase Voltaire, “If Trump did not exist, it would have been necessary for the Left to invent him.”

And in large part that is exactly what they did.


How do we know?

Easy - just imagine if he was a Democrat and governed exactly as he is doing right now. Hollywood, the media, and the entire DNC would be gushing over him every day, just as they did back when he was a media star and darling of the NYC left and the ‘beautiful people.’


He only became a leftist pariah when he started speaking for and representing, who? Yes - You!


You and your values, your hard work ethic, and love of country and family are all enemies to the Democrat party and their arrogant elitist allies.


They can’t stand the fact that you believe in self-reliance and helping your neighbor because the only way that they can achieve and maintain power is to put the entire population in a dependent and thus subservient state of perpetual helplessness and hopelessness. And they can’t do that with strong, self-reliant people. That’s why they have to break them or destroy them. And that is what we see in every place they rule today.


In all Democrat-controlled areas, they have reduced the population to stunned and traumatized victims. Those who have the means, flee. The rest are living lives of despair, cowering in their homes in constant fear of their lives and lively-hoods - all courtesy of the Democrat party.


And this is no accident. You can see it in their speeches and media propaganda. “Vote for us or else this will continue and escalate until our armed mob destroys you all!” It is the classic totalitarian method used by communists and fascists in all times and places and it has now become the central prop in the Democrat playbook.


If you asked them why, they would simply answer, “because it works.” And sadly it does. They have successfully co-opted an entire party - turning the Democrat party of FDR and JFK into a violent and angry mob of resentful sheep who close their eyes and souls to shriek the platitudes and buzzwords of their political masters and elites.


And it is these elites, the true one-percenters, who propagate and spread the DNC’s hatred, division, and contempt through their Hollywood movies, TV, media, and even sports. All of these propaganda arms of the DNC share one thing in common. They hate you.


It comes out in every movie, TV show, media broadcast, and sporting event. You are the rube. The stupid, ignorant, redneck, hillbilly, working-class, unsophisticated boob who votes for Trump and is still dumb enough to love America. In other words, you think for yourself - and they can’t have that. Because as long as you do, they will lose.


So they try to shame and ridicule you at every chance they get in the mistaken belief that if they can intimidate you, you will submit to their tyranny. Unfortunately (for them) they are confusing you with their own brainwashed sheep who bent the knee long ago. They never learned the lesson that real Americans don’t roll that way.


But that doesn’t stop them from ramping up their campaign of contempt, intimidation, and terror as they become more and more desperate.


They’ve long used Hollywood and the media to heap scorn on middle-class America, but now they've just succeeded in bullying sports to do their bidding as well.


For instance; "ESPN’s Max Kellerman and host of “First Take” said Thursday SEC football fans were especially “susceptible to very low-quality information and easy to propagandize,” when arguing that teams boycotting practice in protest for social justice would bear no impact on the November election. SEC fans, Kellerman said, were “almost immune to facts,” because they uniformly adhere to “alternative facts” instead. (1)


In other words, the sports media, like all of the DNC media, thinks that you are just plain dumb.


And that my friends is the real truth about their frothing, TDS rage that they spew forth daily. It’s not about Donald Trump. He is just a symbol of their unhinged hatred. The real target of their spite and malice is you - the independent, liberty-loving American.


Because as long as you remain true to who you are and your beliefs in America and liberty, the Democrats and their party of hate and division can never succeed. 


(1) https://thefederalist.com/2020/08/27/espns-max-kellerman-attacks-sec-football-fans-slurs-them-as-easy-to-propagandize/

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