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The Three Pillars of the Left that Conservatives Must Address - Soon

August 24, 2020

How has the DNC and the Left managed to gain so much traction and brainwash so many people over the past half-century? Chances are you could think of dozens of reasons beginning with “those who stand for nothing will fall for anything.”

Or as Joseph Goebbels so cynically proved during the Third Reich: "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

And no one can deny that they have been shockingly successful in doing that every day.



Simple. The same way that Goebbels did for his boss the Fuhrer. He gradually took total control over the three methods of indoctrination - the Media, the Entertainment, and Education industries and turned them from being reporters, entertainers, and teachers into becoming partisan party hacks whose sole job was to lie, distort and brainwash the public with their hateful ideology. Just as the Democrat party does today.


Sadly, rather than addressing this shameful perversion of these important institutions, Republican politicians and thought leaders seem all-too-often more concerned in appeasing and kowtowing to them in the vain hopes not to draw their ire.


And so far that has worked just about as well as it did for Neville Chamberlin when he thought that appeasing Hitler would bring, “peace in our time.” It didn’t work then and it won’t work now. As everyone who has studied history knows, when you appease bullies all you get is more bullying.


Our Republican leaders need to realize this and begin to develop and implement a strategy to take back these three institutions or at the very least develop alternatives to them to give thinking people a place to go for honest news, education based on truth - not partisan brainwashing, and entertainment that actually entertains rather than propagandizes.


And with that push let's throw in creating an alternative to the current leftist hegemony over social media that promotes the left while silencing and censoring Conservatives.


And yes, let me address the obvious elephant in the room. It won’t be easy. But neither was founding a nation, building a republic, and winning wars against fascists and terrorism. They all required will power, dedication, and guts, things that sadly seem to be in short supply today.


Thus, rather than diddling around with time-consuming and frivolous bills that never go anywhere and are incomprehensible to most voters, how about if Republican politicians concentrated their efforts on creating alternatives to the Democrat media, education, and entertainment propaganda machine.


There are plenty of wealthy Republican and conservative donors, and if they really cared about not losing this country to Marxism and Anti-American Democrats, then instead of donating to another political hack who wants to get elected for an easy job with a fat pension, use that money to back and fund conservative news media. There are plenty but they don’t have the same multi-billionaire backing like the Washington Post, New York Times, and CNN do.


Never forget, those left-wing propaganda sites don’t exist on the revenue they produce, they are kept afloat by the billionaire backers that support them. If they had to exist on the support that conservative news media do they’d disappear tomorrow.


Same thing for entertainment. Remember during WWII when Hollywood turned out patriotic movies that championed American ideals and exposed the evils fascism? People loved them and still watch those old movies today. We could do it again. 


Outside of the Democrat Marxists, most Americans do not tune in at night to be preached to, propagandized, and shamed. After a hard day's work, they want to be entertained. Forget about Hollywood. Support independent filmmakers outside of Hollywood that produce entertainment that is humorous, exciting, and uplifting.


I guarantee that given a choice most people would far prefer that to the anti-American crap that most of Hollywood currently wallows in - cynical, self-indulgent, and largely talentless Hollywood mavens have no trouble raising millions to churn out their trash. We certainly have as many conservative supporters who would be willing to invest in good entertainment.


And finally education. Admittedly this one will be tough because far-left Marxists and social justice propagandists have had 50 years to subvert and politicize our entire education system. But it can be done.


If we could find some politicians with guts they could introduce legislation to prevent state-run universities that get public funds from denying entry to conservative teachers and students. They could also insist on the cessation of passing off DNC brainwashing doctrine as education or at the very least insist on equal representation to allow classes that offer the truth in answer to leftist lies.


In the case of private colleges, we would have to create, buy, or found colleges based on teaching true academics rather than violent, America-hating leftism but it can be done. Hillsdale College is a great example. And remember, parents have the power of the purse and what parent wouldn't love to have their child get a good education with real knowledge instead of leftist brainwashing.


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a graduate with a degree in chemistry, economics, or law instead of one who is doomed forever to reside in your basement with their useless degree in ’Social Justice’?


And just think, if we could send a generation of teachers to colleges where they actually learned how to teach instead of making Molotov cocktails for AntiFa, we might even get our primary and high schools back again 


We have the means. All we need is the will. And we have the talent. All we need to do is find Conservatives with the will and drive to convince America-loving politicians and donors that the very best use of their wealth and support is to provide Americans with a meaningful media, entertainment, and education alternative to Democrat brainwashing.


If we can do that we will win. Hands down.


Because the Truth is always stronger than lies.

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