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Two of the Biggest Democrat Lies

August 10, 2020

Now I know that everyone can list hundreds of Democrat lies. It’s really not hard to do as almost every word out of their mouth begins and ends with a lie - except for their AntiFa activists who are actually the most honest of all of their Leftist groups. They make no bones about it. They are violent Marxists who want to burn down America. And if the leadership of the DNC was honest they would admit that they have no problem with that if it would gain them power.


So when they pass laws to weaken the 2nd Amendment but claim they a not trying to ultimately destroy it, that’s just another lie in their long litany of deceit.


That was hammered home this week when, "New York’s attorney general sued the National Rifle Association on Thursday, seeking to put the powerful gun advocacy organization out of business,” (1)


Some people wonder why the Dems would pick the run-up to the election to trot out such a hot button issue for those Americans who still believe in the Constitution.


It’s not a coincidence. Like everything else they do, it’s carefully thought out and carefully calculated. And it’s a good indicator of just how sure they are that they have all the pieces in place for a sweeping victory in November. Pandemic panic, high unemployment, destruction of the economy, riots, lawless, and of course the steady and calculated elimination of all sense of safety, peace, and security.


The riots in all of the Democrat-controlled cities is no accident. It has been carefully planned for years by the Democrat/Marxists in their decade's long quest to destroy America.


The Democrat war on police is also nothing new. Since the 60s they have demonized cops and sought to undermine them in every way possible.


But here’s something that even the average sheep-like, clueless Democrat doesn’t get. It’s not that the DNC doesn’t like the idea of an armed force controlling the population - it’s just that they want it to be their armed force that does the controlling, paramilitary political police controlled and answerable only to the DNC.


In one way we are fortunate - we conservatives - because unlike brainwashed Democrats we have actually studied history - so we have had many previews of how the DNC plan would play out.


All we have to do is look back at Hitler’s Brown Shirts, Mussolini’s Black Shirts, and Stalin’s KGB. Each maintained a paramilitary police force that was both civil and political, often punishing political crimes with far more severity than criminal ones. In fact, Hitler set criminals as brutal enforcers over political prisoners in his concentration camps.


This has become the DNC blueprint for total domination as soon as they can seize power. And with the massive fraud they are already setting up with mail-in voting, they feel they are poised in November to finally achieve it.


That is why they are deliberately choosing to launch a direct assault against the 2nd Amendment right now.

Because while their voters are clueless, the cabal behind them have studied history too and realize as did Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, and Mao that you cannot make slaves of a population that has the means to resist tyranny.


They know that they must disarm America before they can control it. And Democrats realize that above all, they must strip away the laws and even the very concept of freedom and self-defense in order to achieve that.

They likewise know that once they eliminate the 2nd Amendment it will be easy to strip away all the other freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution and Bill of Rights laid down by the founding fathers. That also explains why the Democrat party has declared war on the founding fathers and every champion of American freedom and independence.


Thus it makes perfect sense why they have sent their minions out to tear down there statutes and memorials in every Democrat-controlled city. It’s no coincidence - it’s all part of the DNC plan to destroy the entire concept of America and replace it with totalitarian subservience.


But they can’t do it while the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution remain in place. They must tear them down. One by one. 


Therefore they have undoubtedly instructed the Democrat AG in NY to symbolically fire the first shot against the Constitution and across the bow of all freedom-loving Americans by seeking to subvert the 2nd Amendment by eliminating the NRA, the historical group created to defend it.


And that’s not the entire story either. Because simultaneously they are also demonstrating that even while you still do have constitutional rights of self-defense (until they take power) they have shown that their corrupt AG’s will sue, harass and even imprison you if you try to use them. Just take a look at the St. Louis couple who were framed by the DNC AG puppet who charged them for having the temerity to use the rights guaranteed under the 2nd Amendment for what they were designed for, to defend their lives and property. Because under Democrat rule, that will be illegal! 


Make no mistake - this is all part of the Democrat Marxists' plan to strip Americans of any ability to defend themselves against their AntiFa storm troopers.

And ol' Dopey Joe Biden is right on board with it. In fact, "Moments after former Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke — who promised in a September debate to take away legally purchased assault rifles if elected — endorsed Joe Biden’s White House run, the former vice president promised to name the Texan as his point man on gun control…” (2)


It’s obvious - they are so confident of victory that they are not even bothering to use their usual obfuscation about their ultimate plans. It is right there out in the open. They mean to disarm American citizens. Period.


As soon as they take power they will begin dismantling the 2nd Amendment. And if they can’t get that done legally by fiat and chicanery they will simply embark on a program of confiscation and penalties to make it illegal for any citizen to defend themselves against their mobs.


The plan that the Democrat Marxist party has is the same one they have taken their tactics from - pioneered by Nazi Germany, the USSR, and Mao’s China. Nothing less than make all Americans powerless serfs and beaten down drones to an all-powerful totalitarian party that will control your every word, thought, and deed.


And never forget, the overpaid, over-privileged, and talentless Democrat elite are motivated by a richly deserved feeling of self-loathing that makes groveling before the mob an act of contrition for their unearned privilege. And while it’s easy to see why they do it, we must remember that ominously they are hell-bent on striving to bring the rest of America down to their level. 


They hate success, achievement, and especially independence and self-reliance. And make no mistake about it - if they ever achieve total power they will revel in the total destruction of everything that has made America great, just as they are doing in every Democrat-controlled city right now!


As Americans, we must do everything possible to remind everyone what happens to democracy when the dark forces arrayed against freedom come to power.  


So if you have no desire to share the sorry fate of those helpless millions throughout history who suffered under Leftist tyranny, fascism, and the total loss of personal liberty, speak out against the lies and propaganda of the Democrat machine. Remind everyone you know - even Democrats, that when they apply their "cancel culture" to the Constitution and America freedom, everyone loses - even them.



(1) https://apnews.com/056b7845ad1a35a68a4bf837329d9f6f


(2) https://billofrightsinstitute.org/events/joe-biden-promises-to-put-beto-orourke-in-charge-of-gun-control/



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So, they want to sue the NRA? Who's money do you suppose they are going to use to do this? Yours! The taxpayers! I for one think there should be punishments for blatant misuse of taxpayers money. Suing the NRA to deny you your 2nd amendment rights is one of these misuses. Trying to impeach a president because he didn't fit your agenda, is one of these crimes. This type of misuse is a crime. If you did this in a business, you would be fired in a best case scenario, and should be prosecuted. When are we going to make lawmakers accountable for crimes? We survived covid, in fact, we still haven't reached the amount of deaths (nor are we close)that we experienced with H1N1, we survived murder hornets, we survived the tropical storms on the East coast, whats next. Its time that we take back America and hold our politicians accountable for their actions. I mean this is what its all about, "WE THE PEOPLE". Why do you think they want rid of Donald Trump, crass he may be, but he is a true patriot and he wants them held accountable also. If you were committing crimes and getting away with it, what extent would you go to to save your miserable hide. Just watch the liberal party and you will see what people will do to save themselves. I don't want to lose my rights, nor do I want my taxdollars to fund the destruction of them. That is truly the most demeaning part of my freedoms.
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