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Will Democrat Refugees Turn Red States Blue?

Is there a danger that fleeing Democrat city dwellers will turn Red States Blue?

July 20, 2020

Is there a danger that Democrat city dwellers fleeing their lawless cities will infect the Red states they are fleeing to with the same Democrat/Marxist brand of cancer they created?


On the one hand, Americans have always had sympathy for refugees fleeing oppression, crime, and anarchy, and have always tried to welcome those seeking freedom from fear.


On the other hand, as we have seen in recent years, many of those who begged America for asylum from lawlessness and oppressive regimes have wound up becoming leaders in the Democrat Anti-America movement to destroy America and everything it has stood for.


So much for gratitude.


And just like those who have taken advantage of American generosity and what Americans have built, so are Democrats fleeing the chaos and dysfunction that their politics and policies have created.

"Violence continues to rise in some of the United States’ largest cities while pledges and calls to defund or cut the police department budgets become louder. In the last few months, cities such as New York City, Chicago, Portland, Minneapolis, and Houston all saw an uptick in violence, murders, and domestic abuse cases.”  (1)


Even many of those same Democrat voters who put the pandering socialists in office are having second thoughts.


"There are hard-to-watch videos all over Twitter showing retail stores that have been broken into with groups of people stealing their merchandise. Buildings have been set ablaze and innocent bystanders and business owners have been preyed upon with senseless violence. Times Square, the epicenter of tourism for New York, looked as if it was attacked by enemy forces. Rioters blew up an ATM machine in Philadelphia. A man, in strong physical shape, attempted to ward off looters from his shop. He was met with a swarm of violent people pummeling him. (2)


Thus it is only natural that as the last bastion of American values, Conservatives should feel a bit uneasy about the hordes of Radical left-wing Democrats who are now fleeing the messes they made and emigrating to places that have traditionally been firmly ensconced as long-time Red States. 


"People will flee the cities to locations deemed more secure with a better quality of life. Those who are left behind will find themselves living in grimy, crime-infested places, plagued with virus outbreaks and violence.

This will push even more people to leave, creating a downward spiral for the viability and habitation of the cities and increase the populations of states that offer a higher quality of life.” (2.)


It is of course easy to see why opportunistic, selfish, self-centered Democrats want to bail on the horrors they’ve created in their own cities. They are disease-ridden, lawless, filthy, anarchistic, hell holes that they and their corrupt, venal, and cynical Democrat politicians have created with their ruinous policies and Marxist politics.

"The mayors and governors of cities across the nation appeared clueless and inept in managing the crisis and their forsaken citizens who they took an oath to protect." (2.)

While it started with the pandemic the liberal leftist politicians the Democrats voted for have made a bad situation infinitely worse.

"New Yorkers have been fleeing for months. But the fear some residents have of the violent reactions to the protests here is adding a new challenge to those asking themselves whether they can hack the city. Many are deciding not to return. (3)


As one NYC liberal Democrat put it…

“I was like, ‘We need to get out of here right now.’”

The Roslers broke their lease and are searching for a new home in Connecticut. They hired a company to pack up their apartment and ship their goods to a storage unit in Danbury.

She said that the recent violence in the city and subsequent curfews only validate her decision. “I live near Union Square, and it was terrifying to watch what was happening,” she said. “It made me realize what a relief not being there is right now.” She added that she supported the protests but was in “full-on mama bear mode.” (3)


However, there is one key part of her statement that perfectly illustrates the problem that this presents for everywhere these Leftist Democrats are moving to… "She added that she supported the protests.” (3)

In other words, although Leftists Democrats are perfectly fine with fleeing the chaos they caused, they are likewise still likely to vote for the same Democrat political hacks and policies that created the cesspools that Democrat cities have become.

And therein lies the danger.


Now, people fleeing lawless hellholes is nothing new. The difference, however, between the new wave of Democrat urban refugees is that unlike other refugees in the past…say, Germans fleeing Hitler, Russians fleeing Stalin, and Chinese fleeing Mao, is these Democrats are not repudiating the cause of their migration - only the effects.


These are a different breed of refugees. In past groups, fleeing Germans would not have elected another Hitler, nor Russians a Stalin or Chinese a Mao. But unlike those groups, Democrats have one trait in common. They never learn.


And that’s the problem.

Every Democrat who moves to a Red State will not appreciate the beauty and freedom they offer. No, they will do exactly what they did before - undermine freedom and work tirelessly to turn their new home into a duplicate of the lawless hell-hole they just left.


That’s why Conservatives must be aware of what has happened to every single place Democrats take over and work twice as hard to make sure that they don’t turn Red states into the same sad, violent, non-functioning messes they are feeling from.



(1) https://thefederalist.com/2020/07/14/another-historically-violent-weekend-strikes-major-u-s-cities/

(2) https://www.forbes.com/sites/jackkelly/2020/06/02/cities-will-see-citizens-flee-fearing-continued-riots-and-the-reemergence-of-covid-19/#3de133bcd30d

(3) https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/05/nyregion/coronavirus-leaving-nyc.html



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