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Who are the Real "Privileged" in the US?

Here’s a hint. It is most definitely not those on the right.

July 13, 2020

Let’s start here. Can you think of a more “privileged,” smug, pompous, spoiled, entitled, coddled, and generally useless group of Americans than the whitest of “white privileged," self-centered snowflakes that have ever existed in our country?


The entitled and pampered offspring of the Left and their smug, virtue-signaling, pompous parents. 


Having never been given any discipline, goals, or expectations of achievement those over-indulged offspring have lived up to what their parents, teachers, coaches, and leaders expected of them…nothing.


However, that being said, it is really not the fault of these coddled and babied white kids who were loaded down with so much privilege that they were never given any chance to see for themselves if they had the guts or ability to make it one their own. No, the real culprit here for turning these kids into permanent dwellers in mommy and daddy’s basement is...yep - mommy and daddy.


Those leftist parents are the same ones that I observed back in the 60s who went from holding protest signs to becoming Democrats and taking over the government, media, and education systems. For years they have worked behind the scenes to put their loathing of America and freedom into policy and propaganda. And the unfortunate group who suffered the worst from this cancer they created have been their own children.


So here is a question for the Democrat left. If you bring up your children to hate the country they live in, hate its culture, its freedom, its independence, its history, and its constitution - to the point where the only thing they can do is to loot, riot, and burn that country down…isn’t that child abuse?


Isn’t denying a child the opportunity to succeed, child abuse?

Isn’t warping their dreams and aspirations, child abuse?

Isn’t condemning them to a life of hatred, self-loathing, and discontent, child abuse?

Isn’t producing a generation of non-achievers that will live and die, totally dependent on their parents and the state, child abuse?


Don’t believe it liberals?


Well, how about comparing the snowflakes produced by the left to someone who was born without your “white privilege” and as people all around the world and throughout history view America not as the evil country you do…but as the best, and freest country that has ever existed.


The piece is written by a recent immigrant to this country who, unlike the Democrat left, does not hate this country but wanted nothing more than to be what you so despise - an American.


Here is one immigrant's - a person of color - message for the DNC Media, entertainment, and education complex about the destruction and hatred of America's culture and freedom.


Read it, Leftist's and then take a close look in the mirror at who the real undeserving inheritors of "privilege" are.


If You Don’t Want to Be Here, Leave

I can’t help but wonder why statues of the Founding Fathers are being toppled and why people are calling to defund police. I can’t help but wonder why the push for racial parity is being hijacked by some to a dangerous phase where the worth of one race is extolled above others to the point that saying “all lives matter” is now deemed racist.

To those who hate this country, look at all the people who want to come here and become U.S. citizens. This nation is imperfect, but it is still a great country — many would contend it’s the greatest. If America is not a good fit for anyone because it is so horrible, they can leave it and go to another country. No one is stopping them from renouncing their U.S. citizenship and making room for somebody who wants to be here.

If you grew up with lights and electricity in your house instead of kerosene lamps and candles just so you could read at night or feel safe, you have privilege.

If you have indoor plumbing instead of having to go outside and hand-pump your water out of the ground, you have privilege.

If you can sit on a porcelain toilet instead of between two bamboo trunks to go to the bathroom, you have privilege.

If you have shoes under your feet instead of flip-flops cobbled together with safety pins because you can’t afford new ones, you have privilege.

If you have more than two or three outfits instead of using the same ones over and over because you can’t afford more, you have privilege.

If you can throw your clothes in a washing machine instead of having to go to the river to hand-wash them, you have privilege.

If you can reach into your cupboard for your box of Uncle Ben’s instant rice instead of having to harvest the rice fields, lay out the rice onto the street to dry it under the sun, use the wind to separate the husks from the rice, bag it, and then store it in a warehouse and hope the rats don’t eat it, you have privilege.

If you live under an economic system that allows you to work hard, persevere, and be creative to pull yourself out of poverty and rise into your own definition of success instead of toiling with the same amount of blood, sweat, and tears only to be limited by a government filled with corruption and nepotism, you have privilege.

If you live in a country where fundamental human rights and liberties are protected by a Constitution with its ingenious system of checks and balances instead of a country where your rights depend on who is in power, you have privilege.

If you live in the United States of America instead of a Third World country, you have privilege. (1.)

That says it all, my friends. The greatest “privilege” in the world is being an American. 

And those who don't think so should offer to trade places with the millions whose greatest dream is to become a citizen of the country the Democrats don't appreciate. America.



(1) https://thefederalist.com/2020/07/06/you-know-whats-the-ultimate-place-of-privilege-living-in-the-usa/

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