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November 3, 2008

This week I have sent out an urgent email every evening specifically for the purpose of giving my readers information that they can use to help their friends understand the real issues in this election. All six are included below. Feel free to share them with your friends.

Scroll down to the articles that interest you. The titles are:

MONDAY: Barack Obama vs. the Scriptures

TUESDAY: Obama's Contempt for the Constitution

WEDNESDAY: The Candidates' Positions on Key Issues

THURSDAY: The Righteousness of a Nation

FRIDAY: Biden is in Witness Protection

SATURDAY: The Moving Target

We never send more than one email a week unless it is urgent. After the election, you will not receive any emails from us except for the regular weekly issue of Conservative Truth. But with your permission, this week only I will be sending updates for you to use, and (if you think it appropriate) forward to your friends. These will be carefully selected to have maximum impact on the election and make sure that, even though both Houses may be controlled by liberals, we at least stop Barack Obama from creating a Super-Majority through which he could pass insidious legislation that would do irreparable to our nation.

The link below is especially for priests, rabbis, pastors and other congregational leaders. It is from a group of spiritual leaders of their various faiths, and it concerns vital issues on which Jews, Catholics and Protestants agree - issues on which Barack Obama's views are directly at odds with the Scriptures. Send it not only to clergy and lay leaders, but also to anyone you know who cares about spiritual and family values.


TUESDAY: Obama's Contempt for the Constitution

Barack H. Obama did his best to stop a radio interview he gave in 2001 from being heard during his campaign. He failed. The audio was posted just yesterday on YouTube. It has already been viewed by almost half a million Americans! Please consider passing this brief email on. Don't just send it to fellow Conservatives, but also to your Liberal friends who are about to make the grave mistake of voting for this duplicitous politician from the corrupt Chicago political machine. As in most areas, Obama has two faces. The real Obama and the candidate Obama. This is a rare glimpse into how he really views the Constitution, recorded before his campaign began and he started pretending respect for the Constitution and the Framers.



(This is a word for word transcription of entire audio) "I think we can say that, uh, uh, the Constitution reflected a enormous blind spot in this culture that carries on until this day, and, and, uh, that the Framers had that same blind spot. I, I, I don't think the two views are contradictory to say that it was a remarkable political document, uh, that paved the way for where we are now, and to say that it also, uh, reflected the fundamental flaw of this country that continues to this day."


OBAMA WBEV-FM Radio, Chicago 2001


(Highlights from the four minute audio) Obama decries the fact that "...the Supreme Court never ventured into the issues of redistribution of wealth, and sort of, basic issues of political and, and, and economic justice in this society." ("Economic justice in LiberalSpeak means taking money from people who work, and giving to people who won't work.)

He complained that the radical Warren Supreme Court wasn't radical enough, because it "...didn't break free from the essential constraints placed, uh, uh, by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution." He went on to complain that, "The Constitution doesn't say what the... government MUST DO on your behalf." (Things like supplying our every need from cradle to grave, all the while controlling every aspect of our lives.)

The tape concludes with Senator Government saying that the TRAGEDY of the civil rights movement was that the Constitution wasn't radically interpreted to force redistribution of wealth by the government. "We still suffer from that."

In answer to a question from a caller, he said that he didn't know if the courts could bring about "major redistribution of wealth" or "economic justice," but that he believed it could be accomplished politically. (If you were wondering about Obama's presidential priorities, wonder no more.)

Incidentally, in an effort to bolster the radios audience's confidence in his pretended Constitutional expertise, Obama referred to himself as a Law Professor. Just one more of his many lies. The radio interviewer properly introduced him with his real title - "senior lecturer". This is a position often given to post-graduate students. Obama was never a Professor.

WEDNESDAY: The Candidates' Positions on Key Issues

Please send this link to every thoughtful person you know who wants to vote as an INFORMED citizen:


"What do you mean by informed? Haven't we heard both Obama and McCain speak thousands of words? Haven't we seen hundreds of their ads? Don't we know their positions by now?"

Sadly, most people in America DON'T know the true positions of the two candidates. McCain has tried to get his message out, but he has had two things working against him. The media has done almost five times as many negative stories on McCain as they have on their beloved Obama. And, because he broke his promise to the public to accept public financing, Obama has raised and spent four times as much as McCain on ads. So HE has told most of the public what McCain's positions are. (You can imagine how accurate his portrayal of his opponent has been.)

On the other hand, Obama has done everything possible to hide his real positions. If he is elected, the mask will come off - but it will be too late. Both in the Illinois Senate and the US Senate, Obama has hidden behind "Present" votes on all controversial issues. He has instructed the colleges he attended to not release ANY information on him, even his extra-curricular activities. Any employer requires a resume of applicants. Obama has applied to become President, but he refuses to give the American people - his potential employers - any idea of where he stands on issues that affect our lives and our nation. One quick example. Ask the man on the street if Obama supports homosexual marriage. I guarantee he'll say no, because that's what Obama SAYS. As we all know, actions speak louder than words. His votes (which have been summarized in the Presidential Voter Guide found at the link above) say he fully supports homosexual marriage.

How can he get away with such blatant lying? Because, in typical lawyer style, he carefully chooses words that are true, but which mask the truth. He has been very careful that nothing in writing (including his votes) can prove that he supports homosexual MARRIAGE. What he doesn't say when he answers that question in interviews and debates, is that he fully supports homosexual UNIONS. There is no difference real between them, but he can hides behind the words. He has voted for and supported legislation that would give homosexuals exactly the same rights as heterosexual couples, except for the use of the word "marriage."

He's done the same thing with taxes. His "economic plan" is nothing but socialism. It provides for the biggest tax increase in the history of our country, and almost $1 TRILLION in new government spending. But because he SAYS (over and over, millions of dollars worth) 95% of Americans will get a tax break, many people believe him - even though there is not a scrap of evidence to back up his lies.

It's the same with abortion and every other key issue. He either lies or changes the subject. He can't run away from his record of supporting every type of abortion - even killing a baby whose head has been delivered, who is breathing and crying. He believes it is OK to murder such a child, because the rest of the body is still inside the mother! But if you ask him the question directly, he will change the subject to "preventing unwanted pregnancies."

The point is that America does NOT know this man. But millions will vote for him next Tuesday unless WE help them understand who he is. You have far more power than you may think. You have the power of TRUTH.

I spoke to a man recently who said he was going to vote for Obama. He had mentioned something about studying the Bible, so I asked him if he believed the Bible was Truth. He said that of course it was. I then showed him what the Bible had to say about homosexual sin and the taking of innocent life. He knew that both were terribly wrong. But he didn't know until we spoke that Obama supported both. Once he realized this, he said, "I could never vote for a man like that!"

A five minute conversation. Forwarding a Voter Guide. Such simple things. But they can change lives forever.

The Guide was compiled by the Christian Coalition from actual votes and public positions espoused by both candidates. They have done this for many years, and their work is both extremely accurate and non-partisan. You don't have to be in one party or the other to know the difference between right and wrong. I have sent this Guide to my Jewish friends, as well. The Old Testament tells us all we need to know on the key issues, and it is the same in the Jewish and Christian Bibles.

Just five days until the next four to eight years of the next chapter of our nation's history will begin to be written. Do we want it to be about a time when people were free, when the nation was productive, when perversion was discouraged, and when it was safe for an infant in her mother's womb? Or do we want the chapter to be about the second Dark Ages, with free speech stifled, ministers and rabbis at risk of being arrested for hate crimes if they quote the book of Leviticus, homosexuals dancing in our streets in female underwear, and a continued Holocaust of innocent babies? We need to pray with all our hearts that John McCain, an honorable man, is the next President of the United States. But we need to be involved in the answer to our prayers as well.

THURSDAY: The Righteousness of a Nation

This is written specifically to those who believe the Bible is the Word of God. If we claim to follow the Word, we must consider what God considers to be important when we vote. If it comes down to a difference between God's priorities and "voting our pocket books," then clearly we must stand with the Lord.

I watched a sermon a few days ago in which a black minister took a courageous stand. He took his congregation to task because many had told him they planned to vote for Obama for economic reasons. Others had stated they would vote for him because it was important to elect our nation's first black question. The pastor asked a vital question: "What about righteousness?"

Sometimes we forget that our provider is not our job, our profession, the real estate market or the stock market. God is our provider. As we vote for righteousness the economy will take care of itself, because righteous men and women will be in charge of the economy. If we obey God and make His priorities our priorities, He will continue to bless us and our country.

What kind of man should a believer vote for? A man who agrees with the Creator concerning the sanctity of life. A man who will protect and preserve marriage as God sees it - a holy union of one man and one woman. A man who will nominate judges who will render judgment righteously.

The next president will likely nominate at least two, possibly three Supreme Court justices, and dozens of other federal judges. These appointments will shape the moral landscape of our country for decades to come. The Framers were clear in the Declaration of Independence that they did not trust imperial judges. We have seen judges overturn elections and veto lawful legislation. We desperately need judges who will interpret the Constitution rather than writing laws. In my mind this is the most important issue of this election, yet it has received little attention.

Don't just listen to what a candidate says; examine his voting record and the platform of his party. Remember that when you vote for a man, you are also voting for his party's platform, because he is obligated to advance that platform. The Republican Party is far from perfect, but if you examine its platform you will see that it stands for the rights of the unborn, traditional marriage, protection of religious liberties, and standing with Israel. http://www.gop.com/2008Platform/

The Democrat Party platform says nothing about religious freedom. The word religious is found only in the phrase "religious profiling" and in a reference to using "religious and civic organizations" to aid in collecting child support. This party would repudiate the excellent work President Bush has done with faith-based organizations. Their platform's sole mention of the word abortion is in connection with their support for a woman's "right" to kill her unborn baby. And its sole reference to marriage is a "repudiation" (their word) pf the Federal Marriage Amendment and their support for the "full inclusion of gay and lesbian families in the life of our nation."

The Democrat platform gives lip service to supporting Israel, because they desperately need the Jewish vote. But the support is qualified; they only support her in a "just Peace" with her neighbors (code for giving much of their land to the Palestinians. And, of course, Obama is no friend of Israel He is on record telling a group of Jews that he will ensure that Jerusalem will always remain the capitol of Israel; and the very next day telling a group of Arabs and Muslims that Israel will have to "share" Jerusalem. http://www.democrats.org/pdfs/2004platform.pdf

To understand the Obama's and McCain's positions on important issues, see the Wall Builder's Voter Guide, which has links that provide PROOF for each item in the Guide: http://www.christianvoterguide.com/inc/downloads/WBPresVotersGuide.pdf

The Family Research Council has a similar Guide that also contains citations to prove what each man has stated or how he has voted on the issues. It is much more detailed: http://downloads.frcaction.org/EF/EF08H02.pdf

You can also do research on each man at www.votesmart.org, a website that is totally non-partisan. Here you can look at his entire voting record, or choose a category that interests you (for example Abortion, the ACLU, Family, National Security). Not surprisingly, Obama gets high marks (100% or close to it) from abortion advocacy groups, Arab and Iranian PAC's, the ACLU, and a Socialist group called Americans for Democratic Action. He gets zero or very low ratings from family oriented groups, religious groups and pro-life groups. (In fact, while he has never voted to protect unborn babies, he has a great record of protecting animals.) And, as you will see, John McCain scores very low with the anti-religious groups that support Obama, and high with the groups that support moral and family values. As you review this, keep in mind that the reason these groups approve of and support either man is that his voting RECORD is aligned with their group's goals.

Interest Groups' Ratings of Senator McCain:


Interest Groups' Ratings of Senator Obama:


Voting Record of Senator McCain:


Voting Record of Senator Obama:


Finally, you might find the two candidates positions on the matter of whether ours is a Christian nation illuminating:

McCain: America Established as a Christian Nation


Obama: We are no longer a Christian Nation


Obama Says Evangelicals Have Hijacked Faith


Obama explaining that he attended his church for 20 years without realizing his pastor hated America, was a racist, & gave his church's highest honor to a radical Anti-Semite, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. (Farrakhan called Obama "The Messiah.")


I would like to acknowledge that the inspiration for this article came from Kenneth Copeland (www.KCM.org) and David Barton (www.WallBuilders.org).

FRIDAY: Biden is in Witness Protection

Political commentator Charles Krauthammer says that Joe Biden has been in "Witness Protection" since he made the biggest of his many gaffes. You know, the one where he said, "I can guarantee you" that within six months of taking office Obama "will face an international crisis, a generated crisis." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ymy0Woaz81U

That was the final straw for his boss. Obama acted like he wasn't upset: "Joe sometimes speaks in grand flourishes," he chuckled. But you could see he was thinking the same thing as we were: "What if this guy is in charge in a real crisis, and the Russians or Chinese don't understand his 'flourishes'? What if they take him at his word, and he gets us blown up?"

Since then he was been virtually isolated from the press, and has not been allowed to speak in public unless he is reading prepared text from a teleprompter. His handlers wouldn't even let him speak to a few hundred people in a high school gym without the teleprompter. A reporter who asked for an interview was rebuffed; the excuse given was that Biden had a cold. But she said that she has watched him give four speeches that day, and saw no signs of illness.

This is not unusual for the Obama campaign. Obama hates anything he cannot control. And he viciously attacks anyone who, in his opinion, gets out of line. "Joe the Plumber" got out of line when he told Obama on camera his tax plan was "Socialism." Within hours at least three illegal searches of state records were made for personal information about Joe. All were done by Democrats - not a coincidence.

An Orlando TV anchorwoman had the temerity to ask Biden why US citizens should not consider Obama's "redistribution" of OUR wealth to be Socialism. Obama immediately cut that station off from any contact with his campaign, hinting in his letter that the punishment could well extend after the election. And his thugs started trashing the anchorwoman, stating in interviews that she was unprofessional, and not a "real journalist."

The latest outrage occurred today when Obama threw three veteran newspaper reporters off his plane. Fortunately the plane was on the ground at the time. These were three large dailies which had covered the Obama campaign from the first day - the Washington Times, the New York Post, and the Dallas Morning News. Obama couldn't complain that these reporters were not balanced in their coverage of the campaign. Their "sin" was that their editorial boards (which are separate from the news divisions) had endorsed McCain.

Of course Obama lied, saying that their removal four days before the end of the campaign had nothing to do with their newspapers' endorsements. He claimed it was a "space issue" that had just come up. The problem with that is that all three newspapers had been told of this action a week ago, and had been negotiating with the campaign to get the decision reversed. As soon as the newspapermen were gone, they were replaced by three other reporters. You will not be surprised to learn that their publications had all endorsed Obama.

Some may think that this is not an important issue. But it is indicative of how the press would be treated in an Obama White House. As we related earlier this week, Obama has expressed his contempt for the Constitution and its Framers, so it shouldn't surprise us that he doesn't support the First Amendment. Count on a steady erosion of freedom of the press under an Obama administration. If your newspaper or TV station does not worship at the altar of the Supreme Leader, they can forget about having any access. And if they publish something he doesn't like, they just might get shut down.

During this campaign Obama has instituted lawsuits against groups that have placed campaign ads he didn't like! (I am NOT kidding.) He has even tried to get Democrat prosecutors to file criminal charges against individuals and groups that have placed ads that (in his little mind) were not truthful. Fortunately he has not been successful - so far. For a detailed look at Obama's use of censorship, read Bruce Walkers excellent article, "The Real Threat of Censorship." http://www.conservativetruth.org/article.php?id=811

In a way I was glad to see Obama boot those newspapermen. It accomplished two things. It allowed the media (which has led the Obama worship for the last two years) and his supporters (who thought he could do no wrong) see that he is nothing more than a petty tyrant. "If you don't play ball by my rules, I'll take my ball and bat and go home."

The second thing it accomplished was to let us know that he is scared. He doesn't show it in that poker face of his. He seems all cool and natural and relaxed and confident. But when he does something stupid like he did today, it lets those who know what to look for, see that he has been rattled in the last week. He is so used to being adored that it has been a reality check for him when people have refused to worship, and have even had the nerve to criticize him.

The polls are narrowing and Obama is no longer as confident as he has been. Obama has shown himself to be a bully at best, and someone who would muzzle the press at worst. His running mate has a well-deserved reputation as a buffoon who cannot control his mouth.

On the other side we have John McCain. Although Obama and Biden talk a lot about "fighting for the people," John McCain is, quite literally, the only man in the race who has ever actually fought for America. Our nation used to honor its heroes, but that became unfashionable in the dark Clinton years. But McCain, one of the few truly honorable men in US government has made us aware once again how much we owe the men who fought, died, and (in McCain's case) were tortured for us.

He never brags about his service, but he served his nation with honor, never breaking under five years of terrible torture that left his body scarred and broken. (I have seen some liberal commentators mocking him for his stiff walk and limited movement in his arms, which are the result of the torture.) I don't mention this because I believe his military service gives him a right to the Oval Office. I bring it up because, to me, he has proven that he can stay strong under the worst possible conditions. He is a leader our servicemen and women will proudly follow.

And then there's Sarah. No, she doesn't have Joe Biden's decades of experience shoving his way to the trough to get his share of the pork. She doesn't know all the "right people" and the "in places" to be seen in Washington. But she brings things that Biden does not possess. A fresh outlook; a determination to do what is right regardless of the toes that may be stepped on; and a lifetime of serving God and her fellow citizens with honor.

Is Sarah ready to be president? No. Nor is Biden, or Obama or McCain. No honest man who has ever served in that office would tell you that he was ready when he was sworn in. He might have thought he was ready when he was elected, but he was quickly disabused of that notion shortly after taking office.

But, just as, with all his human flaws, I would 100 times rather see McCain as our president than Obama; I would also 100 times rather see Sarah Palin as Vice-President than the hypocritical Mr. Biden. Biden, who told Obama to his face that he was not qualified to be president, that the White House was not a place for "on the job training," now tells anyone who will listen that Obama is the best prepared Messiah ever to seek office. Biden, who said that he would be proud to serve with his "dear friend" John McCain as McCain's vice-president, now mercilessly attacks McCain on a daily basis.

I know I'm preaching to the choir. I would be surprised if any of the hundreds of thousands of people who read Conservative Truth each week, many of who have been subscribers for eight years, would even consider voting for Obama. But as we go into these last three days I want you to be as fired up as I am. I want you to call every conservative you know and encourage them to go to the polls early on Tuesday, and spend the rest of the day encouraging and helping others to get out and vote.

And I want you to have the courage to talk to your liberal friends about this election, as uncomfortable a thought as that may be for some of you. Tell them you know how to disagree without being disagreeable, but that you feel compelled to share your heart with them. Barrack Hussein Obama is a dangerous man, and some Democrats are starting to understand that.

Remember that Democrats are Democrats for many reasons. Perhaps all their family members are Democrats. They may feel pressured by fellow union members to vote Democrat. Or perhaps they actually believe the pap that their party feeds them. Regardless of why they are Democrats, they have the same desires as we do. They want their children to be safe. They would like to keep more of their own money. They want our country to be free - a place where free expression of ideas is welcome, where their freedom cannot be taken away using a "Hate Crimes" law that punishes citizens for what they might have been thinking.

They will get none of those things if Obama succeeds in buying the presidency with his hundreds of millions of dollars worth of ads, and his $4 Million infomercial.

Your country needs you. If America can't count on you now, when can you be counted upon?

SATURDAY: The Moving Target

Dear fellow Conservative:

I'd like to believe that Obama is telling the truth about his tax plan. It would be really nice if:

1)  We could get $1 Trillion in free goodies from the government.

2)  Our taxes would go down.

3)  The "rich" would pay for all the goodies, PLUS they would pay the taxes that the other 95% of Americans didn't have to pay.

4)  Taking the "rich" peoples' money would not cause massive unemployment.

5)  Those that didn't pay any taxes would get a nice Federal Welfare Check each year, just for voting for Obama.

6)  We would still have a strong national defense.

7)  We would still balance the budget in 4 years.

Regarding the new Federal Welfare System: In SocialistSpeak, for people who pay no taxes at all - about 40% of Americans - a "tax cut" means that that they will get a different kind of "tax refund." Obama will take money from hard working Americans and give it to them. Only a liberal could say with a straight face that "refunding" tax money to someone who didn't pay taxes is anything other than welfare.

The only people that would believe such outrageous stuff are the ignorant, the uninformed and the illiterate - coincidentally, the very people Obama targets with his $100 Million ad budget. You don't have to be very smart, or know how to read, or be well informed to watch TV. Obama counts on this fact.

But it doesn't take a rocket scientist to comprehend these facts:

1)  Every independent consumer group that has examined Obama's tax and economic plans says they will not work. The Wall Street Journal says that his numbers just don't add up. (Yes the WSJ is a conservative paper, but it is also the most respected business newspaper in the world. It would not retain that reputation if it lied to readers.) By the way, the Associated Press (a very liberal organization) agreed with the assessment of the Journal.

2)  We have a huge federal deficit, created by the huge costs of 911, the massive spending on Homeland Security, the disgusting spending habits of Congress, and Bush's unwillingness to use the veto on spending bills.

3)  Congress just spent $700 Trillion on the bailout (much of which MAY be repaid).

4)  Obama wants to add another $1 Trillion in new spending to the budget. (NOTE: When a politician tells you how much he plans to spend, for accuracy you should multiply whatever he tells you by 3.)

5)  If Obama took EVERY PENNY the "rich" make, it would not be enough to cover the lost tax revenues from the other 95% of Americans that he claims will pay no taxes or lower taxes, assuming nothing changed from the previous tax year.

6)  Of course, much HAS changed. Spending will be up because we will have a Democrat Congress; because of the trillions Congress has committed to the bailout; and because of the trillions more Obama plans to spend. And tax revenues will be DOWN because the economic crisis has reduced the income of businesses, individuals, and the "rich." And Obama's Socialist economics will cause more unemployment and reduce incomes further, which will drive tax revenues even lower.

Why does Obama lie about what his huge vote-buying programs will cost and the fact that the only way to pay for them will be to print more money and cause massive inflation? He lies because he can.

He can lie with impunity because the media "professionals," who are supposed to watch out for ALL the voters (including Conservatives), might just as well be wearing "Obama for President" buttons when they "cover the news." Journalist they are not. Most of them act far more like Obama campaign workers than journalists.

And as I mentioned earlier, his base is not made up of the brightest people in the country. There's a reason why his campaign has targeted illegal aliens and convicted felons. Many of the illegals don't understand English or our culture well enough to make an informed decision. And felons - well, the main reason people go to jail is that they are stupid. Of course, it's not legal for these folks to vote, but Obama has a fix for that. His campaign has done a better job than Democrats usually do of making it almost impossible to tell who is registered to vote (at least until after the election, when it will be too late).

Finally, his lies about taxes are harder to expose because NO ONE (including the IRS) really understands the US Tax Code. We have all heard the reports about calls to the IRS Help Line. Fifty per cent of taxpayers who spoke to IRS agents were given incorrect answers in several studies.

This is a dream come true for a Chicago-trained politician like Obama. He likes to lie. He wants to get elected. He can lie all he wants to about taxes, because the great majority of Americans don't know he is lying. (The ones who do know enough about taxes and the economy to know he is lying are people who wouldn't vote for him in the first place.)

The "Moving Target" referred to in the title is Obama's definition of "rich." At first he said that only the "rich," defined as people making more than $250,000, would pay more taxes under his plan; everyone else would pay "lower taxes." A few days later, he was videotaped stating that everyone who makes $200,000 or less will pay lower taxes. Then his running mate said that anyone who made more than $150,000 was rich (and that rich people should be "patriotic" and be happy for the opportunity to pay higher taxes). Finally, Gov. Bill Richardson, one of Obama's chief surrogates, said yesterday that "rich" was $120,000.

Now we're getting closer to the truth. The truth is the $42,000 figure that you have heard about on the news. It refers to a bill that Obama voted for that would have increased taxes on anyone making more than $41,600. If Obama was forced to take a lie detector test, he would reveal that he plans to use the Income Tax in such a radical way that even most liberals would be appalled. (I believe that most liberals love their country. They have just been deceived by a succession of slick salesmen like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.)

The bottom line is that, although the Income Tax was conceived in lies and has never been fair, it was never intended to be used as a tool of Socialism. The men who created the Infernal Revenue service weren't Socialists. They were just greedy politicians who wanted government to have more money so they could have more control. (The fact that they could slip some of the cash into their own pockets was cool, too.) But the most venal of politicians of that day would not have dreamed that America would ever elect a full-blown Socialist who would use the Income Tax to fulfill Marx's dream: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs!"  

(Marx also said, "Religion is the opium of the people." Kind of reminds you of Obama's remark about "bitter people" who "cling to religion," doesn't it?)

The history of the Income Tax parallels Obama's deceit as far as who will pay taxes and how much they will pay. After the Supreme Court had twice ruled a Federal Income Tax UNCONSTITUTIONAL (the constitution specifically forbade any such thing) the politicians sold the nation on the tax with three lies:

1)  It was patriotic (Joe Biden, are you listening?).

2)  It was only 1% of income.

3)  It was temporary.

And (the real sales point for divisive, class warfare types like Obama) - only the "rich" would pay.

Of course there is nothing patriotic about giving politicians money they don't need, money which they often use to harm the nation. Not surprisingly, the 1% rate grew to 70% before Ronald Regan took office; he said, "Enough!!" and lowered it by almost two thirds. And we all know how "temporary" the Income Tax was.

As to only the "rich" paying, study a little history to discover what the word "income" meant back when the "Income" tax was hatched. In those days to say that someone had an income" would be like saying that someone today is independently wealthy. Even the politicians who created the tax were not stupid enough to try to tax anyone's money from their trade or profession. If you worked for it, it wasn't "income." Everyone who heard the phrase "Income Tax" knew that it meant that only people who made their money from passive investments (like real estate or stocks and bonds) would pay it. And since the majority of voters did not have "income" - they were happy to let those who did pay a tax. After all, it was tiny, and it was only temporary, and it was - well, kind of patriotic.

Just as the definition of "rich" has crept down over the last few months, the number of people whose taxes will INCREASE under Obama's tax plan will creep up. One fact that Obama never mentions - but which every impartial group that reviewed his plan has pointed out - Obama's "tax cuts" are TEMPORARY. None are permanent changes to the tax code. They will all phase out, and the net effect will be that his "tax cut" plan cleverly disguised the truth. The truth is that his plan, if enacted, will be the most massive tax increase (on businesses AND individuals) ever perpetrated on the American public. It is, in fact a criminal conspiracy to defraud the American people and steal the election by bribing people with a prosperity they will never see.

The people who vote for him (even the dumbest of them) will eventually see through his lies. They will understand what the patriots tried to tell them. I only pray that they will understand it before it is too late; before they put in office the most dangerous candidate ever to run for presidency.

Whether he realizes it or not, whether be believes it or not, Obama's tax plan is not new. It has been the law of the land in every Communist country since that evil philosophy was created by Satan and poured into the minds of Marx and Lenin. Russia redistributed the wealth of its "Socialist Republics" (but not the great wealth of the Party members). China just takes the money and skips the redistribution. And just ninety miles from Florida, Castro continues to redistribute the wealth of Cubans - to himself.

Here is an example Gov. Mike Huckabee gave, which you can use when you teach your children or grandchildren about the evils of Socialism and Communism. Suppose your daughter worked very hard all semester, did her homework and reports, and studied for and did well on her tests. Suppose her teacher came to her and said, "Sarah, you earned an 'A' this semester. I am very proud of you. But Johnny got a 'D' because he often had a hangover in class. And Susie got an 'F' because she skipped class so much. Wouldn't you like to spread your 'A' around so everyone can have a 'C'? Don't be selfish. This is the patriotic thing to do." Let me know what your daughter thinks about this concept.

The sad thing is that, like Obama, Marx and Lenin may have thought they were doing the right thing...

IMPORTANT NOTE: I will sending out the final email tomorrow night. It will include links to a number of videos which I have researched this week. I took hours to weed out the wierdos and the wackos. The result is a group of short, hard hitting video clips that tell should help the undecided voter make their decision. (As of this morning, one in seven registered voters had still not made up their minds.) If you would like to receive tomorrow's email, write to me at Publisher@ConservativeTruth.org.

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