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Are We Actually Dumb Enough to Start Another Civil War because We Don’t Like the Guys Who Lost Last Time?

What a Way to Celebrate the Birth of a Great Nation

July 6, 2020

Between 620,000 and 700,000 Americans – roughly 2% of the nation - died in the Civil War. Proportionate to our population today that would be the equivalent of 6 million Americans. More people died in our land fighting one another than died in WW1 and WW2 combined. It was a senseless war that did not need to happen.
We could debate the cause of that war forever, but after studying it for decades I am convinced that most of the leaders on both sides were men of good will who felt they were doing the right thing. They were reasonable men who could have come to an accommodation on the matters that divided them if only they had taken time to do so. Unfortunately, some had to prove how strong and brave they were and pushed us into a war from which our nation has never fully recovered.
Now we face another civil war because certain people still have such hatred toward the people who lost the last one and are long dead, that they feel they are entitled to murder and persecute their grandchildren. Their hatred so blinds them that they are destroying monuments to abolitionists and Union Generals who fought against the Confederacy.
Strangely, they haven’t touch the statues of William Fulbright, a notorious segregationist who fought viciously against the Civil Rights Act; nor the statue of Robert Byrd, another racist opponent of the Civil Rights Act who was also a high official in the Ku Klux Klan. Perhaps that is because both men were Democrats, and it is Liberal Democrats who are financing their reign of terror, hate, and destruction.
The civil war that threatens America today is totally different. First, you cannot negotiate with a mob. Look at what happened in New York City. The mob insisted that the City cut $1 Billion from the $6 Billion budget of the NYPD. The village idiot, Mayor DeBlasio, went further. He cancelled the entire class of police cadets at a time when the city desperately needed more officers. And he disbanded a 600-person plain clothes crime prevention unit that was one of the most effective tools the city had.
Of course the mob was grateful and stopped murdering cops and innocent bystanders, and immediately stopped burning, looting and destroying property. Right. They asked for a Billion cut. They got a Billion cut. And then they said that wasn’t enough.
There will never be enough to satisfy the mob. If they have any unifying theme, it is the total destruction of America. If they accomplish this, they won’t know what to do with the ruin and chaos that is left, because they are extremely stupid people. Once they finish murdering whatever Patriots that are left, they will sit around doing drugs and congratulating themselves until they starve. Or, if their blood lust has not been satisfied, they may just kill each other.
But let’s be kind, and presume they have several hundred brain cells among them. Let’s say they are willing to negotiate. That didn’t work out well for the Mayor of Seattle. She gave them everything they asked for, including an entire police precinct, and forbidding cops from using non-lethal force like pepper spray and rubber bullets. She even erected concrete barriers (which prevented police, fire, and medical vehicles to enter) around their new “nation” at a cost of millions to taxpayers. She allowed citizens to be extorted, murdered and raped and would not allow the cops to respond. Then they turned on her. They came to her house. Suddenly she was willing to allow the police to go in and clear out the vermin.
Even if they were willing to negotiate, they don’t know what they want. Reporters have asked hundreds of these people why they are rioting. Very few have ever heard of George Floyd, the supposed reason why America is burning. Their complaints are many, varied, and mostly idiotic. Some want all drugs legalized. They want all “people of color” to be released from prisons.
Some are there to promote pedophile or abortion “rights.” Some want our flag or the National Anthem to be done away with. Some want reparations for slavery – even though the ancestors of many who insist on that weren’t even in this country during slavery. Some want immunity for black men who kill cops, saying they are justified in those murders because of past injustices. Some insist on the “demilitarization” of police. In other words, send cops into dangerous situations with only handguns, when the gangs have automatic weapons. Some even wants police totally disarmed.
The “abolish the police” gang is joined by Democrat politicians desperate to ingratiate themselves with Black Lives Matter. If you thought it was impossible for Liberal lawmakers to become any more foolish and reckless, guess again. Anyone smart enough to get elected has to know that disbanding our police would lead to anarchy of the worst kind. Yet you see them insulting and berating ALL police – local state, and federal. Not just the few bad cops, but ALL of them. And you see them marching with the mobs in “solidarity” – but only during the day when the rioters are “peaceful protesters.” They don’t want to risk getting hurt. Once the sun goes down, out come the crowbars and fire bombs and the protestors become rioters.
(I have written about this before, but I want to make this clear. I believe there are many actual peaceful protestors, who, even though they may not know why they are protesting, are not violent people. When the violence starts, as it almost always does, they are smart enough to go home. But some get caught up in the mob mentality, and you can see many of the “protestors” turn violent and start smashing and looting.)
In Seattle, they wanted the mayor to resign. But first they wanted her to disband the police department and the court system. And they insisted that any black people in prison be retried. Of course, this would be difficult since the courts would have already been closed down. They didn’t seem to realize the stupidity of this.
When this all started, my wife said to me, “If only they had arrested all four cops that were involved in the murder of George Floyd, none of these riots would have happened.” I disagreed, because, as I said earlier, nothing will ever satisfy a mob. Aside from the fact that the brutal murder of Floyd was caught on camera, and that the other three officers did little to stop them, there had to be an investigation. If the case had been thrown out on a technicality because the prosecutors had not proceeded properly, there would have been even more outrage. The county attorney was so afraid of the mob that he rushed into filing charges, saying, “I didn’t want to wait any longer to share the news that Chauvin is in custody and charged with murder.”
Let’s say they had all been arrested the first day. The mob would then have insisted that they be tried immediately. Of course that would have been impossible without violating a host of laws, but let’s say the city complied. Whatever the charges were, they wouldn’t have satisfied the mob. If they were charged with second degree murder, which would probably be upheld, they would have insisted the charge be first degree murder – which is almost impossible to prove, because it involves intent. The other three officers tried to talk the murderer senior cop, Derek Chauvin, into stopping, but they didn’t harm Floyd. The mob wants them charged the same as Chauvin.
OK, let’s say there is a trial and they are all convicted of first degree murder – which would be a massive miscarriage of justice. Let’s say they all get life in prison. Would that satisfy the mob? Are you kidding me? They would say that they will continue burning down America until all four are sentenced to death. And that won’t be enough. If a jury is afraid enough for their lives that they actually sentence all four to death, that won’t be enough. The mob would insist that there be no appeals. They would insist that they be executed immediately.
But mobs are animals. They don’t have a brain. They can’t reason. That doesn’t mean that the individuals in the mob can’t reason. But the reason there are such strict laws regarding mobs (which are not being enforced) is that the people that form them seem to lose their ability to reason. They become a massive, unreasoning beast intent only on death and destruction. They don’t know whom they are following, and often don’t know what they are doing. If there is such a thing as mass insanity, that’s what a mob is.
Unless you are totally unaware of what is happening to our country, you know that all of the violence is taking place in cities and states controlled by Democrats and (in a very few cases) by weak, spineless Liberal Republicans. It is time for the good people trapped in those cities and states to start recall petitions, and – in cases where there are still some Patriots in the State legislatures – impeachments.
The only other outcome will be violence in the streets such as we have not seen since the Civil War. Don’t feel that you are safe if you don’t live in a big city. The rioters have already warned that they will not be limited to the cities. They have said they will come to the suburbs, and they are clear that they plan to steal what they want, rape or murder whoever they wish, and burn down whole neighborhoods. And when they are done with the suburbs, they will come to the small towns and rural areas.
Their constant, fiendish cry is “No justice, no peace!!” That wouldn’t be so bad if they understood what justice means. But to their sick minds, “justice” means whatever they want. They have no concept of how many centuries it took our current civilization to emerge from being savage tribes, and develop representative government and a fair judicial system.
Does our government work all the time? Hardly. Is our judicial system always fair? Not at all. I complain about both whenever they deserve to be reprimanded. But I don’t kill cops and threaten to rape their wives like the people wearing the Black Lives Matter T-Shirts encourage with their signs. And I don’t burn down churches that are the only institutions who have not given up on the mobs.
Some of these people are so far gone on drugs and hatred that the only solution is to lock them up. I work with a prison ministry, and I know many men who were consumed with hatred, were mistered to by good chaplains and volunteers, and who came out as Christians willing to live good lives.
But if we as a nation continue to allow mobs to rule our country, we will deserve what we get. We saw what happened when the Mayor of Seattle and the Governor of Washington State refused to allow police or the National Guard to put down lawless insurrection. Within days, other “autonomous zones” sprang up declaring that they were not part of the America, and that cops were not allowed in “their” area. They thought that if Seattle could do it, so could they. Fortunately the authorities quickly put a stop to them.
Not so with the “peaceful protests” that keep turning into riots. As soon as those protests become violent; as soon as the first cop is attacked; as soon as the first window is broken, police need to declare it an unlawful assembly and order to the people to disperse. Anyone who fails to comply must be immediately handcuffed and taken into custody.
Any local, state or federal lawmaker who encourages riots should be disciplined by their peers or arrested. The Department of Justice should investigate people like Soros, Gates, Clinton, and Pelosi who are funneling millions to violent organizations like Antifa and Black Lives Matter. They are enabling the violence that could spark the next U.S. civil war.

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