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Remember the Old Joke? What is the Definition of a New Conservative?

A liberal who's just been mugged.

July 6, 2020

Q: Who is the newest conservative?
A: A Democrat who's just been mugged.

So Democrat Elites… what happens when as a good ‘Woke’ Liberal Elite you defund the police and your private security takes a pass?


You wind up like so many 'beautiful people,’ Limousine Liberals, and other "Woke" white Democrat Elites - Up that creek filled with crap of your own making and without a paddle - except for the one you’ve been trying to take away from ordinary Americans - The Second Amendment. 


That’s where what would seem to be the epitome of a good white Liberal couple apparently found themselves when their support of all the politically correct causes bought them nothing with the mob who threatened to kill them, their dog, and burn down their million-dollar mansion.


And the cruelest cut of all …?


"Their attorney, Albert Watkins, told The Associated Press on Monday that the couple are long-time civil rights advocates and support the message of the Black Lives Matter movement.” (1)


What…? You mean that pandering to the mob buys you no immunity? 

I mean if you are ‘Woke’ lawyers who defend the aggrieved against evil conservatives doesn’t that at least mean that the mob will give you a pass when it comes to rape, burn and pillage?


Apparently not.


But, at least as wealthy, white liberals you can afford to live in a gated and guarded community so that when the Democrats you support defund and eliminate police protection you have your own private armed security - right?


Oops again. Apparently, they were a no show too.


So then what is a ‘Woke', white liberal to do?


Well, then - my question to the ‘Woke,’ white liberal community is, what would you tell the rest of us to do when threatened by a screaming, violent mob who promise to kill you and burn your home?


According to Hollywood, the media, the Leftist elites, and all Democrat politicians, the only acceptable response would be to throw your doors open and lay your neck down on the chopping block with bended knees and a groveling, subservient, and penitent smile.


I mean according to the DNC and their media puppets that’s only ‘fair’ - right?


After all, aren't these the type of culturally enlightened people whom the mob should love and admire? They have followed all the social justice mandates of the DNC media establishment and supported all of their causes. You would think they would be poster people for everything the left demands. 


Therefore, if you're properly "Woke," then the Democrat rioters should give you a big thumbs up and leave you in peace. Right?


Afraid Not.


"The white St. Louis couple who went viral for brandishing guns on Black Lives Matter marchers in their tony neigborhood are supporters of the movement and are longtime civil rights activists, their attorney said.

Mark McCloskey, 63, and his wife, Patricia, 61, insisted that they back the movement despite video of them wielding firearms outside their mansion Sunday night at protesters heading toward the mayor’s home to demand her resignation.

“The most important thing for them is that their images (holding the guns) don’t become the basis for a rallying cry for people who oppose the Black Lives Matter message,” their attorney Albert Watkins said. “They want to make it really clear that they believe the Black Lives Matter message is important.” (2)


Thus it came as an astounding outrage to the ‘Woke’ DNC and media community when a couple who should have been shining examples of the perfect ‘Woke,’ white elites acted in a way that is more representative of those knuckle-dragging, Trump-supporting rednecks. Instead of meekly allowing the mob to burn their home and kill them, they came out on their porch clutching…guns! And not just any guns, but the kind of guns that the DNC Media insists that no one needs or should be allowed to have. A semi-automatic AR-15 style, military-type rifle, and what appears to be a semi-automatic handgun.


The scene of them standing on their porch, nervous with fear and being abandoned by police and private security, clutching the only means of defense they had, is both sad and chilling because it is obvious that they have no training or any idea of how to handle weapons. So this was their last resort after all of the Dems scolding that "no one needs a gun - much less a military-style weapon."


It turns out that was all that stood between them and death and destruction. It also turns out once again that every one of the Dems' mealy-mouthed platitudes is B.S. (what else is new?)


In a rational world, this should serve as an object lesson for everyone who votes for Democrats and thinks that voting for Democrats and showing their support for their PC cancel culture will protect them. It won't. Any more than it will protect any private citizen, no matter how "Woke,' against the DNC-funded mob.


Just like this couple who probably assumed that supporting Democrats and leftist agendas would protect them but only wound up taking their tax dollars and lining Democrat pockets while eliminating police and public safety. In the end, they realized that the private security that the Democrat elite rely on also were no-shows - leaving them terrified and with no options for protecting their lives and property except themselves.


Now we as conservatives have self-reliance deeply ingrained in our bones. We know and respect our history where you relied on yourself and your neighbors to protect you - not the dubious benevolence of the state.


But what will the Libs, ‘Woke,’ and Democrat elite do when they have successfully dismantled the police and their private security deserts them?


The Democrat state prosecutor says that she will make an example of this couple for having the temerity to think that they had any right to defend themselves or their home. After all, under Democrat rule the individual has no rights - the party reigns supreme. So expect this to be used as a Stalinist show trial to intimidate anyone who might think of raising a hand in their own defense into cowed silence.


"St. Louis Prosecutor Kimberly Gardner said Monday the couple is being investigated for possible criminal charges. “I am alarmed at the events that occurred over the weekend, where peaceful protesters were met by guns,” Gardner said.

“We must protect the right to peacefully protest, and any attempt to chill it through intimidation or threat of deadly force will not be tolerated.” (3)


Will it work? Probably not on Conservatives as long as we have an American president in power. But in all the Democrat fiefdoms? That will be interesting to watch the Left choose between self-defense and subservience to the Democrat mob.


What will those normally politically correct ‘Woke’ Democrats do when the mob comes down their street - through their gated community? Will they try to defend themselves, however amateurishly, like the St. Louis couple, or offer themselves and their property up to the mob to be beaten and robbed like good little ‘Woke’ sheep - as their DNC masters demand.


Well in four months if the Dems win, perhaps we’ll all be forced to find out.


(1) https://nypost.com/2020/06/29/safety-experts-blast-gun-toting-st-louis-couple/

(2 & 3) https://nypost.com/2020/06/30/gun-toting-st-louis-couple-says-they-support-black-lives-matter/


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