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Three Urgent Questions for America

The Same Answer is True for All Three

July 13, 2020

Today I want to ask three simple, but urgent, questions. They all have the same answer.
First, why is America in such panic over a pandemic that is much milder and less lethal than many others we have experienced? In none of those did we shut down our churches and businesses.
Second, why is America burning, seemingly on the brink of another civil war? Why are major riots being allowed to paralyze American cities, while mayors and governors refuse to allow police or the National Guard to put down the insurrections?
Third, why have politicians (primarily liberals) shut down our economy, devastated families and businesses financially, and refused to reopen even though we never did this in pandemics a hundred times worse than the current one?
Three questions. One answer. This is an election year.
“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.”
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
The China Virus is just one of hundreds of Corona Viruses. There are seven major strains of Corona Virus, most of which have many sub-types. For instance, scientists believe that Influenza A (one of the two main flu viruses) has 198 sub-types. 138 of these have been positively identified to date.
Coronaviruses derive their name from the fact that under electron microscopic examination, each virus is surrounded by a “corona,” or halo. These look like the corona around the planet Pluto.
Coronaviruses are not new in any way – although the 2019 strain is a new variant. Coronaviruses have been identified as causing the Spanish Flu of 1918, which killed millions of people – approximately 5% of the population of the United States. Influenza A and B, the most common strains of seasonal flu, are corona viruses. Most common cold are actually strains of coronavirus. For many years Lysol and other companies have advertised that their disinfectant sprays kills 99.9 of pathogens – including, specifically “Human Coronavirus.” (Check out Lysol’s label.) Yet they act as is “Corona Virus” is some new, horrific pathogen that endangers all of civilization.
The “experts” (who specialize in guessing, rather than real scientific studies) have given this particular Corona Virus the rather ridiculous name Covid-19. The official name is Corona Virus Disease of 2019 (abbreviated to Covid-19 to obscure the fact that the WHO knew all about it in late 2019, but did nothing until the end of the first quarter of 2020. It was initially correctly referred to as the China Virus or the Wuhan Virus, since the virus was developed in the Wuhan Level 4 bio warfare lab in China. This is China’s only Level Four laboratory, whose sole purpose is to develop chemical and biological agents to use in wars or terror attacks.
The World Health Organization (WHO), which has deep financial and political ties to Communist China, issued an advisory stating that diseases should not be given names that might hurt the feelings of any country. They issued no such guidance when Obama correctly referred to the MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome), another Corona Virus, by its proper name. Hopefully no Arabs suffered permanent emotional harm.
But our nation (including our president) caved in to political pressure and started calling it Covid-19. Thankfully, lately he has started referring to it by its proper name – The China Virus.
Why is that important? The world needs to understand the origin of this pandemic, and the lengths to which Communist China, the WHO, and even our own CDC have gone to hide the facts about how and where the China Virus originated, the deadly delay in informing the world for months of its dangers, allowing causing the pandemic to spread far and wide before they even admitted its existence, and their lies about the fact that it could be transmitted from human to human.
Although China has made the ludicrous claim the CIA developed the virus, and then somehow snuck it into their bio warfare lab to be disseminated, everyone knows that it was “Made in China,” just like 99% of the junk sold in Walmart. Mounting evidence shows that this is a manufactured disease. What we don’t know is whether it was deliberately spread throughout the world, particularly targeting the US, or whether it was released through their stupidity.
What we do know is that it wasn’t spread by wild animals as they claimed. 97% of Chinese oppose eating wild animals, and less than 2% of Americans eat any wild meat in a given year. We also know that the Chinese hate Trump because he is the only president in decades to stand up to them, so anything they could do to derail his reelection would give the Communist government great joy.
Taiwan discovered the truth about the China Virus in December, 2019 and warned the WHO. But because China has blocked Taiwan from becoming members of the WHO, the UN agency ignored the warning. Taiwan is an independent nation, but Communist China claims to “own” the country. So, the WHO sided with China, which claimed there was no human-to-human transmission of the disease. The WHO, and then our own CDC repeated their lie. The WHO claimed that it trusted their member nations to give them accurate data. Why would the WHO – or anyone – trust a nation that never tells the truth?
Why not trust a non-member nation like Taiwan that knew the truth? And had scientific data to back it up? Their scientists determined that the disease was passed from human to human and took immediate steps to halt its spread. Of all the nations in the world, it has had the best results in dealing with the China Virus.
Taiwan has 24 million citizens. They have had far less impact per capita from the Virus than any other nation. They have had 441 cases of the China Virus, and only 7 deaths. This is because they immediately shut down travel to and from China. (When Trump did this, he was called a “Racist” by Joe Biden.) They have had zero cases in the last month.
By contrast, New York State, which brags that it had the most effective response to the Virus as any state, has 4 million fewer people than Taiwan. They have had well over 400,000 cases and over 32,000 deaths. Governor Andrew Cuomo is directly responsible for at least 6,000 of those deaths. He issued an Executive Order to place infected citizens in nursing homes with no ill patients. The results were what anyone with a brain (which Cuomo evidently lacks) – the Virus raged through those nursing homes, killing thousands of patients and healthcare workers. Hopefully, their families will be able to sue this supremely arrogant man who attacks anyone who questions his disastrous decisions.
Comparatively, how bad is the China Virus? The last major flu epidemic in the US killed 80,000, with that number expected to rise after all data are in. Yet we heard nothing about it on the news. About 130,000 have died of the China Virus in the US, with over 3 Million deaths worldwide. Every unnecessary death is tragic, but it is even more tragic when people try to use it to affect a presidential election.
I have linked to an article below that lists the worth ten pandemics in world history. I will skip the ones in the middle ages, and start with the 1800’s. Interestingly, most of the top 10 are believed to have begun in Asia, with quite a few having their origin in China.
  • 1852 Cholera Pandemic – 1 Million deaths
  • 1889 Asiatic Flu – 1 Million deaths
  • 1910 Cholera Pandemic – 800,000 deaths
  • 1918 Flu Epidemic – 50 Million deaths (originally thought to have originated in Spain; new evidence indicates its origin was China)
  • 1956 Asian Flu – 2 Million deaths. Origin: Chinese province of Guizhou
  • 1968 Hong Kong Flu – 1 Million deaths. Origin: Hong Kong
  • 1976 Swine Flu – 575,000 deaths. Origin: Originally contact with pigs; then human-to human transmission. A government-ordered mass vaccination with a rushed, unproven vaccine resulted in 500 US citizens getting a rare neurological disorder, Guillain-Barre syndrome.
  • 1981 AIDS/HIV Pandemic – 36 Million deaths. Origin: Africa. Primary spread was by homosexuals, who then spread it through bisexual relations, and then infected our blood supply.
  • 2019 China Virus – 3 Million deaths so far. Time from discovery until WHO finally declared it a pandemic: 4 months. During this time tens of millions were infected, and hundreds of thousands died.
At the time of this writing, about 50,000 more Americans have died of the China Virus than died of our worst recent flu. Compared to our worst Corona Virus ever, to date the China Virus has killed about one sixth as many Americans. And they never shut down the economy, businesses or churches.
And don’t forget that the vast majority of Virus deaths occur among people 85 or older – and most of them already had one or more “co-morbid) disease that would have killed them in 2020 even if there had not been a China Virus. In normal times, people over 85 and almost ten times more likely to die that those over 65. The Virus may have hastened their deaths, but it was not the real cause. Their age and other diseases made them more susceptible to the Virus. Out another way if you contract the disease and you are 50 years old, you have 1/20th of a chance of dying from it as a person who is over 85.
A note for parents: Children have far less than a 1% chance of contracting the Virus. In the extremely rare cases when they do, the outcome is almost uniformly positive. They get it, they get well, and that’s that. Hospitalization is almost never necessary. Only one child in America has been confirmed of having the Virus when she or she died. We are not told of the other disease states that child may have had. Additionally, the CDC has identified two other child deaths as “suspected” Virus cases. Worldwide, 29 children have died of either confirmed or suspected China Virus.
The bottom line: If China had sent us this Virus a year ago, there would have been no media coverage and no panic. It would have been treated for what it is – a really bad outbreak of Corona Virus Influenza. But this is an election year, and as Obama’s Chief of Staff cynically opined, “You should never let a good crisis go to waste.
Why are we having riots in the United States? Why are the cities burning? Why is there anarchy in the streets? Many people say it is because of the murder of George Floyd. But when the rioters are interviewed, 90% have never heard Floyd’s name. Asked why they are murdering cops and innocent bystanders, burning down their own neighborhood business, and looting stuff they don’t need, they bring up a variety of “reasons.” Some say they want racial justice; some want drugs to be legalize; some insist that all black people be release from prison; some demand abolishing all police and prisons, as well as the court system; some want free abortions; and the majority don’t know why they’re there. They just like to smash, burn, and murder while wearing government-mandated masks so they can’t be caught.
George Floyd’s family specifically said he would not have wanted this, and they pleaded with the people not to do what they're doing, but they're doing it anyway. So, the question is, “Why?” Why are these riots going on when other situations like this have happened in the past without nationwide mobs? Look back over recent decades. In every presidential election year there has been some case of racial discrimination, real or not, that has sparked national outrage.
The “peaceful protests” most often turn violent after dark. That’s when the murder, arson, rape and general mob violence begins. I have two questions for the “peaceful protestors.” First, why do many of you bring a baseball bat, a crowbar, or explosives to your peaceful protests? Second, why do we see the exact same peaceful protesters looting stores, and running out of the broken windows screaming, “I got stuff”? Of course, many, if not most are actually protesting whatever cause they represent. If they’re smart, they get out of the area when the violence starts. But some of the people get caught up in the mob frenzy and join the criminals. I saw a video in which eight people (two white, six black) including women, knock a time Korean woman to the ground and take turns kicking her. Her crime? She was there to protect her store.
Almost as sad was the elderly black woman who was interviewed in front of the store the next day. She was in tears as he said, “I got no car. This is only place I could walk to and buy food. Now what am I going to do?
The thugs of Antifa and Black Lives Matter don’t care. They don’t have to live there. They’re professional agitators sent there to whip up mobs. It’s not their children that will be gunned down in the streets when the cops aren’t allowed to respond.
Why do I put Antifa and BLM in the same category? They are both domestic terrorist organizations. But the President had only declared Antifa as such. I think he’s afraid to call BLM what it is because he mistakenly believes that most blacks support them. I have yet to find one black person who understands what BLM stands for that supports them. Of course, my black friends are decent, hard-working Americans, all of who are patriots, and most of whom are Christians.
When I first ask both black and white people what they believe Black Lives Matter, the uniformed typically say the group supports racial equality and fairness. When I explain the truth to them, their opinions change very quickly. BLM supports the assassination of police officers. They readily murder any black people who get in their way, as they have done to several dozen black police officers. The group was founded by three women, two of whom are Lesbians, who readily admit that they are Marxist “trainers” and that they plan to make the United States a Communist nation. They support special right for all the usual perversion – LGBTQ, etc. And they are extremely pro-abortion.
Blacks number 13% of the US population. Yet back abortions are in excess of 36% of all abortions. That means black women are more than three times as likely to murder their babies in their wombs as any other demographic. One black preacher has famously said, “The Most Dangerous Place for an African American is in the womb.” So black lives do matter – but only after they are born.
Apologists for BLM claim they are peaceful people who just want justice. How peaceful is it for them to march with signs saying, “Kill Whitey,” “F*** all Cops,” “killing Cops Makes the World Safer,” and (directed at Police Officers),”I’m gonna Rape Your Wife.”
This is a well-funded terrorist organization. Billions have been donated to them by Soros, the big Internet companies, celebrities, and Muslim “charities’). Don’t you find it strange that they burn churches and synagogues, but have never even spray-pained a mosque? Isn’t it odd that they burn local business to the ground, yet never attack any of the big tech companies like Apple, Facebook, Google and Amazon? All these companies have not only donated billions, but they express support for these thugs. Facebook fired one employee for refusing to put “Black Lives Matter” on his tweets.
“Well, of course they using their billions to make the lives of poor black people better, aren’t they?” Not a chance. But they do give a Half Million Dollar grants to any charismatic leader with a large following to start a “Black Lives Matter” chapter in their city.

Here are actual quotes from their official website:
“As a network, we have always recognized the need to center the leadership of women and queer and trans people.”

“We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and ‘villages’ that collectively care for one another, especially our children.”

“We foster a queer-affirming network.”

“We are unapologetically Black in our positioning.” (Martin Luther King would be ashamed of this extremely racist statement. He believed all people should judged by the content of their character, not their skin color.)
They affirm “Black Liberation Theology,” the racist perversion of the Word of God made popular by Obama’s “Pastor” “Rev. Jeremiah Wright. His is famous for allowing a violent anti-Semite Muslim “minister” to speak from the podium of his supposedly Christian church. Wright also praised the Muslims who killed 3,000 Americans on 9-11. He said, “They say God Bless America. No, No, NO, NO!! It’s God DAMN America.”
BLM “also expresses its appreciation for the work of the US Communist Party, especially Black communists, as well as its support for the great work of the Black Panther Party. The Black Panthers murdered dozens of US Servicemen when they were off base on liberty.
Most damning is their intention to turn America into a Communist nation. Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors said in a newly surfaced video from 2015 that she and her fellow organizers are “trained Marxists” – making clear their movement’s ideological foundation.

She was the protégé of Eric Mann, of the Weather Underground – which was declared a domestic terrorist organization. She spent years studying the Marxist-Leninist ideology that is now the base of BLM’s philosophy. “The first thing, I think, is that we actually do have an ideological frame. Myself and Alicia in particular are trained organizers (Alicia Garza is another BLM co-founder.) “We are trained Marxists. We are super-versed on, sort of, ideological theories. And I think that what we really tried to do is build a movement that could be utilized by many, many black folk.”

So why are Governors and Mayors of liberal cities and states they allowing – and even encouraging these protests that become violent mobs? Some of the mayors have been marching with these people. (By the way, they don’t require masks, even though the people are packed together like sardines. But they won’t allow most churches to hold services – even with social distancing.
The worst worthless excuses for black leaders are “preachers” Al Sharpton and Jesses Jackson, who are notorious racists and extortionists. They shake down big businesses for big donations and threaten boycotts if they don’t comply. There are hundreds of great black leaders who really care about their people. Yet most of America considers these two clowns to be representatives of the black community.
Sharpton was supposed to give a eulogy for poor George Floyd. You should have seen the faces of the man’s family when he turned the service into a 45-minute political rant against white politicians and police of all colors. They only time he mentioned Floyd was his lie that white police are hunting down and murdering people like George Floyd every day. He claims black genocide has spread throughout the nation.
He’s right. Hundreds of thousands of young black men are being murdered every year – but not by white cops. Over 90% of young blacks who are murdered are killed by other black men. But Sharpton and Jackson never mention that or try to do anything about it. There’s no money in that. They’re all about running their multi-million-dollar organizations and being on TV.
Why? Why has one incident – terrible as it was – caused our nation to burst into flames, with citizens – black and white – afraid to go outside for fear of being beaten or killed? Again, if George Floyd had been murdered a year ago, the media would have forgotten it within days. The difference is – this is an election year.
No nation in world history has deliberately shut down its economy. The results of nation having done so have been devastating, and their results will be long-lasting.
If the Executive Orders US Governors have promulgated made any sense, no one would complain. It would be like WWII. Americans would sacrifice for the common good. But they don’t make sense.
Let’s look at other nations for a moment – nations that did well, and those who did poorly. A major European study that looked at full lockdowns enforced by police, show no evidence that a single life was saved by their dictatorial lockdowns. The countries that engaged in this behavior included France, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Spain. One pastor in Spain reported that he and his family were locked in a tiny apartment. Anyone who went outside would be spotted by one of the hundreds of drones flying over Madrid, and the police would be sent.
By contrast, Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands used sensible measures, such as social distancing, quarantining those who were infected, and protecting the most vulnerable. But they never employed the police state tactics used by the nations mentioned above. And the safety of their residents was as good as or better than those who did lockdowns.
When you include the data on the jobs lost, the business ruined, the suicides, the increase in domestic violence, and the deaths of who weren’t allowed to get their cancer screenings and necessary surgeries such as heart procedures, the countries who did not lock down their people fared far better that the police state nations. And their economies are already starting to rebound, unlike those of France, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Spain.
All of the same improvements could have been enjoyed by Americans if we had not had Liberal Governors who thought they were dictators. These governors claimed they were following “science,” but there was no science since this is a new Corona Virus. They followed the hunches of political hacks with an MD beside their names, instead of using common sense. Just because someone has a degree doesn’t mean they aren’t political.
Look at Dr. Anthony Fauci, for instance. The press loves him and calls him “America’s Doctor. But he has been a bureaucrat for the last 40 years. The NIH is a huge bureaucracy who first job is to protect itself, including getting the most funding possible. If they happen to help some people along the way, that’s OK with them. The proof that he is a political hack is his recent statement that a “second wave” of the China Virus is coming soon. There is virtually no science to support this claim. It is just a hunch or a theory on his part. But because he is an MD, every word that drops from his lips is considered Gospel.
Most of the state and local government officials are also political animals. Some have scientific credentials; most don’t. They are elected officials who are so arrogant that when they make a bad decision, they will never admit it.
And the decisions they have made have been ludicrous. These are just a few examples from various (mostly Democrat) states. You can go to the beach, but you can’t go in the water. As if a huge body of water that covers most of the earth couldn’t dilute any droplets I someone sneezed.
You can play gold, but you can’t play tennis. You can but marijuana – which is still a violation of federal law- but you can’t buy liquor. Both are bad, but at least the liquor is legal.
Your barber can trim your hair, but not your beard. When I was told this, the excuse was that in trimming my beard, my masked barber would get too close to me. I said, “Were you planning to use six-foot clippers to cut my hair?” before I walked out.
Then there’s the matter of what is “essential” and what is not.” Our governor here in Florida put religious services at the top of essential services. Every Democrat state forbade even small prayer meeting initially. Lawn men couldn’t cut lawns, even by themselves. Older ladies were frightened of snakes in their long grass. But the cities and counties had their lawn people out mowing and trimming – and not social distancing.
A young mother was arrested and handcuffed in front of her small children for the crime of getting them out of the house and taking them to a totally empty park. A man canoeing in the middle of a river was chased by a police boat AND a police helicopter. Do you know how much it costs to fly a helicopter for an hour? When I was a Deputy Sheriff/Paramedic it was over $1,000. Just whom was this man endangering in the middle of a river.
“Non-essential surgeries” were cancelled while we built field hospitals to house thousands and moved a hospital ship to New York City at the demand of Mayor Bill DeBlasio. Neither the filed hospitals (built at a cost of millions) nor the hospital ship ever served more than a few dozen people, because the city hospitals were never full. Those facilities could have been used for people who needed heart surgery, cancer biopsies, and joint replacements for people who were in extreme pain.
But there was always space for anyone who wanted to kill her baby. Apparently, infanticide is an “essential service.”
Finally, the Democrat Governors who were determined to destroy their states’ economies totally ignored their legislatures. Executive Orders have always been considered Emergency Orders from our nation’s founding. They are supposed to be used when immediate action is necessary, and the legislature cannot be convened. Contrary to the belief of most, Executive Orders – whether by Governors or the President himself – are not laws. Only legislatures can pass laws. But they have the effect of law until and unless the legislatures rescinds or modifies them.
The problem is that the legislatures are typically too cowardly to assert their authority. This is a Biblical principle. The Bible says there is safety in a multitude of counselors. The dictatorial governors who have done so much damage to our nation have ignored their legislatures, even when the legislators said, “OK. You used your emergency powers. But now it’s time to the people’s representatives to take the reins. The Michigan legislature said this to Governor “Witless” Whitmore. She ignored them and continued to act as a dictator. They even threated the people of Michigan that if they demonstrated against her unconstitutional actions, she would extend her lockdown. The legislature should have moved ahead and impeached her.
Again, why? If China had sent us the virus a year ago, there would not have been this ridiculous overreach by Liberal Governors. Why would they deliberately ruin the economies of their state, put millions out of work, bankrupt businesses, and destroy their tax base. There is only one possible answer. This is an election year.
So there you have it. The nation is rife with panic and unnecessary fear. Many will eventually get the China Virus, but the death rate is very low. Cities across the nation are threatened by mobs, looting, rape and murder. And our economy is in a shambles. And the Democrats are so joyful they’re about to dance in the streets. They believe that any of these the disasters they have engineered or exacerbated could lose President Trump the election.
But just to be safe, they threw in an impeachment. Just as the China Virus hit us they tried to keep the president distracted by a bogus impeachment. It was bogus because they knew he would never be convicted – he had done nothing wrong. But as the wicked, evil Pelosi smugly told reporters, “He wasn’t convicted, but he will always be impeached.”
The impeachments did not harm him at all. Americans know that a purely partisan impeachment is just a political ploy. It’s very similar to a corrupt prosecutor indicting someone he hates, even though he knows he doesn’t have the evidence to convict.
“OK, impeachment didn’t work. Let’s go to Plan B,” say they. The very day the first American got the China Virus they started circulating a hashtag on social media: #TrumpVirus.” Even these idiots have to know that no one would believe Trump imported the virus to hurt his re-election efforts. But that are so filled with hate that if Mount Saint Helen’s erupted tomorrow, they would blame Trump.
“Well, what about Plan C? Riots are always popular in election years.” So they organized and funded some protests that they knew would devolve into riots, and they refused to allow the police to protect the people and city. In Seattle, they allowed anarchists to take over a police precinct and much of downtown. The Governor and the Mayor did nothing – until the mob showed up at her house.
“It looks like we’re down to Plan D. When the economy is good, the incumbent president is almost always reelected. But when it’s bad, the challenger – even someone as weak and unbalanced so Crazy Joe Biden has a chance.”
Sorry, Democrats. Not this time. The American people say how Trump gave us the greatest economy in our history. And then they watched you tear it down. Trump will be reelected with a wide margin – and many Democrats will be voting for him.
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A masterful article filled with the very things of which we are seeming to have a dearth, currently...Reality is that we need to affirm & unitedly support the leadership that will represent these exact thoughts as foundational to the tough decisions our nation MUST make if we are to survive as a nation!!
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