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CHINA VIRUS: Amazon Censored this Virus Truth Book; Now it’s a #1 Bestseller

How Our Government and Scientists Have Lied to Us about the China Virus

June 15, 2020

There are lies. There are lies by ignorant omission. And then there are lies by deliberate omission. Governments and advisors have often been wrong in the past. That’s understandable; we’re all human. But lying to cover up their stupidity is wrong. And covering up scientific evidence of their sins of omission concerning the China Virus is as close to unforgiveable as I have ever seen. Because their sins have cost the lives of tens of thousands of Americans.

The country doctor had just graduated from medical school. He was happy to see his very first patient walk through his door. The man complained of bowel problems. The newly minted doctor was quick with his diagnosis: “I diagnose locked bowels!" he proclaimed triumphantly. “I’m not constipated; I have the opposite problem,” the man answered delicately.

The doctor was perplexed. He knew immediately that he was wrong. But his professors had drilled into him the concept that he could never admit to a misdiagnosis, since that would demonstrate weakness. So he quickly gathered his thoughts, and pronounced, “I diagnose locked bowels in the open position!”

Almost everyone has seen an example of the arrogance of some doctors. It’s called a “god complex.” And, to an extent, it is understandable. When a surgeon, for instance, has to make life and death decisions on the spot, he or she needs to be supremely confident. But when that over-confidence spreads into other areas of their life, the results are often frightful. For instance, when I was a financial professional, I found most doctors made the worst investors because they thought they were always right. And when they were wrong they couldn’t admit it.

Most politicians are the same. They have so much power in this nation as to be mind-boggling. They think that if the people trust them with their lives and livelihoods, they must be the smartest people on the planet. And when they’re wrong, they are just as loath to admit it as physicians.

When you put doctors and politicians with god complexes in charge of the nation’s response to a frightful pandemic, the results are frighteningly predictable. Foolish mistakes were made in haste based on untested models which were in turn based on faulty data. When their mistakes resulted in medical and financial disaster, they frantically scrambled to cover up the disaster they had created. To be clear, I’m not saying they created the Virus; China did that. But their response created a greater disaster than the Virus would have on its own.

Alex Berenson, a respected investigative journalist, has written an amazing short book titled, “Unreported Truths about Covid-19 and Lockdowns.” Every American who cares about the bungled response of the governors to the China Virus needs to read this. You can buy it on Amazon in paperback and e-Book formats ($5.90 in paperback; $2.99 in Kindle Format). This book is Part One in a series: “Introduction, Death Counts, and Estimates.” I eagerly await his next offering.

He reports on medical studies worldwide that the media, the politicians, and the failed “experts” have suppressed because they didn’t fit their narrative. The reason every American must read this book is that he reveals important truths from these studies that can keep you safe while also safeguarding your financial future.

For instance, the median age of Americans who have died of the Virus is the low eighties, most of who were in ill-health. At least half of those whose deaths are reported as “Covid-related” would have died in 2020 if the virus had never been sent to America.

So, as a suppressed German study revealed, lockdowns had a zero effect on the spread of the Virus among healthy adults and children – but a devastating effect on our economy. And you will be utterly shocked at the manipulation of the death rates by the authorities. My only quibble with his book is that he doesn’t refer to the Virus by its proper name: The China Virus.

Berenson had already published a best-seller on Amazon: Tell Your Children: The Truth about Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence. So he was shocked when he found that Amazon had censored his new book – even though Amazon is known to be a very liberal company that has censored conservative books in the past.

As a former New York Times investigative reporter and a published book author, he didn’t think there would be an issue. Some mainstream journalists had started a rumor that he was a fringe “coronavirus denier.” In a radio interview he said, “I’m not a fringe COVID denier, as the book makes clear. It says that more people die of COVID than the flu and it’s actually not that close.

“But it also says the people who are dying are very old for the most part; the median age of death is in the low 80s almost everywhere, and oftentimes they’re very sick. If we’re going to talk about lockdowns, we need to talk about the realities of who’s getting sick and who’s dying,” he added.

In his interview, he continued, “I put this book up Wednesday night a week ago on Amazon's Kindle Direct platform, which is their self-publishing platform…Given my background and given the fact that this is not a conspiracy theory, this is just data and facts that I’ve compiled with links,” Berenson considered this a logical extension of his social media posts that raised questions about the falsifying of data and the house arrest Americans had been placed under.

“The next morning I get a notice from Amazon. It just said, ‘This is rejected. If you want to publish it, consider removing references to COVID-19.'” But Amazon’s censorship backfired. There had been serious interest in the book in the short time it was on their platform. Following the removal Berenson reached out to his 100,000 Twitter followers, one of who was Elon Musk. After huge protests from conservatives Amazon was forced to reinstate it.

“Elon Musk, who obviously is a world renowned figure and runs two massive companies and has 35 million followers on Twitter, took on Jeff Bezos directly. He said, ‘This is insane,’ and he said, ‘You’re a monopoly, Amazon. You should be broken up as well.'”

“Two hours later, Amazon emailed me and they said, ‘We’re publishing this,’ and they went on to tell people, ‘Oh, it was a mistake.’” But it was no mistake. "I can tell you I have now heard from several other people whose COVID books they have refused to publish,” Berenson said.

“So the only mistake they made was picking on somebody who had a megaphone big enough to yell back at them. And the kicker on this story is that since then the book went to number one in Kindle over the weekend.”

The controversy over the censorship followed by the mighty Amazon backing down brought the book to the attention of millions. In addition to being the Number One Kindle Best-Seller, Berenson’s book is also the Number Three Best-Seller among all the tens of thousands of books that Amazon publishes.

In a FOX News interview Berenson told Martha MacCallum that we still have no way of knowing whether stay-at-home orders imposed by state governors did anything to stop the spread of the virus.

“Georgia was the first state to really end its lockdown. That was the end of April," he recalled. "There were all these people on the left saying, 'Georgia is going to be a factory of death. It's gonna be terrible in Georgia.' Guess what? Hospitalizations in Georgia are half what they were six weeks ago."

“I'm not saying there's nothing to be concerned about. I'm not saying there's nothing to watch,” Berenson continued. “We need to follow the data, just as we always have. But the media, the media just wants panic.”

“The media just wants panic.” In all the commentary on the China Virus, truer words have not been spoken. Other than FOX News and Conservative talk radio, the media is owned and controlled by the Democrat National Committee. They consider the China Virus a blessing, and they thank whatever gods they serve for it every day. They see it as a way to take down the president.

But, like all their schemes, this too, will fail. The American voter is not nearly as stupid as they would like to believe. Even Democrats don’t want to see Biden elected; 56% of them want to see him pulled from the ticket.

President Trump will be re-elected. And he, with the help of God, will bring America back to its former greatness – and to its senses.


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Although the Supreme Court is supposed to be in the business of reviewing laws passed by congress, it would seem that the Supreme Court has now usurped the Congress and written it's own law regarding hiring practices of LGBTQ applicants. A company cannot reject an applicant but Amazon can reject a book. Hmm. Interesting. I suppose I should look up the definition of discriminate.
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