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So How Do You Like Socialism So Far?

Blue State residents are getting a first hand preview what life will be like if the Dems succeed in their goal.

June 1, 2020

Blue State residents are getting a first-hand preview of what life will be like if the Democrats succeed in their goal. The question is, Do Democrat voters actually like it? 


Much of what we as conservatives who are dedicated to the principals of America and upholding the only set of laws in history designed from our country's founding - the Constitution - hold as sacred, is the concept of America as the sole country founded to guarantee the rights of the individual over the tyranny of a king, oligarch, or the state.


Up until the end of the 20th century that was the single concept that united all Americans regardless of party. Sadly that has changed in the last 20 years. 


A generation of brainwashing and manipulation by the DNC media/entertainment and educational complex has transferred the love for America and the rights of the individual to a Democrat party that views freedom much the same those infamous societies who happily embraced communism and fascism during the 20th century.


The Nazis at their rallies proudly chanted, “We s**t on Freedom!” and sadly that seems to be echoed by the modern Democrat party.


Nowhere is that baffling sentiment more starkly displayed than in the way Blue States controlled by Democrats have reacted to the pandemic.


They have almost gleefully tried to outdo one another in tyranny and abrogation of the guarantees of freedom enumerated by the Constitution.


“Constitution?” They sneer. “We don’t need no stinking Constitution!”


Contrary to the basic human rights laid down over two centuries ago they cavalierly suspend, bend, and change by fiat or executive order any right which does not please them on any given day.


While Red States continue to pursue a reasonable reopening balanced by the need for safety and the economy, Democrat-controlled Sates and especially cities, degenerate into lawless morasses of burning, looting, and rioting. 


Police in Democrat cities are told to stand down or abandon their posts and even their police stations to marauding bands. And instead of protecting the life and property of citizens their Democrat masters have them issuing fines or jail time - not to the rioters - but to responsible citizens trying to reopen or save their burning businesses. 


This is disturbingly reminiscent of Kristallnacht in 1938 Germany when the Nazi State told the police and firefighters to stand down to the mob and let Jewish business burn. Those tyrants preferred to govern through fear and intimidation too.

Like their modern-day Blue State counterparts, they loved issuing a constant barrage of often absurd and conflicting rules and regulations. Not because they served any useful purpose, but because they could. And that was a good way to show their contempt for the individual and glorify their own total control and power. 

Sound familiar?


Yes - it's just like the way today's Democrats rule over their Blue states. And if there is one way that Democrat apparatchiks love to show this is by issuing a constant stream of baffling, useless, and counterproductive orders.

Often with various towns, counties, cities, or even whole states issue issuing laws and regulations that conflict with their own pronouncements in the same breath!


In defiance of the Constitution, Democrat governors, mayors, and state legislators pass regulations and punishments designed to help their cronies and hurt their adversaries and there seems to be no check with either law or outrage.


This of course should not surprise us as it was one of Obama’s key henchmen who famously quipped, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” And in typical Democrat fashion, they are not.


However, the more important question is, how do the venal collection of hacks and demagogues who run Blue States continue to get away with it?


Sadly, it is not because they seized power in a bloody Revolution like Russia or China. No, as discouraging as it is to admit it, the Democrats came to power in Blue States the same way as the Nazi’s did in Germany - goaded by a lap-dog press, banal phrases, and absurd promises, the people in those states voted for them.


And full disclosure here folks. I am one of those still living behind one of these "Blue Curtains."

Why do I stay? Probably a certain stubbornness of abandoning the state where I was born and have always loved. Having seen it spiral downward from one of the historic founding places of America into a morass of leftist corruption - I do know of what I speak.


I have observed first-hand over decades how Democrat lies and deceit have worked at cozening the gullible.


Now to be certain they used many of those same tricks of lies, intimidation, and voter fraud, but we still must accept that by and large the majority of people in Blue states and cities voted for the same hacks who run their lives today.


And while it would be comforting to say their voters would learn from the "Fool me once…” rule, they seem instead to have not only infinite capacity but infinite love for being fooled, lied to, taxed, regulated, and willingly manipulated by a bunch bumbling hucksters who would put PT Barnum to shame.


So while I would love to see the answer from Blue State residents to my question, "So do you like socialism so far?” - come back as a resounding, “No!” - I’m afraid that for Democrat voters it is a resounding, “Yes!”


As hard as it is for us Americans to accept it, there are and always have been millions of people who gladly trade their own freedom for lies and platitudes in the name of some perceived group-think safety.


Remember what Benjamin Franklin said about that.

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

Sadly today's Blue State Democrats have done exactly that.

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