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Obama bin Lyin'

October 20, 2008

Oh, yes. Obama's been lyin' for sure. Since ACORN has been in the news recently due to a twelve-state investigation for voter fraud, he has been lying fast and furiously about his close relationship with ACORN. This profitable association began in 1992.

There is a multitude of documentation that, in addition to representing ACORN in a suit against Illinois (the only relationship he admits to), he has served as a trainer for them every year since 1992, and directed a voter registration campaign for them which delivered 50,000 new voters (many of them fraudulent).

Obama claims that he was never a trainer for ACORN. But the photo below shows a young Obama teaching in a conference room at ACORN's Chicago headquarters. It accompanied an article in a frankly Socialist magazine written by ACORN "Community Organizer" Tony Foulkes in which she admits that, although ACORN's voter registration are supposed to be non-partisan by law (since they receive 40% of their funding by way of your tax dollars), that "in some elections we get to have our cake and eat it too: work on nonpartisan voter registration and GOTV, which also turns out to benefit the candidate that we hold dear."

Foulkes goes on to describe how ACORN delivered the Illinois Senate seat for Obama, "the candidate that we hold dear." And she states in the 2004 article that "We have invited Obama to our leadership training sessions to run the session on power every year, and, as a result, many of our newly developing leaders got to know him before he ever ran for office. Thus, it was natural for many of us to be active volunteers in his first campaign."

I spoke to a gentleman today who said that Obama seems like a nice person; he thought Obama just had the wrong policies. The operative word in his sentence is "seems". Obama seems to be sincere. He seems to care about America. He seems to be truthful. He is none of those things. John McCain takes the high road; he says Obama is a "decent man." I don't think that this close to a crucial election we can afford the luxury of civility that prevents us from telling the truth. We have to call a spade a spade, not an agricultural implement. If the American citizenry doesn't realize in the next few weeks that Obama is the slickest liar ever to run for the White House, our country may elect the most dangerous man ever to occupy that office.

I always thought Bill Clinton was the best liar on the national scene. He lied even when he wasn't talking. Remember the famous incident when he was laughing and joking with a friend after Ron Brown's funeral? When he noticed a TV camera on him, he immediately assumed a somber expression, and somehow managed to produce a tear!

But Obama has him beat hands down. He's the chief chameleon in a profession full of them. He spoke a few months ago to a group of Jewish voters and gave them his solemn promise that Jerusalem would always belong to Israel. The VERY NEXT DAY he spoke to a group of Muslims, and said that he believed Jerusalem should be the capitol of Palestine. When he speaks to a mixed audience he talks like a college professor (which he claims to have been, but never was; he was only a lowly lecturer). But when he speaks to a predominantly black audience, he goes into his jive street guy act and starts speaking Ebonics.

Before we go further, let me describe ACORN. The acronym stands for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. It was founded by left-over hippies and 1960's Communist radicals who decided they could accomplish more by becoming "Community Organizers" than they had by bombing "The Man" or (as they liked to call the police) "The Pigs." As you will see, Obama's ACORN engages primarily in voter fraud, but it also found time to be the founder of our nation's current housing and credit crisis. They call for the destruction of the Free Market System, which they believe is evil.

And they believe, as Obama does, in "economic justice" (Socialist-speak for taking money from people who work, and giving it to people who don't).

As you read the next paragraph, remember that Obama has repeatedly, flatly denied in interviews and on his website that he has ever had any association with the Socialist ACORN organization other than representing them in one lawsuit. (There are public court records on the court case. Otherwise he would probably lie about representing ACORN in the case.)

Last month Obama reported to the FEC (Federal Elections Commission) that he had paid ACORN subsidiary CSI, Inc. $800,000 to do "sound and lighting" at his rallies. (Candidates must submit sworn statements of their campaign expenses under federal law.) Isn't it curious that the man who claims no association with ACORN would hugely overpay them for basically being stage hands? Remember, this was not for the huge extravaganza at the Temple of Obama during his convention. He probably did pay close to a million bucks for that sound and lighting! But the $800,000 was for local rallies.

It got curiouser a few weeks later. When his staffers realized that the fraudulent payment of $800,000 had been discovered, Obama quickly resubmitted his filing. This time, after blaming the error on a clerk, he claimed that only $200,000 was for sound and lighting. The other $600,000 was for "get out the vote" efforts on his behalf. Only two things are wrong with that. First, ACORN is sworn to be non-partisan in its voter fraud - excuse me, voter registration - efforts. Second, they are under investigation by at least 12 State Attorneys General for voter registration fraud. Over their 30 year history, there have been dozens of such investigations and many convictions for fraud. So why is the Democratic nominee for the highest office in the land giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to a Socialist organization that regularly violates state and federal law?

Concerning ACORN's supposed non-partisan voter registration efforts, I was amused when I watched an interview with an ACORN worker on national television last week. The young lady doing the interview asked the woman from ACORN some easy questions first. "How do you register people?" "Are people open to having you help?" Then she set the trap. "Who do you think the people you register will vote for?" Obama, of course. Who do you plan to vote for?" Same answer. Then she went for the kill: "Do you tell them they should vote for Obama?" The ACORN lady replied, "Sure I do!" Then, realizing what she had just admitted to, she practically ran away from the camera, yelling over her shoulder, "Uh, I gotta go!"

ACORN has submitted millions of fraudulent voter registrations in key battleground states for the presidential election. According to County Elections Supervisors in numerous states, one of their favorite is to gather registrations over several months, then submit hundreds of thousands of registrations on the last possible day. That way, officials don't have the time to weed out the bogus registrations for non-existent and dead people.

ACORN admits to hiring criminals to do their registration work, and claims that all the fraud is theirs, not ACORN's. And they claim that "voter registration fraud" is not a big deal. (It is, because confusion on the voter rolls could swing a tight election.) They claim it's only serious of "voter fraud" takes place, saying that just because an illegal or a felon registers doesn't mean they will vote. Really? Well the why does ACORN spend millions to obtain the fraudulent registrations? The only possible reason is that there will be fraudulent voting. By the way, I heard Obama use this exact ACORN justification in an interview a few days ago.

You will also be pleased to know that ACORN shares the blame with the Democrats in the Congress for the current financial crisis in our nation. Theirs was the largest group in the nation that did the "Community Organizing" that pressured Congress to force banks and mortgage companies to give housing loans to people who could not afford them. Any Senator or Congressman who didn't vote their way was threatened with being publicly branded a racist. That's powerful stuff. Most politicians would rather be accused of being a terrorist. So the Democrats followed ACORN's agenda, and when their reckless fiscal policies caused Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac to be investigated, the Democrats protected the failed institutions. (Fannie and Freddie are the huge Government Sponsored Enterprises - GSE's - that backed the bad loans. They were recently taken over by the US Government because they were insolvent.)

Four years ago McCain and other Republicans pushed for strong regulation of Fannie and Freddie, which would almost have averted the current crisis. The Democrats never let it get out of Committee. (See the VIDEO LINK of a Senate Hearing on Fannie & Freddie below.) Two years ago McCain introduced legislation to save us from what he correctly believed was a looming housing crisis. The Democrat-controlled Congress shot it down to protect their buddies, the criminals running the GSE's.

The broader financial crisis today all stems from the housing crisis. The investment banking firms that have gone out of business all held these bad mortgage loans through the vehicle of derivatives. Ditto the many banks that failed, many of which also held these bad loans directly. And the AIG debacle occurred because AIG (the world's largest insurer, which our government recently bailed out to the tune of $85 Billion) insured the mortgage backed securities, which led to AIG's downfall.

As I detailed last week, our nation's housing crisis started more than 30 years ago under a Democrat President (Carter), and became truly radical under Bill Clinton. Yet the Democrats, led by their Messiah (as Obama's racist, anti-Semite buddy Louis Farrakhan calls Obama), persist in claiming that all this happened in the last eight years due to George W. Bush's "failed economic policies." The fact is that the "failed policies" of the Democrats, ACORN, and Fannie and Freddie are directly responsible for the worst drop in real estate values we have experienced, as well as the credit crisis that is crippling our economy. And Obama defends all of them.

The irony of all this is that when the $700 Billion bailout bill (which Nancy Pelosi proudly admits was written by the Democrats) was first introduced, it contained a huge payout to ACORN backed by Obama. Do you remember Treasury Secretary Paulson assuring the nation that we weren't just giving money to the financial institutions; that they would "pay the taxpayers back"? Well, Robin Hood Obama and his merry band of Democrats decided that the FIRST TWENTY PER CENT of the money paid back would go to ACORN! This would have meant tens of billions to ACORN (much of which would find its way into the pocks of Dem lawmakers. It took John McCain suspending his campaign and returning to DC to get that huge piece of pork surgically removed from the bill.

Let's summarize:
1) Barrack Obama claims he has no association with ACORN except representing them in a lawsuit against his state.
2) An ACORN "Community Organizer proudly states in an article for a Socialist magazine that Obama returned every year to "run the session on Power" at ACORN's "leadership training sessions."
3) Obama first lied on his website, claiming he had never done training for ACORN, because he knew that open association with a radical Socialist group would damage his campaign.
4) When he realized that there was abundant proof on the web that he HAD been an ACORN trainer, he quickly changed his website to read "ACORN never hired Obama as a trainer, organizer, or any type of employee." That's true. He was never "hired" because he was a volunteer.
5) Obama pays and ACORN group $800,000, supposedly for sound and lighting work. When he is caught in the lie, he tells the Feds that $600,000 was really for "get out the vote" work.
6) ACORN's "get out the vote" work in Ohio results in 600,000 new voters, 200,000 of which are probably fraudulent. ACORN workers convince uneducated people to register as many as 70 times, using names like Mickey Mouse and the whole Dallas Cowboys lineup.
7) ACORN registers illegal aliens, felons, children and dogs.
8) Obama defends ACORN, using their exact "talking points" when he claims that "voter registration fraud" is not the same thing as "voter fraud."
9) ACORN started the housing crisis with their "Community Organizing" efforts, along with threats of lawsuits and accusations of racism against lawmakers who wouldn't follow their radical Socialist agenda.
10) Obama and his party try to give billions of dollars to ACORN as part of the $700 Billion Bailout Bill.

We're having a contest here at Conservative Truth. If you know of anyone who is a bigger liar than Obama, submit their name along with documentation of their lies. You could win a free subscription...


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