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The Excuses for a Democrat Loss Have Already Begun

March 2, 2020

If you’re familiar with “The Atlantic” website, you’ll guess like me that if they were to endorse a presidential candidate, it would probably be Bernie Sanders.

To me, the Atlantic is as leftist as Slate or Salon.com.

But they haven’t endorsed anyone as of yet. Don’t know that they will, but it would definitely be Bernie.

Instead, they just publish pieces extolling the virtues of leftism, or articles such as the following, giving excuses for - if a “progressive” doesn’t win and why - and if a moderate doesn’t win and why. Neither time is the fault of the progressive.

It’s kind of like when we say Communism doesn’t work – has never worked – their retort is that it’s just never been implemented properly.

The article is entitled:

"When Will Moderates Learn Their Lesson?" (1) If centrists can’t move past their doctrine and recognize when their candidates are unelectable, then how will Democrats ever beat Trump?

It’s authored by a gentleman named Ibram X. Kendi, Director of the Antiracist Research and Policy Center at American University.

So, he’s a perpetually offended leftist racist himself.

The article is long so I just pulled out a couple of salient highlights, so that I may add my brilliant commentary!

Mr. X. Kendi’s thoughts are indented and my brilliance is justified left.

Kendi writes:

An adviser to George McGovern in 1972, Marshall Matz (2), has tried “to sound the alarm” about history repeating itself if the Democrats nominate Sanders. “I do believe that Senator Sanders is too liberal to defeat an incumbent Republican president, especially an incumbent president with a good economy and a huge bankroll.”

We’re a long way for 1972 Dorothy. Heck, I don’t think McGovern could get the nomination today. They’d probably call him a moderate. Hell, Obama would be called a moderate if he ran the same way he did in 2008.

Despite all the talk of the 6 million Obama-to-Trump voters winning the election for Trump, more Obama voters (3) in 2012 swung to not voting (4.4 million) or voting third party (2.3 million) in 2016. These other swing voters were more likely (4) to be younger and people of color—and especially young black people.

Today, they are likely to favor (5) progressive candidates.

Why – because they’re young and ignorant and more easily fooled? More easily lured to Bernie the Red’s side where everything is free, where the sun shines every day, and you can ride a unicorn from your parent’s house to free college classes and get your degree in “Antiracist Research”?

They are likely to be turned off (6) by moderate candidates, turned off by the records of Biden, former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, former Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and Senator Amy Klobuchar on issues of race and gender.

Moderate Candidates? If moderate is code for crook, then Biden is a moderate. Bloomberg fancies himself the first Monarch of America - Mayor Pete, who isn’t a Mayor anymore, but is almost as radical as Bernie - and Amy – I simply don’t know enough about her but I know she can’t be a “moderate, by any historical meaning. There are no moderates left in the party. I guess a moderate now means anyone who isn’t a communist.

Now, this is classic - the pre-packaged excuses they’ve already concocted, even before the next round of Russian meddling, or whatever they’ll come up with in November. They are already preparing themselves.

If a moderate Democrat loses, they have an excuse:

If Democrats nominate a moderate who loses a decisive mass of young black voters in November, then I suspect most moderates will not blame the party’s choice for Trump’s reelection. I suspect they will blame those other swing voters who swung to not voting.

If a progressive loses to Trump, they have an excuse:

If Democrats nominate a progressive who loses a decisive mass of white swing voters in November, then I suspect those very same moderates will blame the party’s choice for Trump’s reelection.

I suspect they will not blame those white swing voters who swung to Trump. They will blame the progressive nominee for turning them toward Trump. They will repeatedly say they warned progressives of a replay of 1972 if they nominated another McGovern in 2020.

Now, this is the key to what we conservatives have been saying – that there really are no moderates. Because now it’s not policy disagreement according to old Malcolm X Kendi or whatever his name is. Now it’s just how fast they go full leftist.

Moderates tend to agree with progressives on the crises of health care, inequality, and climate change, while advocating for gradual remedies that they consider more politically or economically viable. Moderates are largely tailoring campaigns to centrist and Republican voters they believe hold the keys to the White House.

No, they’re not. They’re just trying to soft-pedal their radicalism with “gradual remedies.” Moderates on the left are like so-called moderates on the right. They have beliefs just like the rest of us, right or left. They’re just too spineless to come out and say so.

In other words, Mr. Kendi just confirmed what we know. Everyone in the current Democrat party is a radical.

Put in terms of martial arts, it’s just whether they are a beginner – a white belt - or a 10th-degree black belt like Bernie.

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