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Note to Dems: Be Careful What You Wish For

Or…The wisdom of letting ‘sleeping dogs lie.'

December 16, 2019

From the first moments that the Democrats had to choke down their angry tears over Trump beating their ‘sure thing’ - Hillary - the DNC and their surrogates with press passes (the MSM) swore that they would spend every waking moment of the next four years trying every trick they could dream up - fair or foul (and mostly foul) - to impeach him.
And give credit where credit is due, if you are a hysterical, Trump-hating, deranged liberal (are there any other kind?) you have to be happy with their dedication to destruction and spite. Because that is the one and only promise they have kept.
Too bad it’s only a one-sided, nasty, duplicitous, lying, manipulative, anti-constitutional farce - pandering to a small group of bitter, angry, violent, America-hating, leftist partisans. They are the core of the new Democrat party and that is what that “new” Democrat party is all about.
Sadly that’s not exactly 'new' news. Their party was founded on pandering to partisans and hatred of everyone else.
Remember that they were the party that coined the term, “Yellow Dog Democrat.” Meaning they would rather vote for a “yellow dog” than anyone who wasn’t a Democrat. They haven’t changed - except now they're not even sure about the yellow dog… unless it can prove that it hates Trump!
Ironic isn’t it, that the party that claims to be Social Justice Warriors conveniently forgets about their long affiliation with the KKK, and Jim Crow laws. Now they all claim to be “woke.” And fearless champions of all minorities and the ‘victims' of discrimination.

But are they? Well - in reality, not so much.

It turns out that you have to be a ‘special’ type of ‘victim’ of discrimination to quality for the DNC/MSM stamp of approval. And exactly how you qualify for that elevated status is not as straight-forward as you might think.
For instance, if you are a minority you’d qualify. And if you were LGBTQ, you qualify. So if you were both LGBTQ and a minority you should be golden right?
Ah, not so fast.

A reporter, Andy Ngo, who was both of those things had the crap beat out of him by Democrat rioters in Portland Oregon this fall. Why? Because despite him checking so many of the DNC boxes he committed their one unpardonable sin - he thought for himself. And as with any blindly partisan, violent, and totalitarian regime, that sort of integrity and independence can never be permitted.
The same for African-Americans. The DNC claims to represent and stand up for African-Americans and yet practices the vilest name-calling and harassment against intelligent, patriotic, and articulate black spokespeople for the African-American community whose only ‘sin’ is refusing to take orders from the DNC/MSM media complex.
It is the same for women, who the DNC pretends to speak for, unless they are Conservative women. In every profession and industry from science to technology, business, media, military, education, law enforcement, government, politics, and a thousand others walks of life, intelligent, brave, and creative women are harassed, mocked, sneered at, and abused by the bile-spewing haters who run the DNC/MSM.
According to the DNC media complex, all Conservative women in the military are ‘war-mongers,’ in law enforcement they’re ‘racists,’ in the media they’re dumb ‘bimbos,’ and in schools and colleges, they become targets of violence, shaming, social ostracism, and bullying - by not only other students but their Democrat teachers as well!
This is the face of modern DNC.
Thus it is no wonder that they thought they could apply those same vicious tactics to Trump. "We hate him. He won’t submit to our bullying, so let’s Impeach him!” they screamed. They thought that by controlling the processes in the House and the media narrative, it would be easy.
But they miscalculated. He’s not going down so easy. In fact, he’s not going down at all.
The cowards of the DNC/MSM have finally met someone able to not only stand up to their smears and bullying but who has no problem in giving it right back to them…with interest!
So if you detect a note of panic recently as the polls begin to show that the lies are falling flat and the smear isn’t sticking, that may just be the second thoughts that are beginning to nudge a few of the less unhinged Dems as they begin to wonder if this will turn out as they expected. 
Do you suppose that deep in the lair of the DNC/MSM they are hearing the faint but inexorable rasp of a can-opener slowly opening a big wiggling can of worms filled with Democrat lies, obstruction, secret deals, and cover-ups that they thought they had successfully buried?
And to give the devils their due, they had done a damn fine job of it too. Up until now. Unfortunately (for them), while they are very crafty, that doesn’t necessarily translate into ‘smart.’
They should have remembered what mama always said about, “letting sleeping dogs lie.” Because now they’ve woken up the 'big dog.’
And watch out Dems…‘cause he bites!

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