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Is The Left Is Becoming 'Hoist' on Their Own PC Petard?

What happens when you constantly promote victimhood and political correctness?

April 15, 2019

What happens when you constantly promote victimhood and political correctness? 
That same political correctness will someday turn on you! 
It’s almost amusing to watch the purveyors of PC and champions of ‘virtue signaling' who have excoriated others for their noncompliance, be accused and condemned by their own followers for doing the very things they have railed against.
In fact, it was their esteemed leader Barack Obama who recently warned the ever-growing herd of shrill presidential 'wannabes' not to engage in what he called, a “circular firing squad.” They responded by widening the circle and reloading.
Their proposed champion to take down the hated Trump, good old 'Uncle Joe’ Biden, is now being charged with a career of unwanted ‘touching and feeling.’
What was once seen as endearing when he began his long career of accomplishing little outside of being a ‘coat-holder’ and feathering his own nest has now turned toxic is the public arena of leftist orthodoxy. In fact, Joe has gone from being 'wise' and 'statesman-like’ to having multiple women accuse him of unwanted touching, sniffing, and feeling - causing the media that just weeks ago lionized him as “good old Uncle Joe,” to revise their fawning to sneers of “creepy old Joe” and even “Gropey Joe!”
It almost makes you want to smile...almost. 
Make no mistake though, as political correctness increases its hold over the left, Uncle Joe’s ‘hands-on’ approach will not be the last to fall afoul of the “Me too!” - “Me first” and, “Look at me!” bands of lefties seeking the coveted status of ‘victimhood.’
And Biden is hardly alone - nor is his fall from PC grace unique among the left. Hardly a day goes by that there is not some new accusation from the left condemning one of its own for breaking one of the thousands of ever-changing PC rules.
Shakespeare had a phrase for what the Left is doing to their own. It was called being a "Hoist with his own petard.” And it is "a phrase from a speech in William Shakespeare's play Hamlet that has become proverbial. The phrase's meaning is literally that the bomb-maker is blown up by his own bomb, and indicates an ironic reversal, or poetic justice." (Wikipedia)
“Poetic justice." While there is a certain amount of Schadenfreude in seeing the latest virtue signaler and social justice warrior being a "Hoist with his own petard,” it is also disturbing that there is a coalition of Leftists loons who have made this a part of current American culture.
In a country that was founded on tolerance, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, how have we allowed these new witch hunters to get so far?
We have fought wars and still offer refuge to people around the world fleeing oppression from the murderous demagogues of political oppression - whether from monarchs, Bolsheviks, Nazis, Maoists, Castro, or Isis; we have always been dedicated to being a bastion of freedom - a place where people would not be punished for speaking their mind or be subject to the prior restraint by ’thought police.’
We were a beacon of that unique freedom for over 200 years but it only took the Left a few years to destroy it.
What they don’t realize however is that eventually, it will destroy them too. Take a look at the politically correct dictatorships over the past century.
The Bolsheviks came to power is 1917 but by the ’30s Stalin had executed and purged all of his old ‘comrades,’ as well as millions of others for not being good enough communists.
Ditto for Nazi Germany where Hitler stood his "Alter Kämpfers" up against the wall for not being Nazi enough.
Mao used propaganda-brainwashed students to purged millions in his Cultural Revolution, and ISIS burned and beheaded thousand for infractions of Sharia Law. 
Does this sound familiar?
All we have to do is look at what is happening with the rise of intolerance and violently enforced political correctness on our own college campuses which used to be beacons of free thought and questions, and now are made up of humorless, brainwashed robots trained to shout down all ideas and speech which does not conform to the PC policy ‘de jour’ of their Marxist professors.
Heinrich Heine, wrote in his famous admonition,  "Where they burn books, they will also ultimately burn people.” And the Nazis proved him true.
But aren’t the campus Left and PC mavens leading? Its lemming-like followers going over the same self-destructive cliff as they clamor more and more for the banning of books and stifling of all dissent from their rigid ideology?
And like all mindless totalitarianism, it starts out almost funny as the AOCs, Maxine Watters, and Bernie Bros try to outdo one another with more and more ridiculous pronouncements - often contradicting not only each other but themselves from speech to speech!
Those of us peering in from the outside through the bars of tangled rhotic that they wrap themselves in can only shake our heads and wonder, “Do they realize how shrill, deranged, and quite frankly ridiculous they sound?”
The answer is of course, no - at least for the poor glazed-eyed, weak-willed followers of the daily PC trends and prohibitions listening fearfully to whatever constitutes the new retroactive thought crime being trumpeted today. 
Make no mistake though, those at the top of the DNC/MSN cabal realize the power that can be wielded by screaming, “J’accuse!” at political rivals both outside and even within the Democrat party. 
Thus while it might be comforting to know that eventually the viper of PC will turn and bite the very shrill demagogues who practice and profit by it, I’m afraid that for the rest of us who were raised on the cherished ideals of American freedom, it is cold comfort indeed.

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