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Making Abortion Legal Does Not Make it Moral - Murder is Murder!

WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC DESCRIPTION OF ABORTIONS - legally performed daily in the United States and around the world!

March 25, 2019

If the words we use for the termination of a born child’s life is called a post-birth abortion, it doesn’t change the fact it is still the murder of a living person and is treated as a homicide by New York police. However, the recent Reproductive Health Act (RHA) addressing late-term abortions passed in Albany, New York, was celebrated with a standing ovation by the state’s leaders. The governor also celebrated with an order to light many buildings in New York City with pink light. This state’s decision gives women the right to decide if she wants her child killed, even if it is near to being born. The new law does say that abortions are illegal after the first 24 weeks of pregnancy, unless the fetus isn’t viable or the abortion is necessary to protect the mother’s health or life. However, that is a fine distinction to make, which could lead to legal murder.

We’re saying here in New York women’s health matters. We’re saying here in New York women’s lives matter. We’re saying here in New York women’s decisions matter,” said Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Democratic NY Senate Majority Leader.

If you look at Stewart-Cousins’ statement, one would agree that the father has no rights, and the child who is lying on the delivery table has no surrogate representing his or her rights because he or she has no rights according to the "Reproductive Health Act." Only the woman has the right to decide to tell the doctors to “kill the baby.” The law, I believe, puts more women’s lives in jeopardy because many more people can now perform abortions, right up until delivery and after.

No longer can just a Medical Doctor perform abortions; the law also says a physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner, or a midwife licensed to do so can perform abortions. Also, each of these people is empowered to make the call to advise the mother of her options. One has to ask whether all of the above people who can perform abortions are qualified to do the procedure or make that final determination on human life.

When I wrote my first book on radical Islamic terrorism, “The Brotherhood of the Red Nile, A Terrorist Perspective,” I believed that the vast majority of Americans had never read either Sharia Law or the Quran. As I started doing radio and TV, I would ask the question of what percentage of the listeners or viewers have read either or both? The reply was usually between 1 to 3%.

Now I’m going to do the same thing and ask you, my readers, this question: “Do you know how second and third-semester abortions are performed?”

Here is how it’s done. Be prepared as this is as ugly as it gets.

Dilation and Evacuation (D and E)

This is done after the third month of pregnancy. The cervix must be dilated before the abortion. Usually, Laminaria sticks are inserted into the cervix. These are made of sterilized seaweed that is compressed into thin sticks. When inserted, they absorb moisture and expand, thus enlarging the cervix.

A pliers-like instrument is inserted through the cervix into the uterus. The abortionist then seizes a leg, arm, or other parts of the baby and with a twisting motion, tears it from the body. This continues until only the head remains.

Finally, the skull is crushed and pulled out. The nurse must then reassemble the body parts to be sure that all of them were removed.

Prostaglandin Abortion

Prostaglandin is a hormone that induces labor. The baby usually dies from the trauma of the delivery. However, if the baby is old enough, it will be born alive. This is called a legal “complication.” To prevent this and a charge of homicide, some abortionists use ultrasound to guide them as they inject a “feticide” (a drug that kills the fetus) into the unborn baby’s heart. They then administer prostaglandin and a dead baby is delivered. This type of abortion is used in mid- and late-term pregnancies.

Dilation and Extraction (D and X)

This abortion is also used on mid- and late-term babies, from 4 to 9 months gestation. Ultrasound is used to identify how the unborn baby is facing in the womb. The abortionist inserts forceps through the cervical canal into the uterus and grasps one of the baby’s legs, positioning the baby’s feet first, face down (breech position).

The child’s body is then pulled out of the birth canal, except for the head, which is too large to pass through the cervix. The baby is alive, and probably kicking and flailing his legs and arms. The abortionist hooks his fingers over the baby’s shoulders, holding the woman’s cervix away from the baby’s neck. He then jams blunt-tipped surgical scissors into the base of the skull and spreads the tips apart to enlarge the wound.

A suction catheter is then inserted into the baby’s skull, and the brain is sucked out. The skull collapses and the baby’s head passes quickly through the cervix.

Have you heaved your guts yet, or are you in tears at these procedures?

This now leads me to the issue of fetal pain. SCRIB published a report by a team of doctors who report that they do not believe that a fetus feels pain until the last trimester. With other states like New York that will allow third-trimester abortions near to the moment of delivery, the issue of fetus pain has to be revisited.

Please take a moment and reread the three types of abortion above for a late-term pregnancy. I especially want to point out the section in a "Prostaglandin Abortion" that there is the possibility of the fetus being born alive. This, as stated, is a legal complication, so the abortionist must kill the fetus before it is born. The abortionist will then inject “feticide,” a drug that kills the fetus, into the unborn baby’s heart.

What does this say about the political leaders — men and women — who celebrate the murder of these innocents? What does it say about a nation who not only wants to kill their children before they are born, and finds no moral issue with post-birth abortion? The Reproductive Health Act gives women and only women all the decisions with little legal accountability for their actions. There is a great deal of talk about the small number of third-trimester abortions performed in the nation. I for one think we will look back at the surprising increase in the numbers and may not care. That is when America stops being America, where "In God We Trust."

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