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Could the DNC/MSM Media Propaganda 'Wall' of Solidarity Be Cracking?

'Too-good-to-be-true' often isn't.

March 4, 2019

The recent events of the past several weeks have been putting a strain on the Democrat National Committee and the mainstream media machine. They were almost giddy with these “too-good-to-be-true” stories - until they found out they weren't - true, that is.
First was the MAGA hat-wearing kids who were supposedly harassing a paragon of Native American virtue by ‘smirking’ at his righteous tom-tom.
“Outrageous!" screamed the MSM. And they called - in their press and opinion pieces disguised as reporting - for the social media lynching of the kids and their Catholic school. One reporter went so far as to suggest that some social justice warrior should punch out one of the kids (that is, if the SJW was actually tough enough to handle a 16-year-old kid).
The second “too-good-to-be-true” story came with the black, gay actor who was savagely beaten by MAGA hat-wearing, rope-wielding, hood-wearing KKK Trump supporters…yeah.
The only problem was that the leftist spin put on these stories was simply not true. None of it.
Both incidents emerged finally as the tip of the false narrative of journalist propaganda masquerading as news from the MSM at the behest of their DNC masters. In other words, a perfect example of what Trump calls -“fake news.” You know, the stuff the MSM claims is merely a figment of his imagination. The only problem is they are the purveyors of these ‘figments.’
Those of us not suffering from full-blown TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) are constantly puzzled by the bizarre dichotomy of those in the MSM who claim to be news ‘reporters,’ supposedly trained to view and ‘report’ the news factually - who instead spin, obfuscate, slant, and sometimes make up stories out of whole cloth.
The only positive development over the past two years is that most of the MSM have dropped the pretense of trying to hide their agenda as they did during the Obama years, when they were piously claiming to be ‘reporting’ by simply reprinting press handouts from the White House. 
They are still following the press handouts, but now they are not from the White House, they are from the DNC.
Is there no one in the MSM who is the least bit embarrassed at what shameless shills they’ve become for the DNC? Does no one lament for the day when they used to be able to actually report the news rather than promoting some stories while burying others to fit their leftist political agenda?
Apparently, there is at least one. Recently a veteran reporter (a real one) with 32 years at CBS (a full member of the MSM) let the 'cat' of truth out of the 'bag' of propaganda and confirmed what we all knew. 

According to a Washington Examiner article, kudos to: 
"CBS reporter, Lara Logan, for telling the truth in a recent interview, in saying that the media both nationally and internationally is hideously biased leftward."

“The media everywhere is mostly liberal,” Logan told podcaster Mike Ritland, citing her 30 years in professional journalism. “In this country, 85-percent of journalists are registered Democrats…I always joke that another 14 percent were too lazy to register and that there’s maybe one percent that is on the Right.”  
She went on to say that the standards of professionalism have dropped precipitously: “Although the media has always been historically left-leaning, we’ve abandoned our pretense, or at least the effort, to be objective today...That means we’ve become political activists in a sense and, some could argue, propagandists — and there’s some merit to that.”
How refreshing to hear an actual member of the MSM do something that has all but vanished from their ‘reporting’ - tell the truth.
And that truth is that they are no longer reporters. They are simply propagandists. 
What can those of us who are tired of this one-sided charade do?
First of all, let the purveyors of propaganda disguised as news know that we are not buying any of it. Let them know that we will not be consumers of their spin disguised as news. Expose them as slavish sheep in the DNC media complex every chance we get.
They may not care. They may be content with talking only to their own brain-washed acolytes in an echo chamber; but maybe, just maybe, there may be more Lara Logans who have enough integrity that will break free from the DNC propaganda machine and become journalists once more.
We can only hope.

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