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Chris Wallace’s Anti-Trump Bias

February 18, 2019

Last Week, acting Attorney General Andrew Whitaker was on Capitol Hill in front of the House Judiciary panel. He was testifying about pretty much nothing. 

As it usually is, this panel was convened in public and on camera as a show. It was reality TV and should be treated by any reasonable American with the same reverence as an episode of Real Housewives. But that’s what the Democrats said they would do if they took control of the House. They are as good, or bad, as their word. This was no surprise. 

The Democrats’ goal is to now make life for the President and his administration as miserable as they can, and that’s a shame. For the next two years, they will abuse their oversight authority for that sole purpose. This was fully expected for a Party stuck in the past, still trying to come to grips with the 2016 presidential loss. So it’s hard to be disappointed with such a band of leftist hacks and their stenographers in the mainstream press. 

What is disappointing is the attitude of supposed reasonable anchors like Chris Wallace. 

Chris Wallace has been known as a down-the-middle straight shooter for years. He always appeared to treat politicians fairly, whether from the right or left. That is until President Trump was elected. Since then Wallace has taken a decided turn toward the left. He has become very combative toward this president in particular. 

Unlike many anchors and hosts on Fox News, Wallace is supposed to be a journalist. You cannot and should not say the same of hosts like Sean Hannity or Tucker Carlson - they are commentators. 

Journalists are supposed to report the facts, without bias toward one side or another. But Wallace can’t seem to help himself where Trump and his administration are concerned. 

Case in point.

During a break in the Whitaker witch trial by Jerry Nadler and his crew, Wallace first admits that not much was learned during the hearing. Big surprise. He admits that there’s nothing there, no smoking gun, no interference in the Mueller investigation. 

Of course, the Dems already knew that. As I said – this was never the point to these show hearings. The point is to harass – nothing else. 

But then Wallace said that he finds it “kind of rich that Republicans are so outraged that there would be this kind of a hearing of the other party’s president and administration. You know, it’s not like Republicans sat on their hands when Barack Obama was president,” Wallace said. “They investigated Benghazi, they investigated Fast & Furious, they investigated the IRS, and you know, look, those were all legitimate issues to investigate. Sometimes they found some things, sometimes they didn’t find things.” 

Wallace added that it was all “part of oversight.” 

Well, sorry, Chris, it’s not, at least not in this case. The Mueller “investigation” is based on a fabricated document. It has dragged on for years now with nothing but unrelated and process crimes to show for it. It is and has always been an investigation in search of a crime. 

In the case of the Obama administration, there were clearly crimes committed by his people during the Benghazi fiasco, Eric Holder’s Fast and Furious gun-running scheme, and the IRS targeting of conservative groups. The only reason nothing much came of them was due only to a lack of courage on the Republican side of the aisle. The Republicans talked a good game during the hearings but did nothing to hold Holder, Hillary, Susan Rice, Lois Lerner, etc. accountable. The most they got was an admission and a “sincere apology” from the IRS. Otherwise, everyone got off scot-free. 

However, in the Republicans' defense, I’m sure they knew nothing would come of any investigations run by Loretta Lynch’s Justice Department. 

People died because of the Benghazi cover-up, as well as due to Fast and Furious. 

So no, Chris, the investigation of the myth of collusion is not equatable to the serious offenses committed by the previous administration. 

Once again, your bias against Trump and his administration is showing, and it’s not at all attractive.

Brent Smith, at the Common Constitutionalist

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Watching the debate today September 30, 2020), I can most definitely tell he's not giving the president a fair shake.
Chris Wallace is more interested in a 'gotcha moment' than reporting the truth! His interview with Mulvaney: Do me a favor................investigate the Bidens.............he left out all the contents between favor and the Bidens and Mulvaney called him out on it and he stuttered and moved on. i used to think he was fair and balanced, but, now in retrospect i think he was given way to much credit....maybe due to the legacy of his father, MIke. He is weak and not prepared........only his designated talking points.....he is not a politician or a elected official...could care less about his bias opinions.
Dward Fardbark
Chris has lost his senses and drunk the far left Kool-Aid. If he is a stand-up guy he'd admit this rather than hide behind his 'fair and balanced' label. Spinning and twisting to fit and unsupportable narrative while hiding behind a facade is the kind of thing liberals do and a BS move. Everyone is entitled to whatever view or belief they want - this is America after all - but at least have the character and gumption do it out in the open, instead of hiding behind the appearance of being something else.
Chris Wallace is in the pockets of the NEVER Trumpers. I don't think he has us MAGA people fooled at all. It amazes me that such intelligent people can be so dumb.
Mr. Lee
Chris Wallace is just a chip off the old left wing block like his father. He is wrapped up in his imaginary self importance and is out of touch with the hard working every day patriots that really produce something other than biased hot air.
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