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Race in America: Intellectually Shallow Liberals

July 9, 2018

In Western nations, Whites – particularly non-liberals – always have to preface that they are not racist when the subjects of race or ethnicity are raised. White liberals, on the other hand, engage in racist comments and actions without challenge, but they cover their brand of racism with layers of do-gooder drivel. This drivel is increasingly coming at us from young college students who, when brave enough to leave their “safe spaces,” suddenly know enough to lecture us about our lives and how terrible we have been because – well, because we Whites exist. These young liberals and their old professors see no contradiction in terms to simultaneously oppose racism and Whites.
In America, other races and ethnicities could not survive – let alone flourish – if not for White liberals – at least this is the message we receive every day from liberal politicians and media. The level of dependence created is almost beyond description. Scholarships, foundations, and institutions have been formed in displays of compassion. These entities are then beyond reproach. Criticism – or even mere questioning – is racist in and of itself. Such dependence then translates into political votes.
While this silliness has spread to even the highest legislature in the land, nearly no one questions the validity of the Congressional Black Caucus and no one enquires about the need of a Congressional White Caucus. The latter would be rejected as racist before it even formed.
Why would a White politician care about a Congressional White Caucus? Race does not define an individual; yet, we are supposed to accept that race is defining for certain groups of people. Further, we are supposed to believe that because of someone else’s race – or ethnicity – they automatically have different experiences. There lies the first layer of racism from liberals.
Let us sum up the above paragraph into one nice, neat little package. This is how liberals view race: all Black people think alike. If you doubt this, then explain why politicians speak of Black Americans as though they are one large entity, whether they reside in Los Angeles or Loudon, New Hampshire.
Now let us take the silliness to a new plane. Recently, a Louisiana family urged Blue Bell, a maker of ice cream, to change the name of its half-chocolate, half-vanilla offering from “The Great Divide” to “Better Together.” While the family is of mixed race, the root issue is indeed liberalism. A person who can look at ice cream and see skin color has a problem – one which requires professional help. The intellectual shallowness involved in this request should strike fear when considering that the parents in this situation are both teachers. They are teaching the next generation to…not think? To be mindless, indoctrinated robots who will act as programmed? To look at food and see a racial statement? To use adjectives such as “appalling” would serve only to exhaust the English language in the attempt to adequately describe the intellectual vacuity.
For those curious, “The Great Divide” refers to those who have a difficult time choosing between the old favorites of vanilla and chocolate. Blue Bell put both flavors in the same bucket and, voilà, the divide is crossed. The marketers at Blue Bell look like great physicists or Nobel laureates compared to those Louisiana parents “teaching” the next generation.
This brings us back to “White privilege.” The sight of White college students, many of whom are financed by their hard-working parents, criticizing “whiteness” as some kind of plague on the country is richer than a bowl full of “The Great Divide” ice cream. Legal immigrants have a great history of coming to America penniless and developing businesses and shops which make them relatively wealthy, by American standards, and frequently insanely wealthy judging by their former lifestyles. But the ice cream.
The only “privilege” in America is hard work and, oh yeah, that’s not even a privilege.
The vast majority of Americans economically reside in the Middle Class. Our poor are a small bunch; our wealthy are few in number. Millionaires and billionaires frequently rotate out as they take a risk, lose their fortunes, and give it another go. The Middle Class take fewer risks and thus gain fewer rewards, but they (we) make up the overwhelming majority of this nation. The only way to abolish the Middle Class, barring some foolish, inconceivable moves by politicians, is to redefine it. Of course, liberals are doing just that.
Liberals have redefined the Middle Class in ways that would suggest that what is Middle Class in Europe is poor here. Translation: America is insanely rich, by historical standards. Some liberal outlets place the Middle Class as containing less than 60% of all Americans. The real number is closer to 90%, all things being equal to American expectations and conditions in other countries.
What does defining the Middle Class have to do with race? White privilege? Inequality? In economics, if you want to solve (or create) a problem, change the definition.
Look at race and economics and liberal shallowness another way: We are by far the richest country in the history of Mankind (overall, considering all its citizens’ individual wealth and disregarding government-only wealth and that of tiny, historically insignificant municipalities), yet there is always a liberal riposte to positive economic news; always a critique of America; always a call for more government control. Always. This means that there is a lot of denial, self-hatred, and rejection of capitalism – the economic engine of liberty.
Claiming “White privilege” is to declare that America and capitalism are illegitimate. At that point, race is a tool, much like a sledgehammer. To solve real racial or ethnic problems would be to rob liberalism of a political issue. The idea from the political left is not to improve race relations but to weaponize it, as political wonks are wont to say, in order to advance causes opposed to America and capitalism.
Not all that long ago, most racism in America emanated from Whites toward Blacks. Now, as the younger generations eschew this sort of racism, they have adopted another: Whites toward themselves; racism toward Whites, by anyone, is acceptable.
What was taught to my generation – that racism is ignorance – is correct. To look at people as anything other than individuals is an incorrect reading of human beings (although the caveat of culture is another subject). Today that ignorance flows freely from the left of center on the American political landscape. That ignorance is frequently from young Whites who tell us how horrible it is to be White. Then, after their protests and their insipid, ill-informed signs grow heavy, they climb into daddy’s car and drive away.

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