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Another Time Magazine Fake Cover

June 25, 2018

Obviously, she didn’t. Consider…

1. This little Honduran girl was kidnapped from her father by her mother.
2. She left her other three children behind.
3. She was anything but broke. Her husband was a boat captain, and she took $6,000 to pay a “coyote” (a human smuggler).
4. She was NEVER separated from her daughter.
5. Let me repeat that. She was NEVER separated from her daughter.
6. Time Magazine counterfeited the cover by PhotoShopping the little girl out of the photo taken at the border when her mother was detained and inserting it in a photo where President Trump is supposedly looking down on her. Trump has never seen this child.
7. Time used the cover to push the discredited Democrat narrative that the little girl was separated from her mother. They since realized they had been lied to and admitted their wrongdoing.

The Dems are desperate to trash Trump and the Republicans before the mid-term elections. They have decided that illegal immigration and the supposed “ripping families apart” will be their ticket to a blue wave in the election.

The problem for them is an inconvenient thing called facts that keep popping up and messing with their fabricated story. They probably figured no one would catch on to the fact that the picture of the little girl had been taken at the border, and that Americans would take the Time cover at face value.

Some other inconvenient facts include:
  1. 80% of the children in the detention centers are unaccompanied minors. Kids that their parents – believe it or not – sent on the dangerous trip without them.
  2. The other 20% were only temporarily separated from their parents. Even these would never have been separated if the parents hadn’t broken the law. They could have come to any of the many regular border checkpoints and applied for asylum. The fact that they didn’t indicates that they had either criminal intentions or a criminal past.
  3. The great majority of the “children” are teens up to age 18. Many others are 19 to 25 years old and pretend to be teens.
  4. A huge number – the government hasn’t given us a precise percentage – are members of the gang of predatory animals that calls themselves MS-13. Even though we don’t know the exact number in this latest batch of “children” are gang members, we know that tens of thousands of them made their way into the U.S. because Obama refused to enforce the laws passed by Democrats and Republicans. These gang thugs torture, rape, and murder American children every day of the week.
  5. Some kids are only separated from their parents for a few days.  The average time is two months, while their parents go through their criminal proceedings. In no state in the U.S. are American children allowed to stay with their parents while they are in jail. Why would the Democrats want them to do so?
  6. On FOX News this week we saw several dozen “Angel” parents who have been permanently separated from their children by death at the hands of illegal immigrants. Tens of thousands of Americans have been killed by illegals, and illegals have committed hundreds of thousands of other crimes that are not as serious as murder.
  7. The most telling inconvenient fact for Democrats is that federal law makes it a criminal misdemeanor to illegally enter the US the first time, and a felony on any subsequent entries. This is not, as the Dems and the Liberal news media claim, a “civil matter”. It is a serious crime, and the fact that Obama didn’t enforce the law doesn’t change the law.
Finally, if you watch the fake news media all you see are the temporary facilities where children are held for two or three days while being processed. Part of this is to make sure the “parents” they arrived with are really their parents. Families with four kids have been known to “lend” three of them to three other sets of parents since they know that families with children have a better chance of getting in. Some of the children are in the company of coyotes who have physically and sexually abused them on the trip to the U.S. After this process they are sent to the beautiful childcare facilities I described in my last column (see the LINK below).

The Democrats don’t care about these kids. If they did, they would enter into good faith negotiations with the Republicans to craft a comprehensive immigration bill that would be good for legal immigrants, illegal immigrants, American workers and American families. But they refuse to even discuss this with Republicans.

They have two reasons for this…

First, they want open borders. They know that 90% of illegals will vote for Democrats. They see this as a way to take over the House, Senate, and White House – permanently.

Second, in the short term, they believe (incorrectly, in my estimation) that this will be a winning strategy for them in November. After the election, they will probably work with Republicans to do something about immigration. But until then, they can say, “Look how heartless Trump is. Did you see him on Time staring smugly down at the little heartbroken immigrant girl he separated from her mother?”

And the lies. I would say it’s unbelievable, but I have watched Democrats do this my entire life. (A friend of mine calls them Demon-crats, and this is why.) They say the children are being “tortured” in the childcare facilities. They call our brave Border Patrol agents “Nazis.” They refer to the detention centers as “concentration camps.” As ill-informed as they are, I’m sure the Democrats know what happened in concentration camps. People died in them by the millions. These children are fed, clothed taught and loved by wonderful Americans, most of them in faith-based facilities. How dare these spineless swamp-dwellers speak such blatant lies about these good-hearted people?

This is going to backfire. I predict that the Republicans will gain even more seats in the mid-terms. The Democrats have always counted on unknowledgeable, unsophisticated voters who took their lies at face value. But I see signs that they are getting wise and that they will no longer be slaves on the Democrat plantation.


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