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Should Conservatives Expect Reasonable Discussion from the Left?

Is the idea of trying to engage the Left in 'meaningful dialogue’ an oxymoron?

June 11, 2018

Is the idea of trying to engage the Left in 'meaningful dialogue' actually an oxymoron? 
In a famous quote most often attributed to Einstein, "insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result."
Isn’t that what we Conservatives have been doing with the Leftists for the past 20 years? Because we believe that facts, logic, and rational thinking will always triumph, we have responded like Charlie Brown to the Left’s Lucy. We naively believe them every time they blather about the need to have a “national conversation” about race, gender, income, healthcare, immigration, guns…the list goes on and on. 
Each time we nod our collective heads and, like Charlie Brown, step up with our logic, research, and the Constitution - we are only treated to the ‘Lucy’ Leftist's Dem’s yanking away the political football, sticking out their tongues, and calling us the 'playground insults' of racists, bigots, and homophobes.
When are we ‘Charlie Brown’ conservatives finally going to wise up and admit that the Left has no intention or interest of ever having a real or reasonable debate with us? First of all, they wouldn’t know what a ‘reasonable debate’ was if it walked up and bit them in the butt. 
Just watch them among themselves. They never debate. They are like the old Soviet, communist or Nazi parties. The leadership at the top fight it out for control and then the winner or winning special interest group, dictates what everyone else will believe. No deviation or questioning allowed. 
That’s why the politics of special interest and victimhood is so paramount on the Left - because that is where the power is, and that is why each group screams so loudly to emerge on top. Thankfully it is also their inherent weakness because it means that no single aggrieved group can remain the ‘flavor of the week’ for long. There is always a new and even more radical special interest waiting in the wings to take over.
Just like the Bolsheviks, Mensheviks, and dozens of other radical factions during the Russian Revolution, each splinter group knows that they cannot share power, they must eliminate their enemies. Thus they only time they unite is when it is to defeat a common enemy - and that enemy today is us.
Remember, that just like the communists in 1917, today's Left holds the same view that those who refuse to be brainwashed and toe the party line, must be impoverished, collectivized, thrown into re-education camps, or ‘eliminated’.
The Left has never had any interest in 'reasoned debate.’ They don’t believe in a ‘meeting of the minds.’ They have no use for ‘gentle persuasion.’ They don’t want to sway your opinion with logic, dialogue, and goodwill.
No. The way the left has always gained and held power is through fear, terror, brainwashing, threats, intimidation, violence, ridicule, silencing the opposition, and monolithic media control. That is why they have no problem making up news and pushing a narrative to feed their agenda - which is nothing less than the complete elimination of all opposition by any means necessary. That also explains why they have no problem with outright hypocrisy and a blatant double standard. 
The way they see it is that those who stand in their way are stupid and contemptible and don’t deserve the truth or fair dealing. They feel we must be force fed lies until we believe like the rest of their child-like emotional basket cases. 
That is why they have come so far unhinged with the election of Trump. Totalitarians and Leftists cannot afford one single scrap of truth or dissenting points-of-view to be available if they are to be successful in propagating their propaganda. 
The Soviets had their Pravda, Joseph Gobbles had his Ministry of Propaganda, and the Leftists have what is ironically called “the Mainstream Media." They all function exactly the same. Spread the indoctrinating Leftist message that has been approved by the party, in this case, the DNC, via entertainment, the Leftist education establishment, and all forms of media.
There is, fortunately, one big difference between here and the brutal totalitarian regimes that plagued the 20th century. In America at least, we do have a free internet and a cable news station, Fox, plus talk radio, that is still not controlled by the Left (not for lack of trying though). Make no mistake about. They will never stop trying to destroy those thorns in their side. They listened to what Gobbles said and know that you cannot succeed with your lies if any of the public has access to the truth.
In fact, we have come to a sad point in our history where the national Leftist media freely and proudly admit to having a double standard in reporting between Conservative and Democrat news points.
In their eyes, the right does not deserve any parity or even truthful coverage because they are, “wrong.” Thus everything on the right must be constantly vilified and held up to ridicule while nothing on the Left, no matter how outrageous, illegal, violent, nasty, slanderous, or just plain evil, can ever be criticized.
Thus it should have surprised no one when Roseanne’s show was canceled by ABC for a ‘racist tweet’, while Samantha Bee on the CNN-owned TBS had no problem with calling the First Daughter a “feckless [sexual slur].”
Which is viler? We can debate that, but what cannot be debated is that the entire Left-wing media establishment closed ranks with the Liberal host, echoing her filth and praising her and her media partners for standing by it. 
In one, an entire and very successful, network show was canceled outright, and the network and parent company fell over themselves in abject apology. In the other, reaction ranged from, “nothing to see here folks,” to praise!
That’s why it’s time for Conservatives to accept that we will never get any form of ‘fair and equal’ treatment from the Left. It may be discouraging to swallow but at some point and time we must come to realize that not only do those on the left hate and despise conservative Americans, they are utterly convinced that as long as we remain free to live our lives with constitutionally protected rights, they can never succeed with their bankrupt policies of division. They know they must silence and control us or fail.
That, however, is the true strength we have. Americans don’t go for being silenced and have always fought to protect those rights; as long as we remember that, the Left can never take away those freedoms.

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