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A Surefire Way to End Illegal Immigration

May 14, 2018

Forget about ICE and walls. This will end it in a heartbeat.
As we all know, the major impediment to enforcing the constitutionally mandated borders of our nation are liberal Democrats.
They try to present themselves as ‘compassionate, caring, and enlightened' humanists who only care about the poor and suffering people of the world. However, with a few rare exceptions, most of them are far more cold, calculating, snobbish and selfish than the average working class citizen who doesn’t want to see our country become a dumping ground for poor, unskilled, future permanent welfare recipients.
So then why don’t Liberal Dems care about that part of the problem? Do they truly believe that the millions who slip over our southern borders are all neuro-surgeons and physicists? Do they really believe that are going to pay taxes, buy homes, join the PTA and become an asset to the quality of life in our country when all evidence past, present, and future points to just the opposite?
Why would any rational person invite a large extended family into their home who were unskilled, uneducated, often violent and were most probably going to remain dependent on you for generations to come? The answer is, of course, you would not. No sane person would - unless perhaps it was Mother Teresa, and there is no evidence that she ever voted Democrat.
Then why do the Democrats loudly insist that we do the same thing to the country? The answer is as simple as it is selfish and self-serving. They don’t think it will ever affect them - personally. 
Think about it. The Dems who make the rules and control the narrative are the rich and powerful Elites. They are politicians, entertainers, media mavens, bankers, high-tech tycoons, educators, and pampered children of wealth and privilege. Sons and daughters of scions and families who usually made their family fortunes off of the backs and exploitation of the same people the Dems claim to be representing.

They can all be summed up in one word. Hypocrites.
Make no mistake about - they also know that they are hypocrites, and that is what drives them to so loudly and ostentatiously proclaim their ‘compassion.’ It is a simple case of as, "do as I say, not as I do.”
Aren’t they worried though that their policies of creating a borderless country open to the entire third world - including those who have vowed to exterminate us - might someday put their sheltered lives in jeopardy?
No. Having lived privileged all their lives they quite simply can’t conceive that the self-destructive policies they demand for the rest of the country will ever affect them.
They live in gated and guarded communities, upscale condos with security, and exclusive zip codes with strict zoning laws to keep the riff-raff out. Thus they feel safe and secure to continue their smug preaching and finger-waggling at the rest of us.
Sadly, for the most part, they have been correct in this assumption. Their wealth and privilege do isolate them from the deleterious effects of their bad choices.
That's why there is only one way to break through their self-satisfied walls of entitlement. Put them right in the midst of the problems that they have created for everyone else.
Put low-income housing on their block.
Buy the home for sale next to theirs for a half-way house or homeless shelter.
Make the apartments next to their condos the new hangout for MS-13.
Pass a law saying that half the members of their private clubs must be illegal immigrants 
Mandate that rather than working as dishwashers in the kitchens of their trendy restaurants, the kitchen help must be fed at the same table reserved for them.
Rule that all illegals get admission preference at their Private and Ivy League schools, paid for exclusively, by liberal Democrats, and when they graduate they receive the cushy jobs traditionally reserved for their children - the privileged and powerful.
And finally, since the Dems are forever railing against evil white males and the rich 1%, why not take them at their word? Amend the constitution to say that no white males, or females, in the richest 1% may hold any public office. The entire legislative, executive, judicial and administrative branches of government would disappear overnight. 
Would that be such a bad thing? Supposed the rich and privileged elites were all replaced by plumbers, electricians, and farmers? Hmm?
The point is, it is high time we called out these hypocrites - especially those who make up the most vocal group of elites - those who run the Democrat party. We need to let them know that the American people are on to them. Every self-serving, phony one of them, and it’s about time they begin to reap what they have sown for the rest of us.
I guarantee that were they forced to live in the mess they have made there would be a historic and immediate attitude adjustment.

Or...we could fall back on the simplest and most guaranteed of all border solutions. Convince the Dems and Elites that all of the Illegals were going to vote Republican.

The wall would then be 50 feet high and as Obama once mocked, "Surrounded by a big moat filled with alligators."

Problem solved.

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