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Abortions Cause School Shootings

February 26, 2018

We, along with the rest of the media, have had a lot to say about the practical aspects of school shootings, along with many potential solutions. But very little has been said about the underlying spiritual problems that are the real cause of the violence in our schools and in society overall. Today I would like to discuss one of the most important of those underlying spiritual factors.
America as a nation has lost respect for the sanctity of life. I could stop right there and let you think about how the loss of respect for life has led to the scourge of murderous violence we currently experience. But if you will permit me, I would like to connect the dots for you as best I can.
Before I do, let me give you God’s viewpoint on how important - how sacred - life is. The Bible teaches us that every individual was known by God from before the foundation of the world. Since all life exists for God’s purposes and all human lives are equally sacred, human life is blessed of God and must be preserved and nurtured. He cared about our lives so much that He sent His only Son into the world to bleed and die for us. He died so that we could live.
The Bible says that children are a gift from God. Would He give you a gift, just to have you throw it away? His word says that our bodies are His temple. Do we have the right to destroy or even harm any human body? Psalm 22:10 tells us that God knows us in the womb. That means that we don’t become “people” when we are born. We are His children from conception. And we all know that God says in the 10 Commandments that we are not to commit murder. Whether it is aborting an innocent infant, killing oneself, or a “mercy killing” of a loved one who is in pain – all are murder. And murder can never be justified.
Planned Parenthood: Systematic Ethnic Cleansing of Blacks
Devaluing Human Life in America
Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was heavily influenced by Nazi “research” on Jews before they gassed them. She agreed with Hitler that some people are “sub-human” and should be eliminated lest they pollute the gene pool. Since she could not follow in her mentor’s footsteps and simply murder the “undesirables” (as she called them), she did the next best thing. She founded an organization that prevented black mothers from conceiving through birth control and sterilization.
From her writings: “Negroes are reckless breeders, spawning human beings who never should have been born.” She began “The Negro Project,” as she called it, in 1939. Her method was to strategically place birth control clinics in black neighborhoods, and it proved very effective in limiting the number of black births. Planned Parenthood carries on Sanger’s work on today in a manner that is not so blatantly racist, but is more deadly – abortion. Over half of all black pregnancies end in abortion.

Sanger was a staunch advocate of Eugenics, the “science” of purifying the gene pool – a nice name for the genocide of “inferior peoples.” She was a soul-mate of Adolf Hitler, who believed that both Blacks and Jews were inferior people and should be eliminated to avoid “polluting” the human race.

In 1918 she wrote, “All of our problems are the result of overbreeding among the working class... Knowledge of birth control is essentially moral. Its general, though prudent, practice must lead to a higher individuality and ultimately to a cleaner race.”

She hated large families (and therefore the Catholic Church). In 1920 she wrote, "The most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it." Her buddy Adolf would have been proud of her.

In 1923 Sanger wrote, “These two words - birth control - sum up our whole philosophy... It means the release and cultivation of the better elements in our society, and the gradual suppression, elimination, and eventual extinction, of defective stocks - those human weeds which threaten the blooming of the finest flowers of American civilization." She referred to Negros and other "undesirables" as “human weeds” in her other writings, as well.

Margaret Sanger wrote "America Needs a Code for Babies," on March 27, 1934. Part of it read, "No woman shall have the legal right to bear a child, and no man shall have the right to become a father, without a permit for parenthood. No permit for parenthood shall be valid for more than one birth.” Just like Communist China.
In a letter to Dr. Clarence Gamble on December 10, 1939, she wrote, “We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.”

Note To Planned Parenthood: This is your founder – your legacy. Sanger would be proud of the work you do today. Over a million innocents die in their mother’s wombs every year in America – most at the hands of Planned Parenthood’s butchers.

Abortion: Serial Killing of the Innocent
Devaluing Human Life in America
The legalization of the murder of the unborn in 1973 was one of the darkest days in U.S. history. On that day we turned from being a nation that protected the innocent, to be a nation that murders the most innocent and defenseless among us. As a result of that evil decision, America kills more than 3,000 of its unborn citizens – every day.
Let me start by quoting Mark Crutcher’s video posted below (“No Lives Matter.”)

It is pure idiocy to think that a country can have respect for human life, while at the same time, slaughtering its unborn children by the millions.
“I have been in this battle for decades and I can tell you that the biggest enemy of life is not the Democratic Party, or the ACLU, the secular media, or any of the other obvious villains. It’s not even the abortion industry itself. It’s the deafening silence of the church.
“We can shout at each other that Black Lives Matter, or Blue Lives Matter, or All Lives Matter, or whatever the slogan of the day might be. But until the lives of the unborn matter, then the truth is that No Lives Matter.”

Please read my article listed below, “What a Difference a Minute Makes.” Then give a copy to every woman or girl you know who is considering an abortion. Many who have read it have changed their minds and canceled their abortions.

Although it is clear from the Bible that abortion is murder, Crutcher is right. Most churches either ignore it or in some cases make excuses for it. In this regard, I put Christian churches in three categories:
Catholics, who strongly oppose abortion. They have even threated Catholic politicians with excommunication for supporting abortion and voting in favor of it. Nancy Pelosi is a prime example. She often refers to herself as a “good Catholic” but she is as bloodthirsty concerning abortion as Obama was. She refuses to change, and so far her Bishop, who has threatened to excommunicate her, has done nothing.
Liberal churches, which by and large favor abortion. These same churches also support homosexual marriage, and often ordain homosexuals and lesbians. Although they call themselves Christian churches, they obviously either do not believe the Bible is the Word of God or else they think they can pick and choose the parts they will obey.
Evangelical churches, who oppose abortion on Scriptural grounds. When Mark Crutcher speaks of the “deafening silence of the church” regarding abortion, I believe he is speaking of this group. (Like me, he doesn’t expect much from the Liberal churches.) The evangelical churches oppose abortion – but they seldom talk about it. There are Pro-Life activists in most churches who attend rallies and picket abortion clinics, but their pastors and other church leaders tend to be very quiet.
I can think of several reasons. Just as many pastors turn a blind eye to the couples in their churches who are living together but are not married, those same pastors know that there are women in their churches who have had multiple abortions, but they don’t speak about it. Perhaps they are afraid that these people will leave their churches. When I was actively pastoring churches, I made the position of our church very clear on these issues, and I did so on a regular basis. Some people did leave because of it, but not because I condemned them. I always spoke the truth in love.
The problem with pastors keeping silent on the subject of abortion, or tip-toeing around it once a year, is that the people – particularly the young people – are not receiving a clear message that abortion is sin. So when they mess up and become pregnant, they do just as their unsaved friends do – they head straight for a Planned Parenthood abortion mill. Our young people deserve the truth. If their pastors aren’t willing to provide it, they should find another line of work.

Euthanasia: Playing God by Murdering the Elderly
Devaluing Human Life in America
Whenever the subject of euthanasia comes up, defenders always trot out the same tired old stories. “Mr. Jones wanted to die because he didn’t want to be a burden.” “Mrs. Smith asked to be put to death to keep her children from spending money to keep her alive.”
Every religion – not just Christianity - teaches that murder is evil. The problems with euthanasia – often called “mercy killing” – are many:
  1. Euthanasia devalues human life
  2. Euthanasia can become a means of health care cost containment
  3. Physicians and other medical care people should never be involved in causing death
  4. There is a "slippery slope" effect that has occurred where euthanasia has been first been legalized in other  countries for only the terminally ill and later laws are changed to allow it for other people or to be done non-voluntarily
  5. People who are pro-euthanasia say that it is the patient's choice to end their suffering. I don’t believe that is true, but if it were, why involve medical personnel in your sin?
  6. Families of elderly people could be tempted to request euthanasia for financial reasons
  7. If patients are in pain, physicians can almost always keep it at a minimum in terminally ill patients
  8. Think of all those who attempted suicide and changed their minds at the last minute. You can’t do that if the doctor has already pumped poison into your body.
  9. It is almost impossible to know if the person agreeing to euthanasia is doing so of their own free will.
Death Panels: Bureaucrats Deciding When You Should Die
Devaluing Human Life in America
Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, the chief architect of ObamaCare, doesn’t think people should be allowed to live past age 75. If older people don’t follow his plan and willingly allow resources to be distributed more to the younger, productive workers in society, government bureaucrats will inevitably enter into those health-care decisions.

Emanuel has stated that by the time he reaches 75, he will have lived “a complete life” in which he envisions having seen his children grow up, his grandchildren born and his life projects basically completed. “Dying at 75 will not be a tragedy,” If he wants to die at 75 that’s fine for him, but I doubt most Americans would agree with him.

The Obama Death Panels envisioned by Emanuel were proposed as law by then-Senator Tom Daschle, a Democrat from South Dakota. It was so unpopular that he was removed from office in the next election. Why? Because people want to live.

Representative Michael Burgess, a Republican from Texas, is the author of the book “Doctor in the House.” He says, “For the first time ever the primary provider of health care for seniors, Medicare, is going to be able to tell you what kind of care you can get, where and when you can get it, and worst of all, when you’ve had enough.”
President Obama was once confronted by a North Carolina woman asking if "Everyone that's Medicare age will be visited and told they have to decide how they wish to die."  

In response Obama joked morbidly about euthanasia, saying that he hadn't yet hired enough bureaucrats to conduct such an operation. But he could not deny the New York Post's discovery that the ObamaCare bill "compels seniors to submit to a counseling session every five years (and more often if they become sick or go into a nursing home) about alternatives for end-of-life care." (House version, pages 425-430).  In other words, your grandmother will be told, when insufficient resources are rationed to be used for young people, that her duty to die begins with mandatory "end-of-life counseling," or as Obama explained, "Encouraging the use of living wills." These would terminate otherwise salvageable lives prematurely through signed “Do Not Resuscitate” (DNR) legal releases that authorize “pulling the plug” on Grandma.
Assisted Suicides: Forcing Doctors to Kill Against Their Conscience
Devaluing Human Life in America
The US Supreme Court ruled in Washington v. Glucksberg, “The history of the law's treatment of assisted suicide in this country has been and continues to be one of the rejection of nearly all efforts to permit it. That being the case, our decisions lead us to conclude that the asserted 'right' to assistance in committing suicide is not a fundamental liberty interest protected by the Due Process Clause.”
The Democrat-supported ACLU in an Amicus Brief in Vacco vs Quill, wrote, “The right of a competent, terminally ill person to avoid excruciating pain and embrace a timely and dignified death bears the sanction of history and is implicit in the concept of ordered liberty. The exercise of this right is as central to personal autonomy and bodily integrity as rights safeguarded by this Court's decisions relating to marriage, family relationships, procreation, contraception, child rearing and the refusal or termination of life-saving medical treatment. In particular, this Court's recent decisions concerning the right to refuse medical treatment and the right to abortion instruct that a mentally competent, terminally ill person has a protected liberty interest in choosing to end intolerable suffering by bringing about his or her own death. A state's categorical ban on physician-assisted suicide - as applied to competent, terminally ill patients who wish to avoid unendurable pain and hasten inevitable death - substantially interferes with this protected liberty interest and cannot be sustained.”
Please note how the ACLU tries to tie together the “freedom” to kill patients with the “freedom” to murder innocent babies. In its own words, this evil organization proves the premise of this article – that the loss of respect for life which began with Roe v Wade has continued its insidious progress through our society to include many other ways of devaluing and ending life.
Note also how they continually talk about a “competent” terminally ill person. Far too many terminally ill people are no more capable of making a decision to terminate their lives than a person with full-blown Alzheimer’s disease. The pain they are experiencing or the mind-altering drugs they take make many incompetent under the law to give informed consent to their extermination.
Add to that pressure from family, medical personnel and others to end their lives. They say it more tactfully, but the message is always the same. “You don’t want to be a burden to your loved ones, do you?” “Do you realize that the costs of keeping you alive will cause your family financial harm?” And the most insidious: “Remember that the care we give you will take away from the care we can give to younger people who have their whole lives in front of them.”
Mass Murders in Schools and Other Places Where People Gather
The Result of the Devaluation of Human Life in America
Every morning when I turn on the TV as I eat breakfast, I dread what I will see. Almost every day I see reports that police officers have been assassinated, some evil person has driven their car into a crowd, an MS13 gang has raped and tortured someone to death, or that a “soft target” like a church or a school has been attacked.
There have been murders since the beginning of time. And there have been mass killings in wars. But there has never been a time when American citizens have killed one another so – casually. It seems that a switch has been flipped in the brains of the people who commit these horrors. The switch turns off any compassion or empathy for the people they plan to slaughter.

God never intended for His creation to be so callous toward its fellow men. But evil people like Margaret Sanger convinced people that it was OK to kill – as long as those killed were “inferior breeds,” like Negroes. Planned Parenthood carried on her work, convincing mostly young, frightened teens that abortion was “the only way.” Murder of babies became a substitute for the use of a condom or taking birth control pills.
Against this backdrop, physicians – who swore an oath to protect human life, to “do no harm” – went after larger prey. Instead of babies at the beginning of their lives, they turned their attention to people near the end of their lives. In a warped, twisted way they convinced themselves that, “They’re going to die, anyway. Why not hasten the process?” So, like their fellow doctors who perform abortions, they began killing people rather than saving them.
Since life now had no value at the beginning and the end, what about the middle? Why not kill children, teenagers, young adults and older adults. Why discriminate? If life is valueless, what is wrong with ending it?
So we have violent gangs, people who kill for sport, lone wolf killers, and school shooters. And no, they are not all crazy. Many are, but many are simply evil. They have been taught from a young age that killing is acceptable. Many watched their mothers abort their future brothers and sisters, and were told, “I just can’t handle another child,” or “We can’t afford another mouth to feed.” They learned from their mothers that convenience was more important than life.
Some kids joined gangs to feel that they were part of something, or for protection. Many of those gangs, as part of their initiation, gave their new recruits a knife, gun or baseball bat and told them to go kill someone. Not a rival gang member, or someone the gang had a grudge against – but a random human being. Senseless violence that devalued life.
Then we have the “normal kids” who have never done anything bad – and then suddenly become vicious killers. Where did they learn their disregard for human life, and gain the skills to slaughter others? From the video games designed by adults – and bought for them by their parents – that taught them over and over – brainwashed them, actually – that it is OK and normal to rape and kill. They became desensitized to violence paying the same type of games that the military uses to desensitize soldiers for the day when they will have to kill in battle.
By the way, parents, if you buy these games for your kids, or allow them to buy them, or don’t snoop in their rooms to see if they have them – in my mind you are guilty of child abuse. And if your son kills a kid down the street, or rapes a young girl – you are just as guilty as he is.
It starts small. Kill a few babies while they’re in the one place in the world that should be safe for them – in their mother’s wombs. They’re little, and they have no one to speak for them.
Next, kill some old people. Again, they often have no one to speak for them, and besides, what useful function do they serve? Convince them that they’re a burden and talk them into taking an overdose. Problem solved.
From there it’s an easy step to killing someone you don’t like, someone who accidentally got in the way. Or just a random person – because you feel like it.
Once you start to devalue hum life, abortion leads to mass killings. And the only way to stop it is for the remnant of God’s people in America who pray to cry out to God for an awakening. The only way we can save America from itself is to pray for revival to sweep our land.
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