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Have Bad Governments and Murderous Dictators Made Some Countries "Bleep-holes?"

And if so, what is our responsibility?

January 22, 2018

Is it the responsibility of the United States to provide a welfare state to those looking to escape the problems that they have often helped to create?
There is, of course, a tremendous controversy on whether or not Trump used a bit of crude slang to refer to places in the world that have little to recommend them - even to their own citizens. That is actually beside the point. Had he referred to them in the most convoluted and politically correct term that the Democrats could come up with - let’s say “economically challenged dwelling places of socialist paradises" - everyone would still know what he meant and Democrats still would have denounced him.
The reality is that Trump’s point - regardless of how the actual comment was phrased - was why should it be our responsibility to become the dumping ground for the world's problems? That raises the more salient question of what has been and what should be the immigration policy of the country that has been the historic refuge of those “yearning to breath free” for the past four hundred years.

It started with a few English colonists - one a group of adventurers in Virginia backed by wealthy London investors hoped to "strike it rich” in the new world. The other was a sect of religious separatists looking to "do their own thing” and worship their own way in Massachusetts.
From there the small settlements on the edge of a wilderness attracted an ever-increasing tide of groups, families, and individuals escaping persecution and looking for a fresh start or just hoping to get something they’d never had in the place they were coming from - an opportunity. They found that chance in America.
As the country expanded and industrialized there was an almost unlimited need for new workers for new jobs and likewise an endless supply of impoverished or persecuted peoples from around the world seeking the most basic of opportunity - the chance to live in peace and security and to achieve all that their dreams and hard work could imagine.
Thus was born the hope of the ‘American Dream’ so well epitomized in the poem by Emma Lazarus: "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”
Since the poem was written in 1883 to help raise money for the construction of the Statue of Liberty, it has morphed from the hope for those looking for an opportunity to reap the fruits of their labor through the blessing of freedom, to a flashing neon sign advertising “free stuff” using other people's money.
That is where the entire immigration argument - legal vs. illegal, DACA vs. waiting in line - breaks down. That is because all of those arguments miss the point. It is not about who gets to stay or who has to go. It is - or it should be - about why we open the “golden door” in the first place. 
On the one side are the Liberal Dems who argue that those golden doors should swing wide for humanitarian charity - though there are many who feel that the primary motivation is not quite so noble but rather to enlist new potential voters of their political persuasion.
On the other side, we have those, mostly moderates and conservatives, who feel that we should continue to follow the guideline that has made America the envy of the world for centuries. Namely, continue to accept emigrants from other countries based on what our country needs, and quotas. Coincidentally, that also happens to be the immigration policy of most of the civilized world. 
Thus before condemning America for considering what is best for the country, shouldn’t the Liberal Dems ask the rest of the world why they also base their immigration policies on taking those applicants who have the skills they need, and the desire to assimilate and become a loyal citizen of their new host country?
Shouldn’t we then also have the right to give preference to those individuals who want to become Americans because they believe in the freedom we stand for and likewise seek an environment where self-reliance and hard work will allow them to achieve their dreams?
Yes, those who come here legally and play by the rules are “Dreamers” too. You do not have to be the child of an illegal alien who cut in line ahead of those who sometimes have been waiting decades to realize their own dreams in America. Don’t they and their children deserve our compassion too? Are we sending them a message that you are a sucker for standing in line? Do our actions say that you can simply “cut” and you can stay?
“But those who came here illegally are more in need, than the skilled workers and their families who do it legally.” At least that is what the Liberal Dems contend. “And the children didn’t have a say.”

Using that logic, a parent who robbed a bank and buried it in the backyard would be allowed to give it to his child. The child would be allowed to keep the illegally obtained cash because they are not the one who stole it. Hmm…
Even Dems would find that logic a bit too tortured.
No, when you clear away all the PC posturing, polemic rhetoric, and liberal elitists' white guilt, it all boils down to politics.
Quite simply the Dems DACA maneuverings are not really about the innocent children of unskilled parents who broke the law. It is all about obtaining new voters who will be beholden to the Dems who give them ‘free stuff.' You see that won’t work for immigrants who come here legally because they come to work, start businesses, and achieve the traditional American Dream. That, unfortunately for the Dems, does not include enrolling themselves in a permanent underclass which is dependent on Democrat largess.
Those who the Dems encourage, on the other hand, usually sneak in illegally or arrive through chain migration with few skills, many needs, and no way to support themselves, thus becoming perfect dependent clients of the DNC welfare state. 
Think about it. If you were stuck in some third world ‘Bleep-hole” and rumor came to you that there was a place that would give you free food, housing, healthcare and cash - and all you had to do was get there - wouldn’t you go, legally or not? That’s why I can’t really blame those who grab for the carrot dangled on the Democrat stick. 

Let’s use an analogy for the average American. For instance, if you were working two jobs in a rust belt city for $50,000 a year and you found out that Sweden would give you$100,000 plus free food, housing, healthcare and no requirements to work or even learn the language, just for getting there, legally or illegally - wouldn’t you take it too?
 As incredible as that one sounds here’s another real-time analogy that is even more outrageous when applied to what the Dems want to do to encourage illegal immigration.
All of us have stood in line waiting to buy tickets to a movie or some event, right? Now imagine that after you had been waiting a good long while, a family simply walked up to the head of the line, pushed the waiting people aside and walked inside. Oh, and they didn’t pay for their tickets either. That is exactly what illegal alien families do.
Those waiting in line are all of the families patiently waiting their turn, sometimes for years and spending thousands of dollars, to enter the country legally. Imagine how they must feel to see others less qualified, simply walk across the border and having invested nothing in the process, be rewarded for breaking the law with the largess from the country that many of them expressly hold in sheer contempt.
Where is the Democrat compassion for those who invest the time and money to apply legally? Oh, silly me - I forgot. They don’t vote Democrat. 
No, as I said before. The Dems DACA hysteria is not about immigrants, or hapless children, or even fairness. It is purely and simply the only thing they really care about: votes.
They have realized that in order to continue their drive towards monolithic socialism they must have a continuing supply of helpless people who rely on the things the Democrat socialist state seeks to provide in ever-expanding amounts. That will not be possible under the historic system of accepting new citizens based on merit. Merit tends to be self-sufficient. Democrats don’t get many votes from self-sufficient.
Therefore if we are going to actually have what the DNC and their media allies claim to want - an honest conversation about immigration reform and fixing our “broken” immigration system, let’s begin with a real dose of “honesty.”  Their agenda for immigration "reform" is not about controlling our borders and selecting those who can become productive new citizens of the United States. No, the only goal of the DNC is importing millions of dependent new Democrat voters.

That’s the real honesty.

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