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Amazing! After 70 Years, US Finally Discovers Location of Israeli Capital!

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

December 11, 2017

In 1948 President Harry Truman made the United States the first nation to recognize the State of Israel. But for some reason, he was unable to locate its Capital.
This is strange because immediately upon the formation of the nation, it named Jerusalem as its Capital. Its Knesset (Parliament), Supreme Court, the Prime Minister, the President and all major government offices are located in Jerusalem. 
Truman must have been confused about this because he ordered the US Embassy in Israel to be built in Tel Aviv. In fact, of the 200+ nations in the world, the US Embassy in Israel is the only one that did not locate in the nation's Capital.
This fact may seem obvious, but every nation has the right to choose the location of its Capital. Unfortunately, the United Nations, followed by the United States and many other nations, felt it had the right to decide where the Israeli Capital should be. The UN actually proposed making Jerusalem an "international city" under the control of - you guessed it - the United Nations.
This would be like the UN deciding that the US Capital must be located in Little Rock, Arkansas; and then declaring that Washington, DC would be taken over by the UN and become an "international city" under the control of the United Nations.(Some might argue that is already the case, but that's the subject of a different article.)
In 1995, with overwhelming support from both Democrats and Republicans, Congress passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act. The Act was a law that required the U.S. to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem by a set deadline. But it allowed the move to be put off for six months at a time if the President “determines and reports to Congress in advance that such suspension is necessary to protect the national security interests of the United States.”
On Wednesday, December 6, 2017, President Trump decided that 22 years of indecisiveness was enough. Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barrack Hussein Obama all made campaign promises to follow the law. In fact, on June 4, 2008, in his first foreign policy speech after becoming the Democrat presidential candidate, Obama said, "Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided.” All broke their promises. They all caved in to Muslim pressure and threats and dutifully signed the waiver every six months during their presidencies.
Trump signed the waiver last June, but only because it was necessary to keep funding the current embassy. While the Jerusalem Embassy is under construction, he will continue to sign the waivers. But once the new Embassy is completed, the building in Tel Aviv will become just one of the thousands of consulates the US has all over the world.
The Democrats – who voted for the 1995 Act in large numbers – now say it will cause the world as we know it to end. And the media, as usual, has lied and twisted the truth in its coverage of this issue:
LIE #1: “Donald Trump has broken 70 years of United States foreign policy by moving our Israeli Embassy.” This is a major lie, and the media knows it. Seventy years ago Truman set a US policy of recognizing Israel as a sovereign state. Although he didn’t specifically mention the location of our embassy, never before in history had the US or any other nation placed its embassy in any city other than the nation’s capital. Since Israel had immediately upon gaining its independence declared that Jerusalem was its capital, Truman would surely have expected that our embassy would be located there. What he didn’t anticipate was the level of threats we would receive from the Arabs and Muslims if he had followed international protocol.
Then in 1995, Congress made US policy very clear. Our Embassy must, by law, be moved to Jerusalem. Trump didn’t change this policy. He was just the first president in 22 years to have the courage to implement the policy. Clinton, Bush, and Obama were afraid to implement the law, so they used the weasel clause to kick the can down the road. The problem with their cowardice was that the clause was supposed to be used only for a short time in case of a serious emergency. This is made clear by the fact that it could only be used for six months at a time. Also, the waiver was only supposed to be used if US national security was at risk. That has never been shown to be the case.
LIE #2: “This isn’t the right time.” Well, that’s what the last three presidents have said 40 times when they signed their waivers. So, when will “the right time” ever come? What is different today that hasn’t been true for the last 22 years? The Arabs, Muslims, and Palestinians still want Israel to be destroyed. Israel is not going to move its seat of government to Tel Aviv because the UN wants to take over their capital of 3,000 years. So if not now, when?
LIE #3: Moving our Embassy to Jerusalem will destroy the delicate Middle East Peace Process. What Middle East Peace Process? There has been no progress in the process for decades. As long as the Palestinians declare that their goal is to “push the Jews into the sea” there will be no peace agreement or “two-state solution.” Every time Israel has made concessions in hopes of peace, it has backfired and brought more violence on them.
Just one of many examples of this is Israel’s giving the Gaza strip to the Palestinian Authority. Remember that every square foot of land claimed by the Palestinians is, according to international law, the property of Israel. But Israel gave this land to the Palestinians in the name of peace. It had to use the Israeli Army to force the Israeli citizens who rightfully lived there off their property. Gaza almost immediately became a launching pad for rockets aimed at Israeli citizens. Then, when Israel defended itself by blockading Gaza to keep weapons out, they were accused by the international community of trying to “occupy” Gaza.
LIE #4: “No other nation in the world has its embassy in Jerusalem.” This lie is partly true but is also very misleading. The first answer to this is a question - “So what?” If every nation on earth decided to refuse to educate girls, would we be wrong for not participating in their wrong-doing? More important though is a truth I brought up earlier that none of the Liberal news media has mentioned: No country has ever dictated to another where it could place its capital. The fact that the UN and the other nations of the world have done this for seventy years only proves that they are anti-Semitic. It certainly doesn’t prove that they are right. So should we discriminate against Jews just because other countries do? God forbid.
LIE #5: “The United Nations is against Trump’s action, so it must be wrong.” Fourteen of the fifteen members of the UN Security Council have condemned President Trump’s announcement. (The US was the only nation that supported the US!) If the General Assembly were to vote on the issue, I’m sure the result would be the same. This reminds me of a theme we often see in TV commercials: “Can 5 Million buyers of The Widget be wrong?” Of course, they could. Just because a lot of people believe something doesn’t make it right. They could all be wrong, they could all be stupid or they could all be evil. In this case, I will go for stupid and evil.
The United Nations has for decades been the most anti-Semitic organization the world has known. They are even worse than Hitler and his Nazis. At least everyone knew that they were wrong for murdering six million Jews. But the United Nations cloaks its racism and hatred in a cloak of resolutions and “international law.” Unfortunately, UN resolutions could ultimately cause far more than six million Jews to die. It has adopted hundreds of resolutions against Israel which condemn it and give its enemies cover to perform atrocities against the tiny nation. In 2016, the UN General Assembly passed twenty resolutions against the Democratic State of Israel, and only six against other nations - Syria, Iran, North Korea and Crimea. And not a single UN resolution was passed that addressed the victims of sickening human rights abusers such as the Palestinian Authority, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Venezuela, China, or Cuba.
LIE #6: “Trump is helping Israel steal the Palestinian’s capital.” Again, the Liberals and the media show their ignorance of history. When the British, which along with the League of Nations (the predecessor to the UN) controlled much of the Middle East, gave Israel its independence, it was called Palestine. In the “Balfour Declaration” British Foreign Secretary Lord Balfour promised British support for establishing “a national home for the Jewish people in Palestine.”
So the only true “Palestinian people” are the Jews. This land had been theirs for thousands of years, given to them by God Himself. The fact that many of them had been forced off the land did not make it any less theirs. Both before and during the British occupation from 1920 to 1948 Jews lived in Palestine peacefully alongside their Arab neighbors. The British declaration of a Jewish nation only recognized what had always been true – that this was the Land of the Children of Israel. The day the British left, the Jewish Agency, headed by David Ben-Gurion, changed the name of the Land from Palestine to Israel.
The people who are today called the Palestinian People are mainly refugees from several Arab nations. These nations callously use the Palestinians as their proxies to fight a constant war of attrition against the Jews, because Israel always crushes them in any head-to-head conflict. They claim to care about the Palestinians, but if they only repatriated their own people back to their original countries, there would be no “Palestinian problem.”
Other Arab and Muslim nations that hate Israel have kept the Arabs who live in Israel in a constant state of agitation. These wealthy oil nations refuse to help their people. They prefer them to be poor and unemployed so they can blame Israel, and encourage suicide bombings. The idea that Jerusalem is the capital of the “Palestinian people” is ludicrous. It has been Israel’s capital city for thousands of years. Only since the Palestinian Authority was formed have they claimed East Jerusalem as the capital of a “future Palestinian state.”  How can a state that doesn’t exist “claim” part of the capital of an existing nation as its capital? Israel captured East Jerusalem back from Jordan (not Palestinians) during the Arab-Israeli War. The whole idea is ludicrous.
LIE #7: “Trump has made Jerusalem the capital of Israel.” Anyone who has followed the events in the Middle East or who simply understands the law of nations knows this to the be the biggest lie of all. The United States can no more make Jerusalem the capital of Israel than hundreds of nations not accepting it make Jerusalem not the nation’s capital. All Trump and the United States have done is to finally recognize reality: Jerusalem is and always has been Israel’s capital. Nothing we, the UN or any other country does can make that any more or less true.
I think it is possible that this decision will actually move us closer to some sort of resolution of the conflict in the Middle East. For decades the Muslims and Arabs have used the threat of violence to dissuade the US from following its own law – and international law – by moving its Embassy to Israel’s capital. Predictably, the Muslims declared “The Days of Rage” when the announcement was made, and they have burned some Israeli flags and pictures of the President. But they are always in 365 Days of Rage every year, so this has not made much difference.
Perhaps the fact that they have seen a US president with a spine for the first time in years will actually put us in a better negotiating position, at least with the more moderate Middle East nations. If we can get them on the side of peace (or at least peaceful co-existence), perhaps they will stop financing the terrorists and make it easier for us to eliminate them.
As far as the true crazies, the ones who believe they are doing Allah a favor by killing Jews and Christians, there is no negotiating with them. If they don’t come to God, the only options are to kill them or jail them. They are only doing what their forefather, Mohammed, did. He personally murdered people who would not convert to his made-up religion, and he encouraged his followers to do the same. They’re just doing what they were brain-washed to do from early childhood in their Madrassas.
Jews and Arabs have hated and killed one another for thousands of years. The idea that people who don’t understand their history and culture can come in and force a “peace process” on them is naïve. Only Jesus, the Prince of Peace, can change hearts. The best thing we can do is to pray for a spiritual awakening in the Middle East, and, as the Bible commands, pray for the peace of Jerusalem. The Bible says in Isaiah 11:6 that God will make wolves and lambs dwell together. I do not doubt that He can do the same for Arabs and Jews.
Video of Trump’s Full Speech About Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem (12 Minutes)
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