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President Dinkins

August 4, 2008

It is becoming increasingly obvious that Barack Obama simply is not competent to be President of the United States. The list of "gaffes" has grown so large that these can no longer be dismissed as simply gaffes. Consider from all its angles the Democrat nominee's recent comment about "the bomb" falling on Pearl Harbor.

As anyone from his generation knows, "the bomb" means an atomic or a nuclear warhead. Is it possible that Barack Obama actually believed this happened in 1941? It is no longer impossible to say that he did not mean that. What actually happened on December 7, 1941? Torpedoes, not bombs, did most of the damage against Battleship Row. Strafing, not bombs, did much of the damage at Hickam Field. Bombs were only part of the attack, and perhaps not the most important part.

Would a child growing up in Hawaii who cared about his country not know that? How many young New Yorkers can tell you just how the Twin Towers came down? When you are living in the middle of history and you miss it all, that speaks volumes about your own sense of infallibility and your obliviousness to reality.

What is America facing in its current war on terrorism? A second Pearl Harbor, only this time directed at New York. Does Obama, who we would be trusting not to have us suffer another Pearl Harbor, know any of the lessons of Pearl Harbor? Has he learned anything from September 11, 2001? It is, as much as anything, his utter casualness about all this which should alarm us.

We are about to elect our own President Dinkins. Rudy Giuliani, who took a city run wild and overflowing with uncontrolled ethnic and interracial violence, held New York together about our second Pearl Harbor. Who did Rudy defeat in his run for Mayor of New York? Mayor Dinkins, who was considered such a wretched flop as mayor that an overwhelmingly Democrat electorate decisively defeated him for re-election, and overwhelmingly re-elected his Republican victor four years later.

How did a disaster like Dinkins ever become mayor? The people in New York who lived in gated communities, who commuted from safe towns in Connecticut or Long Island, or who dwelled in the high castles of Manhattan wanted a black leader who spoke well and promised racial harmony. What ordinary people endured, much like what ordinary people are enduring at the gas pump now, never touched them. Their children went to private schools. They did not use public parks, but country clubs. Whether Dinkins failed or succeeded did not affect their lives much.

Whether a reasonably articulate black man was elected Mayor of New York, on the other hand, had a great deal to do with their Leftist sense of emotional well being. Barack Obama is their President Dinkins. They want for America what Dinkins did for New York. If he thinks the United States has fifty-seven states - again, from a man who grew up in Hawaii, our fiftieth state! - oh, well. If our President Dinkins promises racial harmony while he sits for a decade listening to hatred of whites, well, another price we (or rather, others) pay for us being good Leftists (no cost is too great for others to pay for us feeling good about ourselves.)

What, though, do these Leftists feel good about? Is it electing a black president? Hardly! If Leftists would fawn on J.C. Watts, Ken Blackwell, Michael Steele, Alan Keyes, Lynn Swann or a dozen other truly competent and genuinely knowledgeable black conservatives, Republicans would jump for joy. But men like Watts and Steele would think for themselves - they would know how to - and that is a very dangerous thing for Leftists.

What about Condi Rice, a black woman who actually grew up in the segregated South? Do Leftists fawn over her, or have they dragged her through muck and treated her as contemptibly as any Ku Klux Klanner in the South ever treated a black Republican? If Leftists wanted a very bright black woman as president, all they would have had to do would have been to begin heaping the same praise on Condi Rice, a social moderate, that they have been heaping for a year on Obama. No - the Left does not want a real black or a real woman, who has fought battles and learned about life, and mastered it as well as Condi Rice.

What the Left wants is an empty black suit who will surely fail. They want a president who will try for America all the dumb things that Mayor Dinkins tried for New York. Being the chief executive of New York City is the second toughest executive position in America, so the Left is more than happy to foist onto the toughest executive position in America the least qualified candidate in the last fifty years. It is not as if we were at war or something is it?

Barack is not Kerry; he is not Gore (who had eight years as Vice President); he is not Dukakis (who governed a significant state); he is not Mondale (who was also Vice President and a pal of many people around the White House); he is not Carter (who was a governor and graduated from the Naval Academy); he is not McGovern (who flew a bomber in WWII before he was a senator); he is surely no Humphrey (another Vice President, who was senator and then who was Mayor of Minneapolis, staring down the Ku Klux Krats within their own party.)

Barack is no Bush, the governor of the second largest state and son of a president. He is no Dole, a war hero and Majority Leader of the Senate. He is no Bush Sr., who served as Vice President, Director of the CIA, Ambassador to the United Nations, all before he was, too, a real war hero. He is no Reagan (of course) and not even a Ford. Barack Obama is more like a lawyerish Nixon, or a lawyerish Hillary or a lawyerish Bill - perhaps members of the old firm "Dewey, Cheatum and Howe" morphed into "Nixon, Clinton, Clinton, Obama and Obama" - the solution to our national problems, more lifelong lawyers!

But even Hillary, certainly Bill, and particularly Dick took hits from the media and - what used to be something different from the media, but which is not just the same thing, the Left - and the Left wants someone who speaks English well, who is black, and, most vitally, is a disciple of the old, failed rites of the Leftist faith. In Barack, they have their new Messiah (or is it their new Prophet?) They have that failed executive so dear to their hearts, Mayor Dinkins, in new form. So every error he makes will be quickly swept under the rug. Every silly thing he says will be explained away by those who pretend to critique politics in America. The Left will not rest until it has its President Dinkins.

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