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Which America would you choose?

Would you like to live in the America that your political philosophy espouses?

November 27, 2017

Would you like to live in the America that your political philosophy espouses?

Both Liberals and conservatives advocate a political philosophy for how the cultural, legal and structural rules of this country should be organized. And they are usually diametrically opposed.

Let’s examine the opposing visions of each to not merely test their viability, but to see just how sincere each group is in their stated beliefs by subjecting them to the ultimate test.

Would you care to live your life under the philosophy your group espouses?

Years ago I was renting office space from a friendly old gent who was a real character. He was, in addition to demanding his rent in full and on time, a fervent Democrat from the old union days and not surprisingly, an ardent socialist. That is, for everyone except himself.

One day as he was going off about how taxes should be raised to provide more money for social programs, I commented that in Massachusetts we already had a box on our state tax form to check if you wanted to pay an extra % to give more taxes to ’worthy causes.’

He stared back at me in shock and with a perfectly straight face said, “I don’t want to pay more in taxes - I want you Republicans to pay more in taxes!” He was perfectly serious and that's when I began to realize that Democrats occupied a different universe - where logic and hypocrisy were suspended as long as your ‘heart’ was in the right place.

So then, how would life differ under the philosophy of the Liberal ‘social justice warriors' as opposed to that of the average American?

Well, first of all, the average middle class, working American operates under a core central set of beliefs - usually passed down from generation to generation. Work hard, take care of your family, be self-reliant but always ready to lend a helping hand to those who truly need it, and defend and love your country. In other words be a good citizen, and live and let live.

This, as we found out during the Obama years, is in direct opposition to the social justice warriors of the DNC Left. They do not believe in ‘live and let live.’ Quite the opposite. Their central tenant is - to quote from an old E.B. White story - “Everything which is not forbidden is mandatory!”

They want mandatory closure of all energy production which is not “green.” And yet none have volunteered to live by candlelight, give 
up air conditioning or even their gas guzzling SUV’s.

Take for instance Al Gore, the self-described inventor of the internet and second only to Michael Moore in trying to shame middle America for being irresponsible boobs who are despoiling the planet - yeah, that guy. Well, it turns out that just one of Al’s palatial homes uses as much energy as a dozen of the Average Americans dwellings. And if he and Leonardo DiCaprio gave up jetting around the world on their private jets to lecture the rest of us, the ‘planet’ would be in a little better shape. I know our blood pressure certainly would.

Speaking of jets, this year when we went to Europe for our son’s wedding, our plane was filled with upscale Libs who I’m sure were happy members of Greenpeace. They were in the same fuel-guzzling aircraft as we were - not below us, sailing the ocean on the renewable wind source. Speaking of renewable wind power, I know several good Liberals who are all for driving oil and coal out of business and mandating renewable energy, except… When the county put up several wind turbines a mile away from their lovely homes, now they are furiously protesting and demanding the town get rid of
them because they “spoil the view” and create an annoying noise. So much for going green.

How about immigration? Most Americans are descended from working-class families that came from every country on the globe, asking only for a chance to work hard and raise a family. So how is that different from now?

Two things. First, they used to ask for nothing other than a chance - no welfare - no special treatment. Second, and more importantly, they arrived on these shores wanting to be Americans. They wanted to learn English, they wanted to adopt American customs. Sure they looked back nostalgically on their heritage and customs but didn’t see themselves as a hostile enclave squatting in a country they despised and trying to take it for all they could. No - they wanted to become American citizens with all of the rights and duties that entailed.

That is not the way the liberal Democrats see it. The social justice warriors see today's immigrant, both legal and illegal, as having a right to be here. They make no distinction. They insist that we have a duty to support them. If they hate us, demand support and services, commit crimes and even kill us, well that’s no more than we deserve - for being Americans. Liberal Democrats and social justice warriors do not care for America.

Except…apparently when it comes to living here in peace and safety.

Want proof? Remember all those Dems who puffed about how they were going to leave this country if Trump was elected? They’re still here.

How many Liberals do you know who gush about providing low-income housing? Want to hear them change their tune? Just tell them it’s going to be put in their neighborhood.

I once asked a Liberal acquaintance who was a passionate advocate for open borders and sanctuary cities, if she would be willing to host some refugee families. Silence. Then I suggested we start a fund to purchase the house that was for sale next to hers and turn into a ‘sanctuary’ home for illegal aliens. She walked away.

And so it goes.

In fact about the only thing that those who espouse the politically-correct Democrat/Lib philosophy are actually consistent about is that none of them are willing, metaphorically speaking, to put their money where their mouth is.

Oh, they talk a good game, but in the end when it comes to ‘put up or shut up’, their real philosophy boils down to ‘do as I say and not as I do’. 
Let's face it - despite their self-aggrandizing and sanctimonious preaching to the poor benighted troglodytes of middle America, the liberal Dems have no interest in living the ‘Socialist Peoples Republic’ their policies try to create.

Simply compare the two philosophies, Liberal/Democrat and Conservative and consider this. Based upon the vision for America espoused by the two competing philosophies, ask yourself, which America would my family and I prefer to live in?

In the Liberal/Democrat 'America' (and I use that name with a grain of salt since the far left wing of the DNC not only does not like America, they dislike the name itself - so even that could change!) But in their America, there would not be equality under the law. Because as it was in George Orwell’s 'Animal Farm,' some would be 'more equal' than others. For instance, white males would be at the rock bottom, with white females only slightly better off. Transgender, gay, people of color and illegal aliens would be at the top - again, simply based on what they lobby for every day. Everyone from children to adults would have to attend mandatory classes in “White Privilege” so you could learn exactly why you deserved nothing under the new social justice system.

The economic system would be socialist or communist. Thus, if you were a brain surgeon you would earn the same as a poet turning
out scatological verse in iambic pentameter.

You would be placed in government housing on the same street as gang-bangers and drug dealers and once again, if you were a single brain surgeon and they were unemployed but had illegitimate children, they would get an apartment much bigger than yours. That’s only “fair”, right?

There would be open borders so lots of unvetted aliens would be flowing into the country every day from countries whose religions and culture demand their adherents wipe us off the face of the earth. Since English would no longer be the official language you would have a difficult time interacting with anyone, thus creating a Balkan patchwork of warring tribes in not just the country but right on your own block.

Every bit of private property that you managed to acquire or inherit would be confiscated by the government and wind up in the hands of the party officials and elites - just as it did with the Communists and Nazis.

In short, the average educated, middle
 to upper-middle-class liberal who looks disdainfully down at conservatives would actually find themselves living a pretty bleak, dismal, hopeless, and dangerous life under the policies and politicians they claim to love.

How about the other side? What if the conservative philosophy governed all of America?

First of all, actual history would be taught again in school. Especially American history - warts and all. Certainly what we did wrong, but also what we did right, like, why today the world is not a slave gulag run by brutal dictators. Flags would not be trampled and statues could stay where they were.

The economic system would be capitalism where you were rewarded for your labor and the government took the bare minimum. It would be a country where the bureaucracy was limited -  just enough funds and personnel to protect the country and perform the basic services.

It would be a country where all of the rights enumerated in the Constitution were guaranteed for everyone - especially those of freedom of speech. A country where you have the right to speak freely, and everyone else has the right to not listen - not to deny you your right if they don’t like what you have to say. A country with laws that are enforced for everyone regardless of wealth, position, culture or skin color. A country that believes it’s more important to keep its citizens safe than to score demagogic points with immigration policies that endanger the many for the benefit of the few.

Most importantly, it would be a country which puts the rights of the individual over the special interest or socially engineered privilege of any group.

Two Americas. Two competing philosophies. Two very different countries with very different lifestyles.

Which of these two Americas would you choose to live in?

I know which I would, and I suspect I know which most conservatives would.

Here’s a little secret. If you could ever get the average Liberal Democrat alone, without group think or peer pressure - to make an honest choice, in private, without slogans and DNC talking points -  I would bet their choice would be the same one we would make.


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