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Political Correctness and Our Fight Against the Ideology of Islam

November 6, 2017

As I prepared to write about how the public education system is in the process of destroying every facet of America’s greatness, the terrorist attack in New York City unfolded. Ironically, while the solution to our terrorism problem is complex, what makes it likely that we will never put a stop to terrorism on our soil is the political correctness entrenched in our education system.
Multiple generations of Americans have been raised to believe that Islam is a religion of peace. Because peaceful Muslims, most of whom do not follow the Qur’an, live among us, Americans have been lured asleep – more active than just lulled, but lured.
Sayfullo Saipov was a nice guy, by many accounts. He was an Uber driver. He was that revered, hallowed class of people that is now untouchable to many: an immigrant, allegedly seeking the American dream. By all accounts he was peaceful. Someone inevitably will say, ‘He was a nice boy.’
At some point, Saipov began following the tenets of the Qur’an. We live in a country where we have Muslim citizens and immigrants who are indeed peaceful. They are not our concern as long as they follow the peaceful verses of the Qur’an and lovely sayings of Mohammad. The problem is when they change – imperceptibly – from ignoring or explaining away the verses which preach killing and violent domination to adhering to those violent verses.
How can we, as a nation, judge the heart? How can we expect law enforcement to know when a nice, friendly Uber driver becomes a wicked, murderous maniac, ending lives as he shouts, in Arabic, “Allah is greatest,” when people who knew him did not know he changed?
The obvious answer is, we cannot know. We cannot see the future. We cannot react and expect to keep up with such evil. Or we can choose to label the rise of Islamic terror as a price we pay for not insulting the peaceful Muslims.
Perhaps if the peaceful Muslims cooperated with federal authorities, reformed Islam, and ceased their lying about the contents of the Qur’an, then the rest of America could comfortably exhibit patience toward Islam. Instead, those of us who dare point out that Islam is not just a religion, but a political and legal system as well, are decried as racists and bigots.
America is the home to mosques which are havens for Qur’anic Muslims (what the national media refer to as “extremists”). The largest Muslim group in the country, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, is a terrorist front group (for Hamas). And anyone who criticizes the ideology of Islam is attacked mercilessly by American “Progressives.”
By “Qur’anic Muslims,” I refer to the belief in Shariah law as taught by the Qur’an and Hadith, a desire to live as Muhammad taught, which must therefore include violence against non-believers, as well as belief in the “inevitability” that Islam will conquer the world.
It is difficult to give the Muslims in America the benefit of the doubt when we are not presented with signs that they are willing to be part of the solution themselves.
Saipov won his privilege to come to America through the “diversity visa lottery,” which requires no specific skills and no connections to America, but hooray for you, dude - you get to come to America. Say goodbye to Uzbekistan. You win the lottery. We just paid the price.
As Americans, we are miseducated about what “radicalization” really is, about who Mohammed was and what he did (which explains why Islam cannot be reformed without unraveling the entire ideology) - Islam is not simply a religion. As a religion, it is eligible to be shielded by the First Amendment. As an ideology, it is similar to Nazism and, if treated as such, America would view the Islamic ideology in a different light.
As Americans, we believe in a myth known as the “lone wolf.” There are no lone wolves. These terrorists frequently have material and logistical support, and always have spiritual mentors.
Many Americans believe these “small” attacks cannot bring down Western civilization. True enough. The frightening fact is that after these attacks, “Progressives” and other 
miseducated Americans call for unity, love, and understanding. Unity, love, and understanding are all honorable and respectable, but even if every Muslim in America is indeed innocent of following Muhammad’s edicts, these calls are misguided. Why should we reward the bad behavior of doing nothing to solve the problems that confront Islam? When a man commits a murder or other heinous crime and then says he did it in the name of Christ, Christians nationwide rise up to condemn the man and, more importantly, teach adherents that such behavior is unacceptable.
If we do not begin now, this month, to help people understand that the political and legal aspects of Islam are equivalent to Nazism in its beliefs and methods, then we will not ever – never – defeat our enemy – an enemy which declared war on us in 1983.
Thirty-four years into the war, and most Americans fail to understand we are even in a war. With Islam. With the ideology of Islam. The political system. The legal system. Yet Muslims and Progressives hide behind the religious arm of the ideology.
Why should we have little hope for better education about the war against us? Because the kiddies will go to school tomorrow to be indoctrinated. College students will go to classes tomorrow to be indoctrinated and to find their safe spaces. If young Americans do not even understand the American founding and the current status of disappearing freedoms, then it is hopeless to expect them to understand that it is unreasonable to support an ideology that treats women as second-class
citizens, kills homosexuals, and has three different methods for dealing with non-believers, none of which are healthy for the non-believers.
The solution to stopping Islamic terror for the long term is through education of Americans and avoiding political correctness. We have already lost multiple generations of young people to political correctness, which is another name for the psychological disorder known as “modern liberalism.” Time is running out to take the necessary steps to win the war that we did not start.
While it can be argued that we should not be opposed to peaceful American Muslims, I would argue that those Muslims who do not try to reform Islam are part of the problem. We can and should respect the reformers - they are the ones who will not one day transform from the “nice, quiet neighbor” into a killer on the streets. We should honor and salute the reformers...when we find them.
Meanwhile, those who do not understand the ideology known as Islam will continue to defend it as a “religion” of “peace.”

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