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As the Mob Turns - The Irony when Liberal Chickens Come Home to Roost

Will Dems ever make the connection between cause and effect?

October 2, 2017

Recently we had the highly satisfying example of several prominent DNC Libs getting hoisted in their own PC petards.

The forever babbling Nancy Pelosi was for a change, shouted down. But it was not by one of the Trumpian troglodytes she so vociferously rants about. No, it was one of her own protected PC groups - The DACA "Dreamers."

And in a one-two punch, following that embarrassing incident, the newly 'knighted' liberal icon James Comey was roundly booed at Howard University by the same BLM members he purported to support.

The delicious irony here is that these were groups that Liberals had praised and supported and yet as so many dictators and rabble-rousers have found throughout history, it doesn’t take much for your own mob - personally radicalized by you - to turn on you.

This brings us to the larger point. The Dems and Liberal oligarchs are masters at convincing the weak, low-information and easily-led that someone, somewhere owes them something for nothing. All they have to do is scream loudly enough, chant mindlessly, and burn a few stores down and the 1% sitting on vast piles of cash will fork it over.

One of the many ironies of this scenario is, of course, that the majority of the 1% are not Scrooge-like Republican misers sitting in his counting house, but are in fact the Hollywood millionaires, Limousine Liberals, and DNC plutocrats.

Perhaps that goes a long way to explaining why the Liberal Dems are so intent on keeping their pet groups of Antifa, BLM and clueless professors continually amped up. They are terrified that someday the mindless mob will figure out who really has all the goodies and start throwing rocks at them. Just look at what happened to the mayor of St. Louis who told the cops to stand down as long as the rioters were only burning stores and trashing police cars. She had a sudden and 180 reversal of thought when they showed up at her house and started breaking her windows. She had a sudden epiphany that perhaps ‘law & order’ might not be such an oppressive concept after all.

Now, she had the luxury of an entire police force at her disposal and most of the Liberal elites believe that they will receive similar protection from their own armed security and gated communities. This enables them to pay lip-service to thugs and rioters who they secretly disdain as “useful idiots” in the same manner as their ideological hero, Vladimir Lenin.

However being liberals and thus very sketchy on real history, they are probably unaware that most of the original founders of the communist party wound up in prison camps, Gulags or facing a firing squad. Proving that just because you think you control the “useful idiots” does not mean they won’t turn on you. In other words, the "useful idiots" might be “useful" in gaining power, but the term, “idiot” is still the primary operating principle.

Does that mean we can expect the Liberal Elite to one day wake up and say, “Hmm…maybe pandering to a bunch of vicious anarchists is not such a good idea?” Unlikely.

Remember that while we read about the brutality and the many obvious warning signs that led up to the French and Russian revolutions, there were thousands of supposedly highly sophisticated and educated aristocrats who never saw it coming. So there is no reason to think that our current batch of American Aristos will have any more foresight than their spiritual progenitors.

This is sad. Because while it might be satisfying to think that should they ever be on the receiving end of broken windows and rioting mobs it would probably serve them right. Living with mob violence benefits no one - not even the mob.

What is the answer then?

The simplest, of course, would be to open the gated communities, take away the private security details, disarm the bodyguards and force the Liberal elites to live under the same conditions as the rest of us.

Wouldn't it be nice if each Democrat demagogue and Limousine Liberal were to experience their own version of the “Nancy Pelosi” shout down, or the St Louis mayoral siege at the hands of the mindless mob they created? It would certainly be poetic justice and would undoubtedly produce many converts from Liberalism to law-and-order on the spot. Unfortunately, most, like Pelosi, would simply storm off muttering darkly about the ungratefulness of her minions and merely add more security to insulate themselves further. Because they know that being an elite means access to money which buys power and their derivatives - such as politicians - who write the laws to protect themselves and the elites. That’s why they became elites in the first place.

So then what are we, the average, rational, tax-paying citizens to do when faced with a cadre of oligarchs - and to be fair, there are some Republicans in that aloof group as well - who believe that they are protected with wealth and power from the consequences of their own actions?

Perhaps all we can do is to take some small satisfaction in the well-deserved irony when the wheel of payback turns and occasionally some of their loudly squawking chickens come home to roost.

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